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Knight Normal Skills after Patch 6.1

Hey guys, there have also been changes to normal “pre-KH” skills in Patch 6.1 and here we show some of the changes to Knights. Thanks to Vincent for sending these pictures, our Team’s chars are all in Knighthood so we could not see the normal skills to report on.

Reverse Damage

The Knight skill reverse damage, which was pretty much completely useless before patch6.1 has now become something pretty strong with the damage reflection changing to a percentage, which is rather significant. This can definitely be a game changer in PvP battles and in some PvE battles as well.

[Wartune Patch 6.1] Knight Skill Reverse Damage


Tactician becomes rather interesting for people high with Block, although the activation rate should be tested, but if we believe the shown figures then it will be 1 out of 5 times a rather large damage reduction for 2 turns. But this can happen every turn from multiple attacks, so this could be active 50% or more of the time, which is very significant in any battle.

[Wartune Patch 6.1] Knight Skill Tactician

Shadow Thrasher

The bleed from the shadow thrasher takes the form of one similar to that of the Wind Ranger with 25% damage stackable 5 times. This can really add up.

[Wartune Patch 6.1] Knight Skill Shadow Thrasher

Conclusion / Discussion

To conclude, there are significant changes / improvements to the skills and they are strong enough for players to consider changes in strategy. However, the “normal” skills will be limited in use until Knighthood is achieved, but until then, they have been changed to be a lot more interesting.

  • What do you guys think about these changes?
  • Do you have screenshots of other skills? Please post the screenshots in the comments below (you can use any free image hosting services like prntscreen / Lightshot)
  • Do you like this development in Wartune?

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  1. whats about holy seal after knighthood?

  2. that is great ,thy finally being attentions to knights,we were struggling .by the way thy changed the Dauntless passive too and i like it so much .
    ty for the good wark Doly

  3. Thank you a lot for information

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