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[Patch 5.8] Smelt Equipment

Hey guys, in this Wartune Patch 5.8 article we look into the Smelt Equipment – a new feature.

Important requirement: this feature requires Knighthood.

Feature / Smelting Stones

This feature is similar to Soul Engraving. Players can use Smelting Stones to upgrade their equipment’s smelt level, increasing equipment’s attribute bonuses by a certain percent. The higher the smelt level, the more attribute bonuses. (Halidom and Artifact can get a smelting bonus, but Medallion and Wedding Rings cannot.)

Equipment Attribute Bonus: Increases current equipment’s overall extra attributes (Enchant/Holy Fore/Gem/Soul Engraving/Refining Attributes) by a certain percent.

Smelt Equipment Location

Players can find the [Smelt Equipment] (green gem-like icon) feature under the Fate Guardian icon.

Upgrade window

Players will see current smelting bonuses and smelting bonuses for the next level in the main panel. Upgrades seem to be increasing by 5% per level.

Blue Bonus Numbers

Players can see smelting bonuses (the number in blue) beside the Enchant, Holy Forge, Gem, Soul Engraving and Refining bonuses.

Source of Smelting Stones

Players can exchange Outland Crystals for Smelting Stones in the Outland Shop. Please check the Outland Shop for details.

Smelting Stones Upgrade Costs and Effects Table

Upgrade to level Smelting Stones Cost % Bonus to Equipment stats
1 5 +5%
2  10  +10%
3  15 +15%
4  20  +20%
5  25  +25%
6  30  +30%
7 35  +35%
8  40  +40%
9  45  +45%
10 50 +50%
11 75 +55%
12 100 +60%
13 125 +65%
14 150 +70%
15 175 +75%
16 200 +80%
17 225 +85%
18 250 +90%
19 300 +95%
20 350 +100%
21 400 +105%
22 450 +110%
23 500 +115%
24 600 +120%
25 700 +125%
26 800 +130%
27 900 +135%
28 1000 +140%
29 1250 +145%
30 1500 +150%


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  1. lol another spend spend money , not knighted u done lmao 😀

    • That’s not a fair comment. I am almost knighted 100% for free. Others are near also with the reduced requirements especially. And the stones can be gotten from a new GB feature for free. But of course cashers will grow this fast, but that’s both OK and normal.
      – Cosmos

      • ALMOST. 🙂

      • This made me laugh so much

      • blabla, you are a casher

  2. how the heck do you knight for free Cosmos??????? I have seen where one of Dolly games u tube vid where they purchased 10k adv henna… guys have shown it will take over 2years to get for free maybe down to 14 months now but that’s a hell of a long time. The game is coming down to spending money, there are so many things wrong full of inequity unless you are willing to spend lots of money.

    • already u can get it for free, got it almost just need to get required stats, got 9k but not the rights ones:D, just wait for hf stack a lot of gold 1.8 bil is ~ 1k forges trade for adv henna and u have it in few months without spending a dime, and a lot of patience:))

    • You can become knighted for free, I currently have 5500 stats without spending anything on adv henna. Just save your gold, hammers and stoves and holy forge extra 80 gear 1k times or more if you have enough gold. Still takes a little time and effort but can be done. Just depends on how bad you want knighthood.

  3. got sooo much closer to become knighted from the gift piles, so i can say sure its pretty easy to become knighted for free.

    ok, lets get real: 120 adv henna from event suck, just enough to do 1 tattoo, this will reduce time from endless to endless -2 minutes wich still is endless.

    sry but ist bd to tell u can reach for free when “free” means takes more than 1 year (up to 2 years). whole tattoo system is fail cause of the “random” factor, would be better to reduce upgrades the higher u get but the “u get fro 2 to 10 stats from 1 tattoo” sucks, cause we all know that they cheat, so its not average gain u get much more less than statistical average (its like this on every thing with random results, so there is surely no diff with tattoo)

    a free player play it for “fun” ? ok. but to serious try to get some goal ? forget it waste of time. 99% wouldnt care about this if there was a better matching system so free palyers would have some competition, too

    • i understand where your coming from with your frustration, but you have to look at it like this, this is a company that operates for profit,and offers entertainment as its product. now on the other hand you got direct tv for instance you have a good amount of channels and are happy till you go to your buds house and he has a few more channels than you he tells you that he pays a premium price for those extra channels because he enjoys those you gonna call up direct tv and whine about your not getting them free of course not nobody would my point being if you want to have the premium version of your toon in wartune either pony up a bit of cash or just keep playing free either way stop whinning please…

    • yep hes frustrated or doesn’t really understand, im knitted without spening a $ never spent in more than 3 years of playing just be patient and play smart if u want to play else quit wartune wont care anyway, so agree with other stop whining or keep playing and shut up wont be better they have to get paid somehow

    • if you horde enough items and chose wisely where to use them you can get Knighted for free. Ever 15 days or so you can get 1-3k advance henna for free from chest exchanges. Save them untill you have 12k or so and use them in event, up to 15k (10k first day, and 5k second day) that plus all the regular henna, in 4-6 month you can get knighted easy. Only for dedicated players.

  4. Game not fun anymore.

    • yep, they keep adding new system, equipments, mpd, etc…boring

  5. Just so u know more about other players, I have TOTALLY FREE gathered a total of:
    INT +4497
    DEF: +0
    ENDU: +0

    I myself still miss +7500 tatoos……

    And I am pretty good with tatoos, anyone else doing them twice daily will have a slight bigger amount than me, but not anything off my chart.

    I very much welcome the discount for the KH requirements…yet getting KH FOR FREE its still a pretty long way.

    [I have 1 ONLY adv tatoo onto which i use the free-gained adv tatoo when the time is right AND all the rest are normal tatoos as “spares”]

    • well Free Knighthood, probably only for players of at least 1year + (2 would be best). you need to be able to get free chest from events to exchange for advance henna. so getting 120-360 chest per event is a must, that many free players can get. new players would have this harder.

    • i’ve 5000 in strenght , 3k adv.henna , 16k henna .

      i could be about 6500 in strenght. in 1-2 months i’ll be a knighthood if i’ll be lucky or wartune will drop easly the chests when we’ll have the adv.henna events.

  6. Where is this outland shop cosmos ? Again I should appreciate for your hard work

    • working on articles many hours, please give us time

  7. Hi

  8. Where is this outland shop cosmos ?
    Again I should appreciate the hard work you done 🙂

    • working on articles many hours, please give us time

  9. what do u mean with “outland shop”?

  10. also note better save every last bound balen you can get your hands on as a free player wanting to get knighted because getting there is the very small part of the battle the talent points are very exspensive…save save save

  11. Still we have offers
    I farm 210balens in 5 u all forget for offers.and i take only 30min of my time.just i change my record in one monath is 2000balens .so when is good spender i use.and i am half way on free knighood.i have save 5000adv.henna. big problem is saving for all ppl.dont use adv.henna if u dont have for 3days event.or whips
    Or gold.skip one or 3 events and than use.i learn long time ago that i need save qnd use on right now u save ur cheast from tok and spire till patch and after u open.In WoW wos to high cash ppl.and other games.Now we do tok etc obe ib week and than i be i will be free to help other my gulid we hqve cash ppl .but they helps others to do tok spire ther good and nice ppl.dont speak about cash ppl that are stupid.that is there joice of way playing.ok there is some ppl ho dont know how invest money.

    • how do u change ur ip?

  12. cheers well see a onehitted world boss in some weeks

  13. ok, so about once a month there is a crystal res event, followed by holy forge/whips/tattoo, in the same week period. So, if you dont spend gold, collect your resources, all for this week, you can make easy 3-4k adv henna. By doing wilds, guild beast and cata, you can pretty much gain all the resources you need to make lvl 80 orange gear pieces to do holy forge on. with VIP, you can have 5 expert dims running all the time, and you collect a bucket load of crystal res from that. Making sure you dont exchange your event boxes for the clothing outfit, or anything else for that matter, you can easy make 1k holy forge, + the chests from whips, if you have stockpiled this well, you can get your advanced tattoos. Now saving adv tats, until you have 20k, then using 5k per day for event, you should get knighthood without any balen cost. Just remember, if you not going to pay for it, then its going to take time.
    This event, I think i have managed to pick upu around 6 or 7k adv henna, and managed to do the full 30k, and all as i have been saving.

  14. “but Insigna and wedding ring cannot”

    Not Insignia but Medallion

    • thanks, fixed, i guess long night working does make one’s brain woozie 😛

  15. how did u get so many smelting stones and u said not that great of a return but you gained about 2 mil br and that’s pure br not fluff like kid so seems like a good thing to focus on

    • Hi maybe you are mixing up real servers and test servers. On real servers naturally it will take time for players to gather the stones.

  16. I did not read all posts, but i have to say i made KH without spending any balens for it. The fact that some ppl don`t know how to use their brains is their own problem. Cosmos is doing so much to help us all with information and tips, so please pay him some respect. I did it with many forges, but forging new gears so i can use the hammers and stoves which we get enough from purgatory maze. Also when adv. henna is on we have forges and mount whips and together this gives good amount of chests. On last event i made 4k adv henna. But if u have start playing few months ago and u expect to make KH fast just change the game or win the lottery. Some of us are playing 4 years and + and it took us a lot to make it. So be real. And if you play 2 hours a day just forget it. Respect for Cosmos. Tnx mate.

  17. All the instructions posted on this say knighthood is required to use smelting stones. I don’t know why everyone is saying that. I’m nowhere near KH (really, 60k balens?), but I’ve been able to use them since the start. I’m currently smelt level 5 and am more than half way to level 6. I’m a level 80 player with class advancement, but no KH. I’m working off an Armor Games server. Do others need KH for this?

    • Hi Clay, thanks for sharing your experience. This is the official info everyone received and since many of us are already KH we have no way of checking, so hopefully some more people like you will come and share/confirm.

  18. pls i have a punch of them but wonder is there any event for smelt stone using x number to get x percentage or no

    • so far there has not been any event for it

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