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[Patch 5.8] Skill Cooldown Changes

Hey guys, in this article we list the changes to the skill cooldowns implemented in Wartune Patch 5.8.

Quick info:

  • The cooldown times for most regular skills have been reduced.
  • Skill damage, rage cost, and talent effect appear to be the same.
  • Knighthood skills are unaffected.
  • Cooldown times listed in the tables below are for toons that do not have any talent points assigned (so taken into consideration that some skills may typically have more or less seconds to them after taking into consideration talents.


Knight Skill CD Before Patch 5.8 CD After Patch 5.8
 Slasher  5  2
 Ultimate Slasher  5  2
 Delphic Destroyer  60  45
 Intercept  60  30
 Whirlwind  30  25
 Enhanced Delphic Destroyer  60  45
 Agoran Shield  60  45
 Shadow Thrasher  1  1
 Reverse Damage  10  10
 Apollo’s Shield  60  45
 Death Warrant  30  30
 Delphic Blade Storm  25  15
 Resurrection  55  45
 Mars’ Will  60  45


Mage Skill CD Before Patch 5.8 CD After Patch 5.8
 Lightning Bolt  1  2
 Rain of Fire  10  5
 Delphic Thunder Frenzy  60  30
 Damnation  60  45
 Thunderer  2  2
 Delphic Hell Thunder  60  45
 Restoration  15  15
 Meteoric Destroyer  15  15
 Suntoria  45  45
 Purification  30  30
 Blessed Light  60  60
 Icebolt  30  30
 Delphic Flame Tornado  60  45
 Mana Shield  45  45
 Anthem  60  60


Archer Skill CD Before Patch 5.8 CD After Patch 5.8
 Arrow Strike  1  2
 Multi-shot  5  2
 Delphic Sniper  60  45
 Bloodthirsty Strike  45  30
 Lunatic Fire  20  15
 Delphic Death Star  60  45
 Poison Arrow  25  15
 Deep Freeze  30  30
 Armor Piercer  1  1
 Scatter Shot  15 15
 Incendiary Shot  45 30
 Soulhunter’s Arrow  35 25
 Delphic Annihilating Fury  60 45
 Blessed Shot  30 20
 Cursed Arrows  45 30

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  1. Is it me or did mages get the short end of the stick? The other 2 classes had more skills with reduced CDs. Yes, rain of fire cut it half which is helpful, but mages have 5 reduced 1 increased, archers have 11 skills reduced 1 increased, knights have 11 reduced 0 increased… 11, 11, 5… One of these numbers is not like the other. Curious. And none of the healing skills are reduced.

    • Mages are magicians, they can find another way to speed it up. LOL.

      Welcome to WARTUNE

    • Mages, getting the short end of the stick since Wartune pre-Alpha…

    • mages already have lower CDs for there most used skills. while the other classes CDs were a lot longer for the skills most used. now this way it will be fair

    • Yeah, they showed their hate of mages and love of archers once again. Archers can now do afk multi-shot every round, They can do a 3-round repeating afk of multi-shot, multi-shot, bloodthirsty strike (with BS talent-time reduction). They can do AOE every round (with time reducer).
      Mages did not get anything good. At 5 seconds, it still takes 3 rounds to AFK the rain of fire twice, when mages should be the ones who can use their aoe each round. The meteoric destroyer needs much more damage to justify it’s greater rage consumption. That will not happen because the mage has two never-used skills for the 80-rage and 100-rage attacks for their “strong aoe’s”.
      Further, mages should have always had purify at a 15 second cooldown, as archers have scattershot at 15 seconds, and they did not care to fix this obvious mistake. Finally, if bloodthirsty strike got reduced to 30, suntoria should have been reduced to 30.

  2. lunatic fire down to 15 seconds
    with the talents down to 1 second

    aoe spam ftw 🙂

  3. Am I missing something here? A lot of those CD times for archers before patch 5.8 seem lower than they should be. I am an archer and delphic sniper takes 80 rage, lunatic fire and soul hunters arrow both take 45 rage. Incendiary Shot takes 65 rage. Not sure about the rest at the moment, will have to check when I am logged in.

    • Forget that post, I was thinking of rage costs and not cooldown, derp. That post can be deleted.

  4. Am I missing something? I am an archer and some of those CD times before 5.8 seem lower than they should be. Delphic sniper takes 80 rage, lunatic fire and soul hunters arrow both take 45 rage. Not sure about the others at the moment

  5. Who care about old skills CD if 99% players become knighthood if 1-2 month?

    • level camper
      new player

      only to name 2 groups of player

      • or smart players who arent dumb enough to waste money for knighthood 🙂

      • not everyone wants knighthood. cause that requires nothing but money afterwards for all the talents.

      • Only the def reduce is enough to make knighthood better.. and you can easily upgrade that to 10 with bound balens… smart.. huh.

    • There will still be many that will be a while before they become knighted. And there could be some that may not want to become knighted.

    • I like to play healer-mages in any rpg that does not have real thieves. In Wartune, the healer-mage role is completely screwed up in knighthood. All heals are based on target’s HP, not the mage’s power. That also makes critical (or will destroyer) pointless for heals. Mage becomes the only class that cannot purify. I have grown to regret the 3 years I have played this game.

  6. Is this will including with eudaemon skills ?

  7. What about runes cooldowns?

  8. Oh, my…

    I’m playing an alternate version of Wartune, with different name, but it is, Wartune. We haven’t received the KH patch yet. It’s frustating to see that mages keep getting the short end of the stick over and over again. From pre-KH to KH to post-KH. As a mage, I really appreciate the heads up. It helps me to decide whether to quit or keep playing. I’ve been thinking on quitting once KH hits my platform since the skills for mages are so badly done compared to the other two classes & this future update for non-KH players further proves that my decision is right. It’s time to move on. Sigh…

    Thank you again for the heads up Cosmos..:)

    • I’m a mage and I have found ways around , killing archers and knights of same br.

      • did u hire a hitman? :)))))

      • I am the hit man

  9. wow…knights with their speed and reduce CD are more deadly now

  10. does it say anything about sylph skill CDs?

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