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Multiple Damage vs 1-Shot Damage Discussion

Hi everyone! Recently I had a small discussion about doing one big damage or multiple smaller damages in Wartune so I am making this article to discuss all the pros and cons and recommend which is the best in which case.

Where did it start from?

The discussion started from Cuties where Shenna’s Avenger’s first skill does 2 x 155% damage (when fully upgraded). Whereas most other Cuties have a 240% single damage attack as their first skill. But there are many other cases in Wartune where there are big damage skills (e.g. Thor attacks, Mage Thunderer, etc) and multiple attack skills which usually do much less damage but you get to hit 2 or more times.

The initial player reaction (in most cases that I have seen) is that multiple attacks are better, but are they?

Where one big damage has advantage:

I am going to use a simple example to illustrate a situation where one big damage is a lot better than multiple smaller ones.

In this simple “experiment” we have Murjok, a simple goblin, with 100 points of Armor. Murjok is being shot at by Elauthin (an elf) who has 2 types of bows or skills with a basic Attack of 100. One with 2 x 150% damage and a second one with 1 x 300% damage.

  • If Elauthin shoots with his multiple attack he will do 100 x 150% = 150 damage (two times), but Murjok’s armor will remove 100 damage each time, so Elauthin will do (150 – 100) + (150 – 100)  = 50 + 50 = 100 damage.
  • Now, if Elauthin shoots with his 300% skill then he will do 300 damage, less 100 from Murjok’s armor and we get: 300 – 100 = 200 damage.
  • Even at 250% he will do more damage than the multiple attack: 250 – 100 = 150 damage.

So we see that one time damage is resulting in more damage than multiple attacks even if the multiple attack percentages add up to more than the single attack damage percentage!

Note: the advantage reduces the lower the armor / damage reduction is on the enemy.


What happens if you have a buff on yourself or your party giving a damage boost or a debuff on the enemy increasing his damage received?

Well in this case all the numbers are amplified:

  • Big damage becomes even bigger
  • Small damage is only a little bit improved.

So from that angle also the one time damage is better!

What about Crit?

Crit is more interesting because here there is a different result depending on the situation. Why do I say that?

  • Angle 1) Doing 2 attacks vs 1 gives you 2 times higher chance to Crit. This is true! BUT the Crit damage will be a lot less because each of the multiple attacks is weaker. So a weaker damage increased by Crit % falls in the 2nd point above “Small damage is only a little bit improved.”
  • Angle 2) Doing 1 big attack which by luck triggers Crit will result in huge damage! Everyone is happy! 🙂 BUT:
  • Angle 3) If that 1 big attack does not Crit then your damage is horrible!

So how do we use that knowledge to make a decision? EASY! 😛

  • Short battles: If you are going to do a battle which is going to be very short (think few rounds of World Boss) then you know you will only get a few attack rounds. This means that if you do not get a Crit on your big skill attacks your damage output will be horrible! So, conclusion: for short battles it is better to use multiple attacks to produce a more predictable damage output.
  • Longer battles: In battles which go on for many turns you will have many opportunities to use your skills and here it is more important that you make your strategic decisions correctly. You still have a risk that your big damage skill does not Crit but it is a lot less important as you will have many opportunities.

So multiple attacks give a more predictable damage outcome in each battle close to your average damage, whereas single big attack skills are less predictable but if they Crit the damage is significantly higher.

“AOE” advantage of multiple attacks

Sometimes the multi-attack skills have the ability to hit more than one enemy. This can be an advantage when you fight any battles where there is more than one enemy.

In these situations the single big attack skill might be totally wasted over-killing a mob.

That said I would not give this “advantage” a big significance because we have a number of skills in Wartune and we can use them strategically.

Where is the CUT-OFF point?

So how do we decide? At which point does the single big attack do more damage?

Here is a graph and table showing an example of various situations:

On this chart we can see that:

  • The 1 x 300% is always better.
  • The 1 x 250% becomes better when “Armor” is more than 50 in our theoretical example.
  • The 1 x 200% becomes better when “Armor” is more than 100 in our theoretical example.


2 x 1 x 1 x 1 x
Armor 150% 200% 250% 300%
10 280 190 240 290
20 260 180 230 280
30 240 170 220 270
40 220 160 210 260
50 200 150 200 250
60 180 140 190 240
70 160 130 180 230
80 140 120 170 220
90 120 110 160 210
100 100 100 150 200
110 80 90 140 190
120 60 80 130 180
130 40 70 120 170
140 20 60 110 160
150 0 50 100 150
160 0 40 90 140
170 0 30 80 130
180 0 20 70 120
190 0 10 60 110
200 0 0 50 100


Based on my analysis/discussion single big attack skills generate more damage output most of the time. The only exception to this are the cases of short battles and bad luck for Crit not triggering. So if any Wartune player wants to have a more predictable damage output in each battle then multiple smaller attacks are better, otherwise, the single attacks win!

Do you agree/disagree? Please share your thoughts in the comments below so that the discussion can help all Wartune players who are reading this.

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  1. In this analysis we are looking at 1v1 situations. I find that in arena, for instance, I am often fighting a group that may be larger than mine. In this case I always go with as many AOE, or multi-attacks, as possible. The variety of targets seems to earn me more total points of damage throughout the battle and I win these battles much more often than not.i cannot offer you actual numbers as I do not keep a tally. But I assure you my win percentage is noticeably higher with AOE attacks against a group.

    • Hi buddy, I think you maybe misunderstood. This is not an AOE discussion; of course you are right that AOE is superior for group battles.
      This is a discussion when you have skills like multishot where it shoots 2 times or rain of fire or many other skills where instead of 1 damage number it does multiple smaller damage numbers.
      This is what i meant by 2 times 150% damage for example versus 1 times 250% damage.

  2. Now THIS is a fantastic response to the discussion we had about Shenna’s Avenger. Thank you COSMOS.

    She is my main Cutie for several reasons (the main reason being her de-buff that makes one enemy take 10% – 20% more damage for a few turns). I also like her for quickly going through Cutie map bosses (as takes ages for a new server toon to get a 3 star Cutie so her first skill is important).

    I have been playing Wartune on and off for 7 years, but re-started on Wartune Server 630. I do use my old toons to get weak Rift Lord for talismans, but getting off-topic now.

    I mention new VS old toons because Cuties are a lot stronger when your toon is old as Cuties get some of our RES reduction and resistance (obviously much higher for older toons). Easier for older toons to get through Cutie maps to then level Cuties to 3 star faster. That is why the first attack and maybe second attack is so important for new toons and Shenna’s Avenger has the strongest first attack and a great second attack.

    Perhaps we should play the long-term game but no harm in leveling Shenna’s Avenger to help level a different Cutie later. Thanks again for this great article.

  3. This was in interesting article. I am an archer and I thought maybe the cluster bomb aoe attack would be better against a single target since it would give more chances for the damage passives to kick in.

  4. Unfortunately, u are comparing damage of attacks where one has much lower % to another with much higher % which should be a no brainer here as higher % damage will always do more damage with or without armor. So not sure what’s the point or need here for this analysis, though nice job. You should also make it clear that this is for cuties. Also one thing about avenger is that her double shot does full damage for each shot. Normally things like rain of fire for example, do atk * % of the damage and display values are damage divided by x number of wave aka if rain of fire does 100 damage, on screen you will see 50 and 50. However for avenger this is not the case. Each of her shots indeed does % of damage specified hence why people even talk about it. It’s another bug or something that will get patched eventually just like the passive effects on cuties that did not work to start with. So in reality this argument of multi-shot vs 1 shot does not exist as player skills will always do base ((damage * %) – defence)/2 (and there are many more modifiers on it now) skill to each target regardless of how many numbers you see pop-up on screen. Wartune damage formula is a mess that even developers don’t understand at this point and to think it all started with a simple (atk – def ) / 2….

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