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[Patch 6.1] OVERVIEW of ALL Wartune Changes

Hey guys, in this summary / overview article you will find all the information relating to Wartune Patch 6.1. Enjoy, like, share and thanks in advance to all those who support us.

Wartune Patch 6.1 Dedicated Articles, Guides & Analysis

(in no particular order)

Link [Patch 6.1] Tattoo Engraving
Link [Patch 6.1] Outland Contest II // [Patch 6.1] The Outlands (New Outland Features!)
Link [Patch 6.1] Guild Shop Changes
Link [Patch 6.1] New Divine Altar
Link [Patch 6.1] Clothing Box
Link [Patch 6.1] Lucky Exchange
Link [Patch 6.1] New Sub-Eudaemon System and Eudaemon Guide
Link [Patch 6.1] Eudaemon Patrol Changes & Drops
Link [Patch 6.1] Eudaemon Growth Levels and Bonuses
Link [Patch 6.1] Warrior’s Mark Added to Arena Shop!
Link [Patch 6.1] New Titans! Light Titan and Moon Titan
Link [Patch 6.1] Knight, Mage and Archer Normal Skill Changes
Link (see the newer more complete article above)
Knight Normal Skills after Patch 6.1

[Patch 6.1] Articles Related to Wedding / Marriage / Rings

Link [Patch 6.1] Venus’ Battle Guide
Link [Patch 6.1] Marriage System Modifications
Link [Patch 6.1] Wedding Ring Crafting Costs and Abilities
Link [Patch 6.1] Marriage Satisfaction and Happiness Costs

[Patch 6.1] Eudaemon Skill Changes – BEFORE AND AFTER

Link [Patch 6.1] Changes in Eudaemon General Passive Skills
Link [Patch 6.1] Sacred Knight Eudaemon Skill Changes
Link [Patch 6.1] Battle Oracle Eudaemon Skill Changes
Link [Patch 6.1] Frost Dwarf Eudaemon Skill Changes
Link [Patch 6.1] Blood Demon Eudaemon Skill Changes
Link [Patch 6.1] Wind Ranger Eudaemon Skill Changes
Link [Patch 6.1] Sanctuary Hunter Eudaemon Skill Changes
Link [Patch 6.1] Blood Warrior Eudaemon Skill Changes
Link [Patch 6.1] Frost Panther Lord Eudaemon Skill Changes
Link [Patch 6.1] Scourge Mage Eudaemon Skill Changes
Link [Patch 6.1] Flying Rabbit Eudaemon Skill Changes

[Patch 6.1] Sylph Skill Changes – BEFORE AND AFTER

Link [Patch 6.1] Loki / Odin Sylph Skill Changes
Link [Patch 6.1] Freya / Frigga Sylph Skill Changes
Link [Patch 6.1] Tyre / Thor Sylph Skill Changes
Link [Patch 6.1] Eve / Hercules / Zeus Sylph Skill Changes
Link [Patch 6.1] Amazon Queen / Cerberus / Ares Sylph Skill Changes
Link [Patch 6.1] Iris / Triton / Poseidon Sylph Skill Changes
Link [Patch 6.1] Pan / Medusa / Goddess of Prosperity Sylph Skill Changes
Link [Patch 6.1] Hades / Gaia / Hera Sylph Skill Changes
Link [Patch 6.1] Apollo / Athena / Venus Sylph Skill Changes
Link [Patch 6.1] Sylph Passive Skill Changes

[Patch 6.1] All Other Changes

This is a dedicated article which records and shares for all the players all the other changes which are not among the major articles above. Click here to see all the changes.

Link [Patch 6.1] All Other Changes

Future Patch Changes

In a patch in the future (not in 6.1) there is a good indication that there will be a small balen game like the Clothing Box called the Rider’s Box.


We have several videos of the new patch content as well! Click here or below for the full playlist.

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Last word

In the coming days / weeks we will update any missing info and add any remaining articles on Wartune Patch 6.1 (if you have feedback email us via the contact form).

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  1. Hi Elia and Cosmos( and Dolygames team).Thank you so much for all the blog posts and videos.U guys truly did outdid yourselves with information regarding the new patch.Much appreciated 🙂

    • Hey thanks for the kind words 🙂

      • I wonder what happen to lucky draw I think they going to change it for cashiers I bet you

      • I made an update to the Lucky Exchange article – check it out 🙂

  2. they should do something about when you Sacrifice upgraded sylphs with adv mahras to get some mahras back as well too.

    • That’d be nice. Still very hard to get adv mahra, but some of the events they’ve held are quite nice for the adv mahra/sep

  3. ty good job 🙂

    • ty 🙂

  4. thank you

    • thanks

  5. can we buy book of wisdom only for cashiers or even for non -cashiers?

    • It’s a much slower process for non-cashers. You’ll probably have to save up a lot of event chests and trade for books of wisdom when the eudaemon skill exchange comes out.

      • Lvl 5 skill on eudaemon patrol Nightmare drops 10 wisdom scrolls.

        This will make free players happy!

      • Hi yes, thanks, I found one of those and took a pic, just haven’t had a moment to add it to the blog 🙂

  6. Just a question:

    5. New Titans: Moon Titan and Light Titan

    On r2 patch notes… are these new?

  7. thanks for the work guys, btw is there change on sactuary hunter skill ? since its not in explanation yet

  8. Thanks for all the info and hard work, much obliged.
    I have two questions:
    1) eudaemons that weren’t listed, they will get some changes too?
    2) iris got increased damage scaling on delphic(archeon wave) (280%->350%) while freya did not. It’s for real? I understand that merged sylphs may follow different damage formula, but man… People will get pissed.

    • after further investigation. I appears to be a typoo and human error when making conversion, as original value is 280%+350, and data you supplied shows 350%.

      Also, link to sanctuary hunter skill changes in this article appears to be broken.

    • 1) yes, Cosmos will get posts up about all the kids.
      2) I posted what I saw was there, but my guess is that the 350% is a typo and was supposed to be 280% 😉

  9. hy 🙂 when will be able to play again? Cause it writes that the servers are down for maintenance

  10. oh i found some changes that havnt posted until now
    the non knighthood skills has also changed

    it seems they remooved stun and slow compleet
    for example deep freeze from archers dont slow down anymore it decrease the damage that the opponents dealt like incendiary shoot
    delphic death star and soulhunters arrow also lost their stun
    armor piercer dont decrease the opponents defence by xy amout it increase the damage the oponent take by xy %

    holy seal complete changed and also lost its stun ability

    • Ah I see thanks this was something harder for us to figure out since we don’t have many non-kh toons on the test server

      • will you make a post with all skill changes of non knighthood skills?

  11. Elia and Cosmo, you guys are doing a great job thanks for all the hard work.

    While looking at a test account on S1 I don’t see the friendship level anymore. When I look at the roses it just states that it increases charm level. Did they remove the friend level system or just move it?

    • I just checked and indeed i do not see it either, but i checked they still sell roses so not really sure what’s up with this.
      – Cosmos

  12. Hey guys, thanks for all the help and tips on this awesome game, however I do have a question, the new patch was supposed to be released the 22nd at noon, however I haven’t being able to enter the game since the 22nd, I play in Kabam server 51, do you have any info that could help me with that? I’ve tried to send a ticket but even that is broken, so I would appreciate the help with this, thanks for your time and effort in those vids and guides!

  13. Anyone know anything about the lucky exchange event? Is it supposed to be a monthly thing or what?

    • I heard it is next week

      • Ok, ty for the info. Keep up the good work.

  14. do married couples no longer get an exp boost when playing together???

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