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[Patch 6.1] New Sub-Eudaemon System and Eudaemon Guide

Big changes are happening to the Eudaemon System in Wartune Patch 6.1! Be prepared by saving up lots of Blood of Zeus. Here we try to cover all of what’s going on.

Intro from the Publisher

The number of Eudaemons keeps increasing which may make it harder to look for a specific Eudaemon. Therefore, a new Eudaemon panel has been created! The new panel displays Eudaemon quantity and classifies them. Plus, more features such as Eudaemon Guide, Conversion and Awakening have been added. You can also use materials to summon Eudaemons when troops meet the required conditions!

Eudaemon List

Eudaemon classes are listed by growth (level, from highest to lowest), and if they have the same growth then the one that debuted earliest is first. Eudaemons of the same type will be classified under the same category. When players view a Eudaemon’s info, a panel will slide down to show all of this type of Eudaemons’ info. Eudaemons will be displayed from highest to lowest level.

There is a maximum of 5 Eudaemons of each class, but if you have more than that before the patch, they will carry over. You just won’t be able to summon beyond 5, and if you have 5 of any type of Eudaemon, you can’t summon with mark shards.

Other small changes:

  • Players will not be able to sell the only remaining Eudaemon of each type.
  • Removed the free attempt for renaming a Eudaemon for the first time.

Eudaemon Guide

Note: since the time these pictures and guides were made on the test server, Eudaemon Diagram was renamed to Eudaemon Guide.

There are 3 main features in the Eudaemon Guide.

Summon Eudaemon

Players can summon Eudaemons when they collect required Eudaemon materials and their Eudaemon’s growth reaches the required level. Eudaemon materials can be obtained in Eudaemon Patrol.

The system will show requirements when players click the [Summon] button.

Eudaemon Growth

  • Eudaemon Growth: Eudaemons of each type have independent growth. Eudaemon growth depends on the highest level Eudaemon of that type. Every time the highest level Eudaemon of a certain type advances one level, growth of that Eudaemon type increases by 100.
  • Eudaemon Growth Total = the growth sum of all of a certain type of Eudaemon (Each Eudaemon’s growth can be seen in the panel).
  • Increasing Growth level will grant Eudaemons positive effects during battle.
  • Players may need to upgrade Eudaemon growth to a certain level before summoning specific Eudaemons.
  • Players can click a Eudaemon image in the Eudaemon Guide panel to check its inherit percentage and skills when the Eudaemon maxes out at level.

Eudaemon Awakening


  • Once a Eudaemon is awakened, it can be set as a sub-Eudaemon and join battles. For more info about sub-Eudaemon, see the Sub Eudaemon section below.
  • Improving Eudaemon soul power will increase the percentage of attributes the sub Eudaemon obtains during battle.

Awakening Condition:

  • Specific troop specialties must reach a certain level (there are different troop requirements for different Eudaemons. When clicking [Awaken], players can see the required conditions for awakening each Eudaemon.
  • Awakening Eudaemons consumes Eudaemon Soul Stone which can be obtained from Eudaemon Patrol.

Eudaemon Conversion

Eudaemon Conversion provides a way to exchange overall attributes between two Eudaemons. Skill level, equipment level, diamonds, refine level, War Emblem level, RES Reduction, Resistance and Eudaemon level can all be exchanged between two Eudaemons. Players will need to spend Balens when converting.


  • A Eudaemon will be replaced by a sub-Eudaemon in the same spot when the sub Eudaemon is sent for battle.
  • To differentiate main Eudaemon from sub-Eudaemon, sub-Eudaemons will be displayed in grey.
  • Sub-Eudaemons can cast general skills during battle, but cannot use Delphic skills. Thus, there is no shortcut for sub-Eudaemons to use Delphic skills during battle.
  • Sub-Eudaemons may take Sylphs with them, but the sub Eudaemon’s BR and its Sylph’s BR will not count towards the player’s total BR.

Video: Wartune Patch 6.1 – Sub-Eudaemon and Eudaemon Guide

Patch 6.1 OVERVIEW of All Changes

Click here or below for more on Wartune Patch 6.1!

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  1. ïs the sellin of the extras made any better? that is if one has more than the 5 of any type 😛

    • I think it’s just easier to summon before patch than after. If you do it after patch you have to flip flop between selling and summoning.

  2. When is article about new outland thing coming?

    • Working on it. Plenty more content to cover. Probably over the next couple of days.

  3. No more use for eudaemon shard?

  4. any change to bounty target? with there being a lot of focuous on the eds id imagine there would be, but you’ve said nothing in that area.

    • Don’t see any reward changes to bounty target

  5. Any idea of when the patch is supposed to launch

    • Full roll out on the 26th

  6. more lag? 😮

  7. hmm can we still sell eudemon after patch?

    • Yep

  8. I have 600eudmon do I sell it before or after patch.

    • Shouldn’t matter before or after. It’s 10 Warpath Crystals either way (for the lvl 1 kids that haven’t had any upgrades).

      • hi elia

        so no benefit to hoard some eude b4 patch? ^^

      • /i just loss all 400 eudmon after patch
        only 35 show up lol
        11 in ranger class 8 in blood warrior n scourge mage
        4 in battle oracle n 2 knight
        i had more than 2 knight n oracles n ranger

      • Yeah this was unexpected 🙁 sorry to hear that. Going to put out a warning on FB and the blog

      • I recommend sending in a ticket and asking them to compensate shards or something for all the kids you lost

      • Dear Neobahamut,

        Good day to you!

        Thanks for your report on this issue. Devs already noted this issue and would have it fixed during the new patch launching for all servers.

        Thanks for your support.

        – The R2Games Team

        How helpful was your Support Elf ? (Please Note, this is simply for rating the support you have received, not for providing R2 Games with additional information concerning your ticket.

      • Hey thanks for reporting and sharing. I’ll write a post to tell everyone what’s going on.

  9. Oh Goody too shoe, YAY Patch. Can get the Blood Demon. good info for this new patch can’t w8 to get tht kid 🙂

  10. Just imagine the lag in fights 4vs4.there will be 16 eudaemons on with their sylphs.are they insane;

    • Did you even read that article? Awakened eud can hop in battle REPLACING your main eud. There won’t be twice as much euds in arena.
      Will this contribute to lag anyways? Probably.
      Actually I’m pretty dissapointed in how this feature sounds. Only real use I see for it is that you can get additional buffer/debuffer eud and take it out to battlefield only for that, provided it can be used in hit and run quick in and out manner. If no. Well, this feature won’t see any use.

    • The info they gave us said replacing, but really the sub-eud and your main eud are on the field at the same time. However, this is only the case in fights where you’re the only main hero. Anything with groups, you won’t have the sub-euds in play, so it’s irrelevant for 4vs4

  11. what do we do with the shards we already ave ?????????

    • You can summon with them now or later. I actually recommend you summon now and sell later. It’ll be slower to summon after the patch, but faster to sell them then (just the way the eud listing is set up)

  12. Implications for Eudaemon patrols if they’re limiting to 5 of each type. What happens when 7 of your patrol towers need a Scourge Mage?

    • Highly unlikely after the patch. There’s a much greater variety of requirements for the patrols. Some don’t require any specific class, some require non-scourge/blood warrior/ranger euds.

  13. So the new “summon” function guard diagram gives you one level 1 of that type of eud to use?

    • Yes

  14. Pardon me, Elia; what do u mean that we have to prepare saving lots of Zeus Blood? Thank you.

    • Because the maximum eudaemon level has raised from lvl 10 to lvl 12. Takes 8k blood of zeus to get to lvl 11, and 10k to lvl 12. That’s a lot…

  15. Love this site! I just found it and all of the information is going to help me be way better prepared! I do ask though…is there way to turn down/completely nix the music on your videos? I had to turn it all the way up to hear you and the music was a bit too intense. The information you provide in your videos is amazing, just maybe not the music. Lol.
    Thank you!

    • Hey there glad you found us and like the content. Can I ask how you found us? Just wondering where we’re getting new viewers from. I can try to dial down the music volume on future videos, but you’re stuck with the current uploads as they are lol. There are some that I don’t bother putting a backtrack on, but if there are ones that I have long silences from speeding through upgrades or whatever it might be, then I usually put a backtrack.

    • There may be an option to enhance the voice in your sound card settings or the speakers directly (you can try using different speakers/headphones too, might be easier to hear voices on different ones).

      If not, there should be some free software that allows you to (temporarily) enhance the voice in your PCs currently playing audio, try googling for some 🙂

  16. I think I missed something somewhere – I don’t get the troop specialty requirements or how to meet them. When I try to awaken a Eudaeman I get a message that “Troop Conditions are not met”. On the screen it says a condition is Lvl 3 Troop Specialty, which I guess is what the message is talking about. But I don’t know what that is or how to meet it?

    • Replying to myself here – found out from guildie that they’re talking about troops, the specific troops likes in the eudaemon condition need to be leveled and the troop specialty at the required level using daru. (In case anyone else didn’t understand that either.)

  17. can sub eudmon be used in dragon invasion, spire?

    • nope

  18. Can sub eud’s only use general skills and not active skills? What about passive skills?

  19. So, you have to already have one of a type of eudy to summon?

  20. How many awakened eudemon can I use? Only one or one by type or more?
    Can I awake more than one?

    • you can have 1 main kid and 1 sub kid active
      you can have multiple awakened but naturally use 1 at any 1 time

  21. can i use sub-eud in any mpd?

  22. has anyone seen any awakening stones in the eudaemon patrol lately ? i have been trying to find them for weeks now and have only gotten one ( dont even know how i got it because i didnt do the nightmare patrol to get it but still ) i keep doing patrols hoping to find them when the patrol refreshes but haven’t seen one for awhile , wondering if they are just that rare or im just that unlucky lol

    • its really strange to not see them after so long of the patch being released

    • you mean soul stones? they are still there
      one trick is to do fast refresh by doing 3 hours normal patrols

      • yeah soul stones , i only do the normal partols so hopefully i can find some soon 🙂 , also i was wondering , if you meet the requirements for the nightmare patrol but not the rest can you still do and get the rewards for the nightmare patrol or not ?

      • yes just you have to make sure not to qualify for higher levels so that it only takes ~3 hours to do normal

      • okay sweet thanks alot 😀 <3

  23. So… is sub-daemon’s hp gems added to player hp?

    • of course not, Eudaemon Diamonds are only for themselves
      Eudaemons inherit stats from Main Hero, not the other way around

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