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[Patch 6.1] Knight, Mage and Archer Normal Skill Changes

Hey guys, in this article we show you the transformation of normal skills for Knights, Mages and Archers in Wartune Patch 6.1. There are significant changes with multiple skills becoming hugely more powerful. Thanks to Tarek for preparing this article / sharing knowledge.


  • Holy Seal
  • KNIGHT skill changes in Patch 6.1
  • MAGE skill changes in Patch 6.1
  • ARCHER skill changes in Patch 6.1

Holy Seal

Holy seal was radically changed. It now gives immunity against one attack (it says one turn, but it’s actually one attack; plus, if the skill is split, like the dark sylph Delphic for example, it will only protect you against the first half), and heals you up to 99% of the damage taken on a maxed out seal. This can really be a life saver, but unfortunately, that skill is as slow as ever, so you need very good timing if you wanna save yourself from that Electro Delphic (and heal yourself to boot as well).

KNIGHT skill changes in Patch 6.1

Delphics and Whirlwinds

I’ll start out with knights, cause that’s what I’m playing with at the moment. There has been quite a nice boost to knight skills. All Delphics have been given a push-up. Yep, that big bad Delphic is now bigger and badder. That AOE Delphic has also been boosted but i never liked it anyways, it’s too bloody expensive rage wise. The whirlwind AOE (wushhh.. love the sound :p) is now finally usable.

Passives: Tenacity, Block & Tactician

Passives-wise, Tenacity now reduces damage received by 15% and Crit receive rate by 30% (!!! awesome, with guardian angel, thou shalt not Crit!! as often as before anyways), while enhanced block was given a regeneration-astral-like effect, based on block. It does seem that the devs really want knights to concentrate on block; the other passive says 20% chance to reduce damage received by 30% after blocking; yes it says 20% chance, but it has proc-ed without fail after every block for me so far, so more like 100%. Not sure if that’s meant to be, but I’m certainly not complaining. It works very very well with the new dark reduce damage passive (the one that keeps on stacking by 5% increments).

Reverse, Thrasher & Warrant

Now the next few skills might read well on paper, but they’re actually a bit.. meh. That reverse damage can reflect 15% of damage, but I’ve tried it out in PvP and was a bit disappointed. The bleeders though are quite nice. I imagine putting those on right before awakening into a fire sylph and adding it’s INSANE bleeds to the stack would be an absolute killer.

So for knights, it’s a nice boost really, but honestly, it’s nothing as radical as the changes mages got. That’s where it gets really interesting.

MAGE skill changes in Patch 6.1

Damnation Madness

First and foremost, let me introduce you to my favorite new AOE: Damnation. Yes, that thing, when u finish the talent for it, does 200% damage, has a cooldown of 11s, and boost damage received by the enemy by 30%!!! For 3 turns!!

100% healing Anthem

But that’s not where it ends. Remember that heal all mages hated, anthem? It had a limit, which made it quite terrible. Well guess what, they removed the ceiling. So just watch as that tanky mage you spent the last two minutes trying to kill heal up to 100% with no effort.


Ohh, and since the devs decided mages don’t build rage too fast, they gave them an added 9 rage every turn, which fills up that rage bar quite fast. But what you use all that rage for, might you ask. Thunderer, that’s what. That thing (with max talent) is now stronger that a knight’s big bad Delphic, only it has 2 secs cooldown. It costs 70 rage, but with the added rage bonus (and a nice rage rune), that attack can be spammed for insane damage till kingdom come. As an added bonus, it decreases damage dealt by the enemy by 15% which is very nicely coupled with the new icebolt effect that decreases damage dealt by the enemy by 20% (and hell thunder Delphic, but that would become really really expensive, rage wise).

Mana Shield & other skills

Mana shield was also given a boost. It now decreases damage received by 60% for 3 turns, which is as good as a guardian rune! There were also other changes. Delphics are stronger, meteor has a chance of doing 110% more damage, but those pale in front of the other changes. Mages were always a very versatile class, and now they are even more so. There’s just nothing a mage cannot do. That bloody patch made me fall in love with my mage all over again.

ARCHER skill changes in Patch 6.1

Star, DF, AP, etc

Archers were given the least amount of outrageous changes; in my opinion, they took some as well with them. Death Star was given a boost, but no longer stuns; deeps freeze decreases damage dealt by the enemy by 25%, but no longer slows. Bloodthirsty now heals 90% of the damage it deals, and Armor Piercer boost damage received by the target by 15%, and the effect can be stacked up 4 times, which is in fact quite decent.

Soulhunter & Cursed Arrow

Moreover, Soulhunter’s Arrow was given a Suntoria-like effect, healing 10% of hp over the course of 3 turns; i don’t often play as archer, but I think most will really like this. Other skills were given a general boost in damage, but that’s pretty much it for archers. It’s almost as if they left archers till the end and ran out of ideas.

Patch 6.1 OVERVIEW of All Changes

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  1. Thanks this was very helpful

  2. Thanks a lot for this

  3. Whoa! For the first time EVER they do it right with mage by bringing it up to par with the rest of the classes. Well done, yeay! 🙂

  4. Ah, so that’s why I had trouble beating a non-KH mage today. Non-Kh mages are more powerful and versatile than kh-mages that don’t have any heals (attack one). KH-mages get the short end of the stick.

  5. What does the Influence stat do now, since we can no longer stun each other?

  6. In this patch archers are screwed

  7. Armor piercer is aoe now?

    • nah. it’s a typo, ap still single back row target

  8. multi-shot was change too..

  9. the multi-shot has changed too..

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