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[Patch 6.1] CLOTHING BOX

Hey guys, part of Wartune Patch 6.1 is a new Clothing Box mini-game with balens (or bb). Below we share with you all the information about it.


Want to wear cool clothing? Now you can! Test your luck by drawing Clothing Chests. Or you draw 10 Clothing Chests at a time to guarantee a random outfit! Players may access the Clothing Box by clicking the corresponding icon at top of the screen (shown below).

System Info & Guide

Clothing Box Window:

Blue Bar & Dressing Room Explanation:

  • The blue bar on the top part of the window (showing 38/395) means that the player has 38 clothing designs and the total number of clothing designs in the game is 395.
  • Dressing Room: This is like the “normal” current Dressing Room where you can see all the clothing designs including both activated and not activated.

Fashion Chest and Fashion Chest II

There are two kinds of Clothing Boxes: Fashion Chest and Fashion Chest II.

Box #1: Fashion Chest

Buying a Fashion Chest requires 400 Balens (or Bound Balens). There is a guaranteed prize: Fashion Core x1, and also a chance to receive one of the following:

  • Fashion Core (quantity: 1-5)
  • Good Luck Charm (quantity: 1-5)
  • A Clothing design (quantity: 1)

Players can buy Fashion Chests up to 20 times a day (daily 8000 balens max). Players can buy 10 at a time to guarantee a random outfit. Purchase attempts reset at midnight daily.

Box #2: Fashion Chest II

Buying a Fashion Chest II 1 time requires 2000 Balens (or Bound Balens). Each purchase will drop 6 random items:

  • Fashion Core (quantity: 2-10)
  • Good Luck Charm(quantity: 2-10)
  • and the 3 outfits items in the Hot Items of that day (note: there is a chance of receiving 2 identical items)

Players can buy Fashion Chest II up to 3 times a day (daily 6000 balens max). Purchase attempts reset at midnight daily.

Hot Items of the day reset at midnight every day.

VIDEO EXAMPLES of Clothing Box

Main Video by Elia with Commentary

Follow up video showing drops by Cosmos

Patch 6.1 OVERVIEW of All Changes

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  1. oh no, nothing worthwhile in normal shop. was hoping they’d fix the lack of hp buying.

  2. does that costume has titles?? or just random ones?

    • It’s random single pieces of clothing, so you won’t get a title unless you collect all of them for a set.

  3. Chest 2 can not be bought with BB, only real balens.

  4. The random clothing you get can be a one you already own, though? It’s nice if you can indeed use bb, but the cost is too steep as usual. Still better than nothing to get some missing designs, especially older ones.

  5. Do we get a random piece spending 4k BB or a full costume? The clothing box says, “Buy 10 to guarantee a costume piece” as well as “Buy 10 more to receive a random costume” under the fashion chest 1 side. (left side)

    • I think you know the answer – 1 random piece.
      4k for a full set would be super cheap.
      – COSMOS

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