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[Patch 6.1] The Outlands (New Outland Features!)

Wartune Patch 6.1 introduces The Outlands, a series of PvE and PvP events where your hero can gather valuable materials for Smelt Equipment and Tattoo Engraving (and other more minor materials)!

Outland Requirements

Before entering the Outland contest, Guild Leaders will need to spend 500,000 Guild Wealth to enroll their guilds. Guilds may then join Outland events the following day. Event duration is based on months. One event session consists of 3 real life months. After a session ends, the system will redistribute all Guilds and parties and reset all posts. Guild Leaders should use Guild Wealth to enroll their Guilds in the events on the 1st day of January, April, July and October.

Outland Matching Rules:

  1. The system will match guilds from the same server group into teams based on Guild Battle Rating and the number of enrolled guilds. Each team has 4 parties with each party including at least 2 guilds.
  2. When Outland events have started for any given month, guilds that enroll midway will join the party with the lowest Battle Rating.
  3. When Outland events for a month start, if a guild is dismissed midway, all guild members from that guild will be removed from the party.

Entering Outland

Players may click the “Outland” button at the top of the screen, or use the Outland portal in Cloud City to enter. The Outland portal will become red when Post Grab or the Central Crystal War is underway.


Outland Panel

Players can see 5 continents on the Outland map. At the very beginning, four parties occupy the continents at each of the four corners, as well as an equal part of the middle continent. You click a continent to enter.

Outlands Chat

Upon entering the Outlands, the world chat will be changed to the Outland chat. When you speak in the Outland chat, players from the same team and same party will be able to see.

Outland Adventure / Outland Exploration

There is a Outland Exploration entrance at the corner of a continent. Players can spend Exploration Points to enter.


Outland Exploration is like a maze. Players can only move along certain routes. After encountering an intersection, players should decide which direction to move. After encountering a dead end, players must turn around and return the same way.

The 3 dice at the bottom of the screen will roll and randomly display numbers 1-6. Players will take steps according to the number rolled. It costs 20 Exploration Points every time players roll a die.

Players can use Balens (Bound Blaens excluded) to replenish Exploration Points. Players will not be able to replenish Exploration Points when the amount of Exploration Points hits the limit of 600.

Event possibilities

  1. Hero Event: Encounter a monster. Defeat the monster for rewards (Henna x20 or Advanced Henna x5). Failure gives no reward.
  2. Monster Lair: Encounter a series of monsters. Defeat the monsters for rewards (Henna x30 or Advanced Henna x5). Failure gives no reward.
  3. Discover a Treasure Chest: Randomly receive one item (Smelting Stone x1 or x2).
  4. Find the Scholars: Randomly receive one item (Advanced Henna x4 or x8).
  5. Guide: Randomly teleports you to an exploration spot.
  6. Outland Crystal Altar: Receive Outland Crystals (x20).
  7. Haunted Graveyard: You start at 50% HP in your next fight.
  8. Find the Treasure Thief: Defeat Treasure Thief to receive rare items (Outland Crystals x100, or very rare chance of Tattoo Engraving Stone x1). Failure gives no reward.


Players may exit Outland Exploration at any time. But when they enter again, they must spend Exploration Points and the map will be refreshed. Press escape to leave the Outland panel; once you click on the icon again, you’ll return to your exploration.

Outland Post

Every party may fight other parties to occupy posts. Posts affect daily Outland rewards.

Owning Party & Post Number

Post Grab

Event Rewards

Outland Crystals will be distributed based the number of posts occupied by each party. You may collect Outland rewards every day by clicking the icon at the top of the Outland screen.

Declare War

When Post Grab unlocks, Guild Leaders in a party may declare war on an adjacent post. Each party can only declare war 2 times. Players may click a post that is being contested to join. When two parties are at war, members from both parties can only join their own party’s faction. Other parties can only join the party with fewer people. Each faction can have up to 30 players. 5 minutes before the Post Grab ends, players can no longer join.

5.3 Battlefield

  • Post Grab participants will be sent to the battlefield as shown below:
  • The attacking party and defending party point bars can be seen at the top of the battlefield. The first party to earn full points or the party with more points when time runs out wins.
  • Players may enter the battlefield 3 minutes before to prepare themselves for the battle. But they can only wait on the two sides of the battlefield and cannot enter the post during this time.
  • There are 9 posts on the battlefield. Both parties can kill enemies or occupy posts to earn points. Having more occupied posts will accelerate the increase rate for points.
  • Players can click nearby posts to move around, but they cannot move to the enemy base. Players may attack an enemy post or a neutral post and can defend their own posts. A successful attack will help a party occupy a post.
  • There is a 14 second cooldown after each move.
  • If an enemy post is not guarded by anyone, it will be automatically occupied by the attacking party. If a post is guarded when a party attacks, one of the defenders will fight back. If no defenders are available, the attacking party will automatically occupy the post.
  • Defeated players will revive in the base.

Central Crystal War (Outland Contest II)


To enter the Central Crystal, click on Eberly Continent.

Then click on the red central crystal, and the Enter button will be on the right.

This will open the Outland Contest window which we’re familiar with from Patch 5.8. The gameplay for Outland Contest is the same as it was before, except that now the teams are parties of multiple guilds, instead of each being one guild.

Outland Event

The Outland Event menu will specify dates where certain events will have “half-off” specials:

  • Outland Event Day: During the event, Energy consumed in the Central Crystal War is halved. (Includes energy used for Blessings and attacks.)
  • Post Grab Day: During the event, Post Grab attempts increase by 1.
  • Adventure Day: Exploration Points used to roll die are halved. (100 Exploration Points are still required to enter Outland Exploration.)

Outland Shop

Players can use Outland Crystals to exchange for items in the Outland Shop which is located in the Outland panel.

See the Tattoo Engraving post about the gains from the new stones in Outland Shop:

[Patch 6.1] Tattoo Engraving


Patch 6.1 OVERVIEW of All Changes

Click here or below for more on Wartune Patch 6.1!

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  1. Comment#33

    • thank you for the info and the great work

      • You’re quite welcome, thanks 🙂

  2. Do absent players factor into the new OC? With the original OC, absent players became a major anchor for guilds and had to be kicked (unfortunately). Otherwise, you give away easy kills. Does that mechanic still exist?

    • I’m quite sure they will be part of the team

      • in the Video i saw there is just 1 left in the defending tem (yours) and just you were online .does that mean just online players will count in defending team or thy killed the others while it is underway ?

      • It means there are only 3 people in my guild, 2 of them are Cosmos, and I was the only one online at the time lol. This is all on the test server.

      • ty for responding and for the great work ,kep it up

  3. this certainly turn outland into a disaster, this is such an idiotic game play plan that it will drive more players away from the game. The smelt stones will become the next rarely seen item to be given. Just like henna was in the beginning of knighthood. I guess lagtune has to many players again.

    • Post Grab is pretty iffy in my opinion, but Outland Adventure is a welcome addition. It’s every day and can be done on your own time instead of fussing over attending certain periods. It also gives way better smelting stone income than Outland Contest does, as long as you’re very deliberate about which spots you land on.

    • I pretty much agree, they’re taking the worst aspect of current outland, the time demands, and increasing it by 50%. It’s like they’re trying to convince me to quit.
      The exploration part seems good though, like cloud adventure but with real rewards instead of insulting garbage, and fights that aren’t designed to be maximally annoying.

      • I think the fact that they’re making it teams of multiple guilds is going to help with the times. It won’t be as demanding on a few individuals that basically buff up their entire guilds and such. I guess you still have to show up if you want to use your energy in fights.

  4. Ty Elia, love your spoilers and ur voice 😉
    Btw How is feeling your fully upgraded knight euda. LoL :*

    • Lol thanks. But don’t bring up the kniiiiight :((((( hehe 😛

  5. Thanks for the video. Outland needs a video. The new Outland is not intuitive at all. Way too many changes all at once with this patch. Zero in-game help, as usual. So, thank you. 🙂

    • Glad it helped 🙂

  6. I got a question, what happends if we invade the other team continent and take his base/castle??

    • not sure if anyone has the answer to that as there has not been enough time for any group of guilds to manage to accomplish that 🙂
      – Cosmos

    • You can’t grab castle. Just posts. :((

  7. How often are the guilds that your facing or teamed up with in Outland/Postgrab set for? In the past it was every outland it was reset to a new team.

    • but now is different, it is not 1 on 1 but a group on group so we don’t know if it changes at all or same groups remain
      – Cosmos

  8. Post grab is just another big booster to no life cashers. Now all the people that have nothing to do but play wartune get to generate huge amounts of crystals by overtaking all the offline players posts. Further widening the gap between cashers and non’s.

    • but on the positive side for all free players there is the very nice exploration where we can get stones for free and that’s well worth whatever other casher thing
      – Cosmos

  9. outland rigged for developers to win ,, worthless now they take over all the maps , let them have it ,, no point in even doing it

  10. Who knows how to occupy a castle on his island enemy, as everyone is busy and the castle how to take it?

  11. i gave up trying to win against kabam and r2 1 team dominates all maps ,, let them have it all i give up

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