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[Patch 6.1] Freya / Frigga Sylph Skill Changes

There have been some big changes to skills in Wartune Patch 6.1. Some of the sylph skills have drastic differences. Here we lay out the before and after pictures for the “Wind & Water” skills for Freya and Frigga!

Freya and Frigga Sylph Skills

If you don’t see a skill listed, that means we found no discernible difference in description after the new patch.

Skills are listed in pairs. The first picture is before Patch 6.1; the 2nd is from Patch 6.1.

Aquilon’s Blessing

Breeze Blade

Delphic Acheron Wave

Delphic Holy Water Shield

Delphic Swift Wind

Ice Armor

Ice Bolt

Breath Shield

Passive Master of Wind

Passive Ocean Mirror

Spirit of Wind

Passive Tenacity

Passive Water’s Heart

Rain Dance



Warm Spring

Water’s Spirit


Passive Wind’s Breath

Wind’s Grace


On its way.

Skills for Other Sylphs

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Patch 6.1 OVERVIEW of All Changes

Click here or below for more on Wartune Patch 6.1!

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  1. typos: for ice armor you listed ice bolt again and on master of wind showed the breath shield after picture.

    question: does windcrest no longer have a limit on damage reflected?

    • Should be fixed up now, thanks. Rushing a bit to punch out the last of the posts before Monday. Looks to be the case with Windcrest, but can check once I have more time.

  2. Frigga got least changes in patch 6.1

  3. Hey you didnt mention the passive, like “Wind Eleganace”?

    • If it’s not there, it didn’t change. Very deliberately said this in the post.

  4. I hope the Holy Water Shield still shields the whole party.

    Thanks for all the info for the upcoming patch

    • It does (it says [All]). And you’re quite welcome 🙂

  5. the delphic swift wind is good? anyone use that skill?…thanks…your videos are very good….

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