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[Patch 6.1] Sylph Passive Skill Changes

There have been some big changes to skills in Wartune Patch 6.1. Some of the sylph skills have drastic differences. Here we lay out the before and after pictures of all the passives, which are open to all sylphs! Passive skills specific to particular sylphs are noted in their individual posts (see list at the end of this article).

Passives Open to All Sylphs

Skills are listed in pairs. The first picture is before Patch 6.1; the 2nd is from Patch 6.1.

Wind Resistance / Blessed Wind

Water Resistance / Blessed Water

Fire Resistance / Blessed Fire

Electric Resistance / Blessed Electro

Divine Wrath

Divine Howl (Remains the same)


On its way.

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Patch 6.1 OVERVIEW of All Changes

Click here or below for more on Wartune Patch 6.1!

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  1. So, the skills will be changed when the patch rolls in. Does anyone know the bb cost? Is it the same as pre-patch?

    • All costs are/work the same as before

  2. I think Divine wrath is different.
    Divine Wrath earlier is “Chance to absorb 150 awakening points from opponent when attacking”
    Now it is “Chance to reduce enemy’s awakening points by 300 Points”

    • Oh bugger you’re right. I’ll fix this. A week ago I noticed this, and by the time I got to the post…

  3. hi elia

    can my zeus equip blessed wind + blessed fire? 😀

  4. Hey Elia

    Could you check if they have changed the resistance system somehow?
    As with these sylph skill changes, there doesn’t seem to be any specific element dmg anymore, which kind of makes specific resistances not necessary.

    As either this is oversight on their part or maybe they did something to resistance system too.

    • Really hard for me to test this at the moment. At least at first look, nothing on the battle protection page has changed.

  5. Hi!

    What is this for example with Wind Resistance and new blessed Wind. It says Damage received -15 %. So does it mean wind damage received -15 % or all damage received -15 %?

    • all damage

  6. Not sure if the passive skills stats are stacked or not. Anyone knows?

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