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Hi everyone and welcome to DolyGames Wartune-dedicated website! This website is an upgrade or evolution from the very popular Cosmos Wartune Blog and I have worked hard to create this better version with more features and abilities to be able to provide even better service to all the wonderful Wartune fans we have. Both sites were created by COSMOS (me :P) who runs and all it’s game-dedicated websites.

DolyGames Team works together to regularly create content for all our visitors and fans. We do a lot of work, some is reimbursed, but a lot of it is not, so if anyone will be able to support us please become our Patron – you can read about it here. Also if anyone wishes to join and share Wartune guides, tips, fun stuff or anything created with love then please email me and we can discuss. My requirements are simple: you should know what you are talking about, always create with love and quality and be kind-hearted / easy to talk to.

Here are a bunch of short / easy URLs that might help you to find things easier:

  • DolyGames Gaming Portal —
  • DolyGames Wartune — //
  • Facebook —
  • Google+ —
  • YouTube PRIMARY —
  • YouTube WITHOUT commentary —

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