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[Patch 5.8] Spirit Covenant Changes

Hey guys, in this article we look into the changes (additions) in the Spirit Covenant coming in Wartune Patch 5.8.

The New Spirit Covenant + 2 features

Below you can see the main window of the new Spirit Covenant. 2 new features have been added: Circuit Master and Archaeology Auto-path:

[Patch 5.8] Spirit Covenant main window

[Patch 5.8] Auto-path Archaeology

This new Spirit Covenant feature automatically moves your character from one dig location to another, but it does not dig for you. Still, all you have to do is just click the Dig button which makes things a lot faster / convenient.

[Patch 5.8] Spirit Covenant auto-path Archaeology

The Auto-path button:

[Patch 5.8] Spirit Covenant auto-path Archaeology 2

[Patch 5.8] Auto-accept Circuit Quest

This new feature is not what we expected. Both Elia and I were really hoping for a very easy auto completion of Circuit Quests, but this is different. What the Circuit Master does is that it automatically assigns the next quest to you no matter where you are on the map, so you do not have to walk back to NPC to pick up the next quest. So the benefit here is the time saved which you otherwise would have wasted in walking back to the NPC.

To be super clear, you still have to pay to complete the quest if you want immediate completion.

[Patch 5.8] Spirit Covenant auto-accept Circuit Quest

However, there is also a little note saying that VIP players will get a free Imperial seal on weekly basis.

[Patch 5.8] VIP Imperial Seal

Power of Healing removed

Another important thing is that all healing has been removed, so Power of Healing does not exist in Spirit Covenant anymore and there are no healing potions in the Guild Shop anymore! (Thanks Annabeth for the observation)

[Patch 5.8] Spirit Covenant no healing

What if you already had Spirit Covenant before the patch?

No problem, you will receive a system mail saying that the new missing features are credited to your account:

[Patch 5.8] Spirit Covenant mail for existing

[Patch 5.8] Spirit Covenant VIDEO review

[Patch 5.8] OVERVIEW of ALL Wartune Changes

Please see our OVERVIEW article for the complete list of all Patch 5.8 articles we have published.

[Patch 5.8] OVERVIEW of ALL Wartune Changes

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  1. When I first heard about these changes, was thinking it would be worth to start spending on covenant. But now after seeing what they do, still not worth it, IMO. It would save a little time but you still have to actually do them.

    • I though the same….but…NOT WORTH IT.
      OMg they are incompetent or either stupid..

      FInally THIS would have been 2 features (if done correctly) that EVERYONE would have brought!
      omg they are real loosers :S

  2. omg. that flashing stuff in the city will drive me crazy

  3. i have covenant for 1 year a now in new patch is remove all ??

    • no you still have what you habe paid for, but you dont habe the new features, because you dint pay for it

      • Incorrect besserwisser, you will receive update notice in game – and receive them.please read all the posts.

      • this was updatet after i send my post

      • no it was not
        (as usual the great know-it-all can never admit he is wrong in anything)
        3DRTYN was 100% correct, you did not bother reading the full post

  4. It just makes me want to quit. Non cashers just shouldn’t even try anymore, time to move on.

    • They are giving a little bit more convenience for people who pay real money – what is the problem with that? You can still do Archaeology 100% free and relatively very easy.

  5. what date is the new patch?

    • 30th June expected

  6. If I see correctly there is no more Power of Healing, does that mean that they’ve gotten rid of the HP packs or will everyone will have to pay for them again?

    • Thanks for the good observation. I double checked and updated the article and wrote thanks to you.
      – Cosmos

  7. I noticed dimension energy was above 3k, 4050 in video. Just wondering how that is possible please?

  8. Hope they put auto dimensons also

  9. Will Circuit Quest Boxes (50th, 100th, 150th and 200th) item’s change, adjustment or remain the same? Thank You!

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