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[Patch 6.5] OVERVIEW of ALL Wartune Changes

Hey guys, in this summary / overview article you will find all the information relating to Wartune Patch 6.5. Enjoy, like, share and thanks in advance to all those who support us.

Wartune Patch 6.5 Dedicated Articles, Guides & Analysis

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Patch 6.5 Videos

Link Wartune Patch 6.5 – Holy Sword
Link Wartune Patch 6.5 – Time Portal
Link Wartune Patch 6.5 – Holy Sword Temple
Link Wartune Patch 6.5 – Guild Treasure
Link Wartune Patch 6.5 – Speed Clearance
Link Wartune Patch 6.5 – Magic Inn
Link Wartune Patch 6.5 – Soul Collection
Link Wartune Patch 6.5 – All Other Changes
Link Wartune Patch 6.5 – Rave Event, Fusion Spirit and Fusion Chi
Link Wartune Gameplay First Time Portal on Real Server on COSMOS

Patch 6.5 Videos Playlist

[Patch 6.5] Patch Notes Summary

  1. New Feature: Holy Sword, unlocks after players finish knighthood.
  2. New Feature: Time Portal, unlocks after players finish knighthood.
  3. New Weekly Dungeon: Holy Sword Temple, unlocks after players finish knighthood.
  4. New Guild Feature: Guild Treasure. Players who have joined a guild can participate.
  5. New Feature: Speed Clearance. Level 36+ players may participate.
  6. Magic Inn: This feature has been implemented in place of the Card Hunt.
  7. Mysterious mobs will appear randomly when players participate in archaeology in the Wilds. Players must team up with friends to kill these mobs.
  8. Optimized Guild Chamber.
  9. Optimized the Homestead panel.
  10. Removed Amethyst Mine.
  11. Players will now get 10 Devotion by finishing the Hall of Heroes daily quest.
  12. Eudaemons of the same type will be automatically filtered during Eudaemon Conversion.
  13. Players will not be able to sell items when their Gold hits the storage limit.
  14. Optimized gem sorting in the Blacksmith.
  15. Added Fusion Spirit which can be used to offset Balens for Sylph Merge.

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Last word

In the coming days / weeks we will update any missing info and add any remaining articles on Wartune Patch 6.5 (if you have feedback email us via the contact form).

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  1. Thank you

    • 🙂

  2. Any news on the bingo event?

    • nop

  3. They don’t seem to improve the astral experience. It takes several months to level up astrals. It seems they are either carefree or stupid.

    • that depends on your activity, if you are not active then yes, but if you are active then there is sufficient income in the game to level up and max out astrals

      • It’s not quite easy for non-vip players to level up astrals. We have plenty of gold yet it’s the clicks required which is insane.

      • This program is agains the TOS.

      • Any third party program is against TOS, which includes your entire computer with Windows, Browsers, Addons, and any other software that you might use to make your experience pleasant.

        The program itself is 100% legal according to laws of any country.

      • Laws and tos’s are two different things. Using programs to play for you isn’t allowed on most games. Probably the real reason behind your bans.

      • Please be aware of what you talk about before casting allegations on people, otherwise you might as well join a brainless mob on a witch hunt to burn people

      • Ah yes, wouldn’t want people falsely accused, except you admit to and encourage others to do things that might result in a ban. At least put a disclaimer so your own blind followers can make an educated choice

      • i see you continue on your witch hunt; such a disclaimer has been on that page for years but sick people like you never bother to check the facts/truth, you are only focused on hurting people and as such no rational discussion is possible with someone in your state of mind

  4. Amythyst can still be exchanged via the profile tab and it can be collected in archeology so if you haven’t got the mount yet you can still save for it

    • thanks for sharing

  5. Maybe I overlooked this but did they do away with the VIP login devo? It is not shown in my devotion page.

  6. Any idea if the mount shop is updated as well on the new patch?

    • not to our knowledge

      • This is a bit of a bummer…been waiting for it for a fair amount of time now

  7. when is patch date?

    • i estimate it should be on Thursday

  8. How/where do i get Fusion Spirit?

    • there is no official communication on this, so probably via events only

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