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[Patch 6.1] Lucky Exchange

Wartune Patch 6.1 has a couple new mini-games/events, one of which is completely free, Lucky Exchange, and should be a nice boost in clothing (and other) items for players who need to increase their clothing engulfing level!

UPDATE 2: First Event Launched

First Lucky Exchange was launched 30th of September 2016 confirming our 2nd Version update below where an event item was placed for the exchange. On the below picture are the full details of the first launch of Lucky Exchange:

UPDATE: Lucky Exchange (Version 2)

We have an update to this event.


Firstly, many people asking about the timing of Lucky Exchange. This is a manually launched event so the devs/publishers will manually launch this when they decide it is correct (first expected appearance of the event is this week (expected somewhere inside 27/09 – 2/10)). As with other manually launched events (CW, TW, etc) we can expect that they are regularly launched over time and sometimes we might find out the date in advance and other times it will be a surprise.

New design and logic

So the Skeleton Key that was in version 1 report turned out to be not a specific item but an example of an item. This means that each time Lucky Exchange is launched there could be a different exchange item. In version 2 which is currently visible for testing the exchange item is Soccer Ball which is basically a mini-event item. This is an indication that one possibility for exchanges will be with the different mini-event-items each month. There is also a “tab” on the left side where there is currently only one exchange – this could mean that in the future we might have multiple exchanges open each with different exchange items, probably some free and some casher.

Here is how the version 2 Lucky Exchange window looks like:

Here is the result on the above exchange of Exchanging 30 balls in one go:

Once the 30 bar is fully completed then doing 1 more Exchange wins (guaranteed) one of the rare prizes:
Note: the system will only allow you to exchange 1 item once the bar is full in order to get only 1 rare prize.

After which the bar is reset with 1/30 and we can again begin exchanging for as much as it will be allowed (limits could be set or not set depending on what devs/publishers decide).

Lucky Exchange (Version 1)

The event is called Lucky Exchange and consumes Skeleton Keys (obtained through Daily Check-in). Each time you exchange 1 Skeleton Key, you’ll receive one item out of the bottom list of prizes and have a chance to draw 1, 2, or 10 Clothing Shards.

You can also bulk exchange to speed things up. There is a low but existent rate of drawing clothing items.

Once you fill the bar to 100/100 Skeleton Key Exchanges, you can click exchange again for 1 guaranteed item from the top list of “Rare Items”.

So these aren’t earth-shattering reward that will dramatically increase your stats, but considering that we haven’t had any good use for Skeleton Keys since the very early months of the game, I’d say this is a nice addition.

Video: Patch 6.1 Lucky Exchange

Patch 6.1 OVERVIEW of All Changes

Click here or below for more on Wartune Patch 6.1!

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  1. Will this mini-event/minigame apply only to recent clothing? Will it be possible to obtain very old clothing items as well?

    • No way for me to know this as of yet, since it was only on the test server once.

      • can you give me the link of this server

  2. which map we can farm skeleton keys? 😀

    • I don’t know anywhere you can farm skeleton keys. They’re from daily check in and you have a chance to get them in guild altar.

      • change is the right world. 90% the last rewards are bugged

  3. cries i sold 20k last mnth to make room in my invent lol

    • :((((

  4. Does the item change daily?

    • They don’t change daily, but they might change from event to event.

  5. Elia, your really dont have any lags on normal server? :O after last MT it takes ages to load up everything lol

    • Really very little lag on the main servers aside from events where there’s a ton of players in a confined space. i.e. chaos war and titan war.

  6. There is a possibility that there will be different items for exchange. So, keep all stuff, just in case.

    • Yep 🙂 hoarder win.

  7. Was Lucky Exchange added.. or?

    • It’s not out yet, but it was part of the patch.

  8. Where I can see lucky exchange?? I can’t find it, need clothing shards for tom. Event😉😉

    • It was added in the patch, but isn’t out yet

  9. In case you haven’t noticed, the rewards match the usual chest context. There is a name of chest showed in the window too.

    The chances for items will probably be the same as the ones from corresponding chests. It may also be a way to get clothings from the previous chests, which might be their intention.

  10. It has been few days since wartune patch 6.1 came into effect and today is 26th September, 20166, but still there is no lucky exchange event in my server S-265 🙁

  11. like soul crystals, shadow crystals and mount hooves, this is their best option to help keep the players of 3+ years still playing/building, and the newcomers a more adaptable experience as the play and build. 👍

  12. Comment a onde fica esse evento que eu não acho.por favor me ensina a onde fica o em que site…

  13. Just one question, ot means no more chest since now? (For events i mean)
    Each new event Will be like this one (lucky exchange)?

    • Hi Izmael, we cannot know the future…

  14. good

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