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[Patch 5.8] OVERVIEW of ALL Wartune Changes

Hey guys, in this summary / overview post we link to all the Wartune Patch 5.8 articles / changes:


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Patch arrival

We expect Wartune Patch 5.8 to be implemented on the 30th of June for all servers. 1 week before that on selected servers.

Wartune Patch 5.8 articles published so far:

Article Title
[Patch 5.8] Smelt Equipment //
[Patch 5.8] Kitten Club Changes //
[Patch 5.8] Adventurous Voyage Guide //
[Patch 5.8] Spirit Covenant Changes //
[Patch 5.8] All Other Changes //
[Patch 5.8] Outland Contest Guide //
[Patch 5.8] Farm Yields and Changes //
[Patch 5.8] The New Academy //
[Patch 5.8] VIP Benefits and Experience //
[Patch 5.8] Bloody Inferno – Very Different //
[Patch 5.8] Dragon Invasion Changes //
[Patch 5.8] New Eudaemon Blood Demon //
[Patch 5.8] Jewel Hunt Changes //
[Patch 5.8] Skill Cooldown Changes //
Spire Nightmare Ruins Chest drop rates Patch 5.8 //
Blood Demon Eudaemon in Detail REFERENCE //

Videos of Patch 5.8 (they are also inside the articles)

Video Name URL
Wartune Patch 5.8 Preview – Adventurous Voyage //
Wartune Patch 5.8 Preview – Spirit Covenant Updates //
Wartune Patch 5.8 Preview – Other Changes //
Wartune Patch 5.8 Preview – New Bloody Inferno //
< gameplay only >
Wartune Patch 5.8 Bloody Inferno Dual Screen COSMOS
Wartune Patch 5.8 Preview – Outland Contest //
< gameplay only >
Wartune Patch 5.8 Outland Contest Dual Screen COSMOS
Wartune Patch 5.8 Preview – Updated Dragon Invasion Rewards //
Wartune Patch 5.8 Dragon Invasion Dual Screen COSMOS //
Wartune Patch 5 8 New Chest Points on JEWEL HUNT mini game //
Wartune Patch 5.8 Preview – VIP Benefits and Experience //
Wartune Patch 5.8 Preview – Smelt Equipment //
Wartune Patch 5.8 Preview – Blood Demon (New Kid/Eudaemon) //

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  1. that spirit covenant was really huge disappoint.

  2. Spirit Covenant is not disappintment.. I dont think they will do it 100% automaticaly ever, all nocasher players including myself will live Wartune becouse cashers are getting too overpowered stuff.. And ideed Even if its not 100% its still saves a lot of time.. However you got too many benefits anyway.

    • I’m talking about auto-circuit/auto-walk to “dig”.

      Circuit is stupid because no one doing them (waste of time) even after update.

      Auto-walk to dig.. really? It’s not that hard to follow the cursor to find correct dig spot, doesn’t save that much time at all.

      Yes i may keep buying this spirit covenant, but still wont waste time for these two new feature.

      • Auto-walk on a small screen is a nice addition, but its not something I’d spend money on separately.

        I mean, I have to click like a hundred times on my tiny screen just to get to where I’m supposed to be. Now its just click, go do something that I actually WANT to do, come back and collect my archaeology reward.

        Though I still won’t do the full 200 circuit quest, not without a LOT of Imperial Seals.

      • Circuit quests are good. Plenty of soul crystal, and fashion core for lvling clothing.

      • BULLSHIT !



        fuck spirit coventant. never use it, never gave me real benefit.

      • it helps with those of us with tendonitis and carpal tunnel issues from drag drop motion 🙂 I’m thrilled.

  3. does the crusade count towards 1 week’s worth of rewards? or they become redundant?

    • i think they no works anymore since they were daily and not weekly

  4. yes kitty patetic

  5. who even do kitty 15 pages of friends not one

    • if u pay vip u have more friends pages. they did it on purpose

  6. Cosmos is there anything regarding blessing wheel ?
    Again a appreciating hard work done by you guys

  7. With spire chest no increase same as before just set to weekly regulation 1 for 1 for days u used to be able to do it
    Instead of 1 bb it 7 etc

  8. With spirit covenant still good just not what everybody was hoping for and some of the other functions people will probably not do very much

  9. what will happen with Empire Crusader?
    I was keeping them for when I will be KH

  10. hi is there auction in new patch or no :/

    • normally auction was completely removed some patches ago

    • Yes

  11. info from ecm is there will be added some kind of auction thing, couldnt find it on testserver that tests this patch atm

  12. what do they mean by selected servers and do we happen to know what those selected are?

    • Installation always goes like:
      Test > ~2-4 weeks > S1 and selection of servers > 1 week later Everyone else

  13. hi is there anything on the ridiculous guild battle status
    Either the ward needs to be 100 times stronger or the csgb format applied
    Depending on big hitters getting to the ward our last one lasted 15 seconds

  14. Well … at least you have the update “current” with China , very different from OASIS GAMES .
    NOTE: Be careful with a player called CristianGray (do not know which server it is ), it was one of the top players here in Brazil , but was banned (a lot times) for using the Chargeback and other Bugs crimes. The same set up an account and continues to take advantage of errors to be almost infinite balens here… include mock ONLINE in your Youtube Channel

    • Hi sorry i did not understand your comment at all. This has nothing to do with China. These are absolutely accurate real facts.
      Also don’t understand anything from your 2nd paragraph :S or how is that related to this article or this blog.
      – Cosmos

  15. Hi Can Someone please confirm what the “gem solvent” in the OUTLAND contest is for the picture says gem, however your description says DIV SOULS, so is it for making 2 in 1 divinity souls for our merged sylphs?

    • That’s already in the game, go look in the Blacksmith under fusing divinity souls

  16. This game is getting crazy. You have to spend to get big or forever be a little punching bag for the casher’s. Why not make it fair for the people who don’t have money to spend?

    • Browser based games will always give an advantage to those who cash. On the upside we will have more gold due to no more buying HP as there is no hp anymore it seems 🙂

  17. WTFS 10% of EXP. in each day For Login, GGGrrrr, this is stupid and crazy, now the programators or Game masters want forcing level up for the goods or for the bads ¬__¬ i have account in level 59 for more 2 years and 3 months now this send go down, pppfff, this is injustice, this is begin of End in the next moth many ppl quit this game. for guild of Gamefuse. D:

    • correction is Guilt

  18. Have they got rid of PvP point system? I notice button is gone and kills and BG and arena don’t give pvp points.

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