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[Patch 6.1] Guild Shop Changes

Hey DolyGames followers! Patch 6.1 brings us several changes to the Guild Shop and Advanced Guild Shop. All pictures here are from a level 10 Guild Shop, so I’m not sure at which Guild Shop levels you get each of the available items, but once maxing out your guild territory there shouldn’t be an issue.

Guild Shop Changes


  • Hurricane Steed Shard
  • All Intelligence and Power Potions


  • Soul Seal (Limit 500 per day)
  • Soul Crystal (Limit 500 per day)
  • Lvls. 1 to 6 Crystaloid

Purchase Limit Adjustments:

  • All non-Soul Seal/Soul Crystal items have a 50 per day purchase limit

Advanced Guild Shop Changes


  • Blazing Lynx Card
  • Soul Crystal Pack
  • Dragon Essence
  • White Iron
  • Lvl. 4 Refinement Crystal


  • Sylph Sepulcrum (Limit 50 per day)
  • Will Crystal Shard (Limit 500 per day)
  • Titan Stone Shard and Titan Iron Shard
  • Divine Heart Shard and Divine Soul Shard
  • Lvl. 80 Legendary Equipment Shards
  • Basic/Int./Adv./Expert Coordinate Chests

Price Adjustments:

  • Mahra cost decreases from 20 Fang of Fear to 10
  • Crystals Shard cost decreases from 10 Fang of Fear to 1

Purchase Limit Adjustments:

  • Developing Potions have a limit of 2000 per day
  • Crystal Shards and Will Crystal Shards have a limit of 500 per day
  • Coordinate Chests have a limit of 5 per day
  • Everything else has a limit of 50 per day

Video: Patch 6.1 Guild Shop Changes

Patch 6.1 OVERVIEW of All Changes

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  1. time so save
    ,tyvm for the info

    • You’re quite welcome!

  2. Hopefully the white iron will be obtainable elsewhere. Kind of glad to see items for level 80 gear since I’m actually making progress in getting armour sets. Only downside is the price of the SCs and SSs along with the purchase limits. Other than that things look promising.

    • As long as you don’t let your bounty target level get out of control, they’re pretty easily obtained from there

      • You get some white irons from Online Rewards every day when eudaemon events are up

  3. Why do they remove the mount lynx in the adv guild shop? Is there another place i can get the mount after that?

    • Besides.. atoll and amethyst mount are locked in the shop after unlocking them. These mounts still needs farming the currency unlike mounts that come by shards like crypts, arena and guild shop hurricane steed i understand why they shoud be locked but not the atoll and amethyst where the mount is not in the blacksmith synth 🙁

    • I’ll just say that there’s going to be a really awesome way to get mounts that will probably make you forget about this lol. We’re holding off on posting about it for now just in the hopes they don’t change anything before the patch rolls out.

      • MS ELiatan
        Should one purcahse the lynx mount for 30K now or not, will it be easier to get later .

      • If you have the fangs for it, I’d get it now

      • can you post it now ? 🙂

  4. Thanks Elia.
    Always helpful to know more about new things.

    • Quite welcome :*

  5. hmm so the question is..shall i exchange all my fangs i saved, for that mount..or wait n collect those kh gear shards so can catch some quick br.

    • Btw Thanx Elia and cosmos..i almost forgot 🙂

    • It’s easy enough to farm the KH gear from the MPDs, so I’d hold off on that. If you don’t have the mount, or even if you do, I’d just exchange for it. It won’t be hard to build your fangs back up after the patch.

      And you’re quite welcome 🙂

  6. why they removed mounts from guild shops i don’t understand. maybe they don’t want we recycle them. i see they also added soul crystals and soul seal, which are useless resources to most players.

    • I don’t really see the point of the mount removal either, but there’s no harm in the additions.

    • for many players will be very usefull sc and ss. till now many players got problems to raise these 2 things also for years…

  7. I like seeing the coordinate chests separated by levels

  8. In the Adv Shop, they also removing the Lvl. 4 Refinement crystal…

    • Ah thanks for pointing this out. Missed a couple things and will fix them up

  9. wich is max for buy of divine soul shard and divine heart shar for gear KH?

    • Sorry I don’t quite understand the question.

      • think crow means is there a daily limit of each u can purchase from the adv guild shop per day

    • I think he is asking “What is the maximum number limit(if there is one) for buying divine soul shards and divine heart shard in adv guild shop for getting KH gear?”

    • Ah I see, just added purchase limits to the advanced guild shop info

  10. Also added to the guild shop: Level 1 – 6 Crystaloids

    • Ah thanks for pointing that out 🙂

  11. It looks like a lot of stuff was added that a lot of us (at least on my server) do not need anymore. It would have been nice of them to ad in tenacity marks somewhere.

    • Will post about a way to get tenacity marks soon 🙂

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