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Spire Nightmare Ruins Chest drop rates Patch 5.8

Hey guys, in this post I share with you my report on Wartune’s Spire Nightmare Ruins Chest drops rates of Wartune Patch 5.8 with 750 chests of data:

The important chance in Spire in Patch 5.8 is that, like other Event Dungeons, it becomes a weekly dungeon. As such, the rewards are increased in proportion:

Nightmare Ruins Chest Rewards and Rates

UPDATE: It seems they have changed the Patch 5.8 design to multiple chests vs. increased rewards inside 1 chest. “for TOK you get 35 chests for completing all 5 rounds, for Spire you get 168 chests for completing it. Amount inside chests have stayed the same in both instances.” (Thanks Rebecca)

Confirmation of more chests rather than more rewards inside + EXP gain:

The Spire NM chest is build up of 2 sections:

  • We got 5 out of 6 items which fall roughly at a rate of 1 in 5 chests, which are:
    • Golden Holy Water x20 now increased to x140
    • Shadow Crystal x20 now increased to x140
    • 250,000 gold now increased to 1,500,000 gold
    • Bound Balens x3 now increased to x20, but seem to drop a little more often, at 22.3% or roughly 1 in 4 chests (at the expensive of Fashion Cores)
    • Fashion Shards x3 now increased to x20
  • And lastly we have the top prize of the nightmare ruins chest, the fashion core, which has the lowest, 1.9% chance (reduced from previous 5.8% chance) of dropping.

Most players will be interested in the bottom 3 items on the table, which compose 42.3% of the drops. And since this is a weekly dungeon now, assuming that all 24 levels are completed, then you are looking at about 100 bound balens + 80 fashion shards + (if very lucky) 7 Fashion Cores per week. OK, but nothing to die for – the biggest benefit in Patch 5.8 are not the drops but the fact that we only have to do this grinding 1 time per week.



  • As many people asked us, will current chests remain? The answer is, historically chests generally remained, so we would recommend that you keep them, but history is not a guarantee for the future, so we will have to wait and see, but chances are high that they will remain.
  • Is there any chance in difficulty? No, I did not feel any change.


  • Do you like the new drops?
  • I assume everyone likes the change from daily to weekly, but in case you don’t please say why.
  • Do you like having a bit more Bound Balens but less Fashion Cores?

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  1. Actually, new chests are worse in terms of gold, BB and fashion stuff. I calculated the difference between 5.8 and pre-5.8 chests and got this: 4.46BB+4.95FS (new chest) vs 4.662+6.58FS (old chest). I converted cores to shards for convenience.
    So, weekly thing is good, but (silent) drop in reward is bad.

  2. I don’t get why they have shadow crystals in spire nm chests. I am not knighted yet but currently have loads of them, enough to last me a long time after I become knighted.

    • New system (adventurous voyage) will consume them, so there is some hope.

  3. what a surprise, they change some things and drops get lower than before, as if there havent been enough examples for this ? need some historical info ?

    fishing: 2 times now nickel dropped to nearly useless
    juwel: rewards lowered

    just to give 2 examples, so there will be more changes like this in future, with goal to change things to “better” but when u take closer look, they just wanna slow down free players and generally reduce any rewards

  4. any calculation for spire normal chest?

  5. Why no increase in Fashion Coresssssss?!?! Only 1?!?!?!
    Not only from 5xcent to 1xcent….but now it’s divided by 7 too!!!!!!
    main reason for Spire NM are fashion cores………..WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • What 1? It clearly shows Fashion Core x 7 on the report.

  6. I assume they changed there mind on the new drops?

  7. sadly you need to do spire every day, because it count for the daily devotion, and only jump in and out dont count:(

    • yes but could just do normal spire. Wouldnt take much long

  8. seems old chests stayed old

    • Yes they changed the design last minute so this report became invalid and I added the update paragraph in the article.
      – Cosmos

  9. It’s so good. tyvm for the work.

    • thank you 🙂

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