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[Patch 5.8] Dragon Invasion Changes

Hey guys, in this article we show you the changes in Dragon Invasion implemented in Wartune Patch 5.8.

Quick info:

  • Dragon Invasion is now a weekly dungeon (like all other Event / Weekly), but this does not mean less rewards.
  • The gameplay is the same as before, and there are no dramatic changes like we’ve seen to Bloody Inferno.
  • Drops are seven times (x7) more than before Patch 5.8 (to compensate for only having 1 weekly attempt).
  • Etc. (see below)

Our Rewards per Wave

Every drop from levels 1 through 15 gives Dragon Essence x7, Mount Hoof x7, and one of the following:

  • Gold x700k
  • Gold x1400k
  • Gold x7000k
  • Mount Hoof x7
  • Dragon Essence x7

Every drop from levels 16 to 20 gives Gold x3500k, Mount Hoof x35, and one of the following:

  • Gold x3500k
  • Gold x7000k
  • Mount Hoof x35
  • Vulcan’s Clamp x35


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(Pure Gameplay) Wartune Patch 5.8 Dragon Invasion Dual Screen COSMOS

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  1. will we still have to ponce about refreshing so as to be able to do lvls 19 and 20?

    • I suspect we probably do, but Cosmos and I weren’t able to get far enough in the dungeon to confirm it.

  2. good…now we get more time back to reality of life 😀

  3. gold drop is not 100k/200k it is 100k/200k/1 million before the patch
    and 700k/1,4 million/7million after the patch

  4. Be nice if they made the rewards drop into a single chest like they did with BI.

  5. Thx for the things u do to help us and iam really sry for the things that happening to u 🙁

    • Thanks for the kind words and support

  6. So there will no longer be any whips dropping, huh? Sad, there are far too many hoofs and hardly any whips anymore, especially with the vast number needed and hardly none given out in-game. ToK chests are impossible to get when you only manage to sneak in on 1 or 2 runs a month.

    • There might actually be whips dropped, but I didn’t spot any. I’ll go again tomorrow when the attempt resets and see if I spot any.

  7. THIS IS WEIRD!!!!!!!!


    (1-thing-a-week)x7 rewards?!?!?! THAT IS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

    actually best change since DAY 1.

    • Yes indeed I agree with you. I am also always trying to see the positives and what you highlighted in our reporting is excellent news indeed.
      – Cosmos

  8. before we had 1 attempt and 1 help is that still the same or can we help more than once a week?

    • Don’t actually know that, sorry. Hopefully someone from the early servers can reply or we will find out soon enough.
      – Cosmos

      • Welcome! Please tell me. How do Ercan 2?

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