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[Patch 6.1] Warrior’s Mark Added to Arena Shop!

As the title suggests, in Wartune Patch 6.1, Warrior’s Mark is added into the Arena Shop! For 1000 Insignia you can trade for one Warrior’s Mark chest. This means we have an awesome method to trade a very abundant resource (Insignia) into two much more rare and valuable materials (Tenacity Marks and Beast Souls).

Arena Shop

Best addition to the game in Patch 6.1 (in Elia’s humble opinion…)!

Tenacity Marks

Each chest contains 30 Tenacity Marks, so for the mid-level Tenacity fate levels (408 Tenacity Marks each level), you need only 13 to 14 chests, to improve your tenacity and intensity stats.

Beast Souls

Even once you’re done with Tenacity fate levels, Warrior’s Mark chests will continue to be a great source of Beast Souls. Each chest guarantees one Mount Spirit, and has a chance to draw an extra one. For every 25 Mount Spirits you collect, you can synthesize an Ice Fang mount card, which is worth 80 Beast Souls!


Patch 6.1 OVERVIEW of All Changes

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  1. I wouldn’t get overly excited about prospect of beast souls. Evil unicorn exists as sink for those, and panther is non-recycleable, so I’d bet on ice fang geting “fixed”…
    Still, yay. That’s extremely nice, if it’ll actualy make it to final build.

    • There’s almost no point to evil unicorn since it’s such a small mount. Ice fang as of right now is still recyclable on the test server. Since beast souls were a thing, it’s been the case that you can’t make extra panthers, but you can make ice fangs.

      • With ice fang high cost, I suppose you are right.

        Still, I find it rather hard to believe they’ll make tenacity marks so easy to obtain. But who knows, mby it’s that time when they devaluate this facet of progression.

      • I’ve been checking this particular feature in the patch every day just to make sure they are keeping it lol. I’m sure they’re not above changing it now, but it’s held up on the test server even when they’ve changed the costs on an assortment of other things.

  2. 25k insignias for 80 beast souls is not good at all. the tenacity mark is a good deal.

    • Closer to 20k insignia per 80 beast souls. What else are you getting with your insignia?

      • gain honor for us madalion?

      • Medallion only requires so many insignia. The upper levels are incredibly difficult to get honor and truncheons for, so there are other things you can be doing with those insignia

      • making Holly forge equipment for chest, u can open them get beast souls or cloth shards.

  3. Really….something we used to get for free we now have to buy. lol

    • We used to get 1 a week for free. There’s no purchase limit on this. It’s a great addition. Can’t believe anyone can knock on this lol…

  4. freaking awesome!! nicest thing r2 has done since unlimited whips event…….

    • As far as recent improvements go, I’d put changing the event mpds like ToK and DI to 1 attempt a week higher than this update, but this is up there 🙂

  5. Nice one,especially when BG is dead for us,small players.We grow insingnia in farm,now we’ll grow honor,battlefield rewards and other stuff.Where’s the battle itself?For what we need our toons,just to stare on them like on statues…Bring back camping on lvls.Bring back old,coll BG and Arena times

    • Honestly don’t even know how they could revert back to a point where level camping would be beneficial again :\

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