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[Patch 6.1] New Titans! Light Titan and Moon Titan

In Wartune Patch 6.1, we’ll see two new titans introduced – the Light Titan and the Orderly Titan!

Light Titan

The Light Titan is an aggressive titan, which looks quite deadly, as if players weren’t hitting hard already.

wartune-patch-6-1-light-titan-seal wartune-patch-6-1-light-titan-stats wartune-patch-6-1-light-titan-icon-description

Moon Titan

The Moon Titan is a defensive titan, which unlike the guardian titan, is a big time absorption shield, instead of damage reduction.

wartune-patch-6-1-moon-titan-seal wartune-patch-6-1-moon-titan-stats wartune-patch-6-1-moon-titan-icon-description

Thoughts and Other Titans

Though the Light Titan looks terribly mean, with how quickly players can die these days (knighthood skills and talents, huge tattoo stats, smelt equipment… it all adds up to a lot of attack), I think the Moon Titan sounds like a welcome addition.

As reminders, these two new titans are in addition to the Orderly and Wise Titans, which are relatively new to the game and cannot be obtained through Titan Training. As of right now, they are only available through spender rewards.

Orderly Titan


Wise Titan


Patch 6.1 OVERVIEW of All Changes

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[Wartune Patch 6.1] OVERVIEW of ALL Changes

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  1. how do we obtain them? is it only big spender reward like orderly and wise? :/

    • most likely but maybe that measn ordely and wise will become accesible for free (or at least lower the price) one step at the time :p

    • My guess is they’ll also only be available through spender rewards the way Orderly/Wise Titans have been

  2. they are like Mount with a skill 😛

  3. Orderly and Wise not been available in spender events for a while now 🙁

  4. they are now in spender events

  5. The new attack titan is that just for caster?

  6. as a note, today, i managed to chaos steal the moon titan, haven’t as yet managed to get the light titan on chaos

  7. way I can’t log n wartime wartime was upgrading now I can’t log in we spending real mony here I’m in sever 90 I hop. Pway all players back for losing 2 days we can’t log in my email [email protected] help me log in

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