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[Patch 6.1] Teaser Screenshots of Wartune Changes

Hey DolyGames followers! Here we’ll present some pictures from upcoming to content in Wartune Patch 6.1. On Sept. 13, 2016 we’re cleared to release more details, guides, and videos of these new features, but until then, here are some screenshots to give you an idea of what’s to come!

(Click to enlarge any images)

Tons of new Eudaemon features, including sub-Eudaemons!

Sub-Eudaemon Awakening

New way to summon Eudaemons

Outland Contest II

Outland Adventure/Exploration

More Outland Adventure/Exploration

Tattoo engraving system

Luck Exchange event

Friends Button is back where it belongs!

Additional items to Devotion

Reorganizing the banner buttons

Left-side menu changed

Some of the nice editions to Adv. Guild Shop.

Cross-server Friends list

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  1. is it me or voyage been nerfed ?

    • 3/3 you can go up to 3 ports max, even with 5 ships I think

  2. Ya the max is 3 only reason for 5 ships is so u can do 2 while other 3 are in CD

  3. This looks like a decent update but depending on how they change battle formation and tattoo system it could really increase lag

  4. Wow, I’d like to know how many complaints they got about moving that friends button. Must have been a truckload because they fixed it.

  5. see that summon eudaemons will change, the shards we have now will change too? better Exchange all for eudaemons or keep ?

    • forgot the “keep the good work” 🙂

  6. Again and again we will need more and more balens to achieve things, rumors said that we will need even more than kh … that become madly unplayable game for free runners. And yes, devs are still brainless fuqers, no patch will change the status quo.

  7. Steel wars goes away too

  8. what are the tattoo enhancement details?

  9. It’s 13th of September in Australia now, time to publish details?

    More seriously, I can’t wait to find out what has changed and whether it is for the better or worse, probably a load of new stuff for spenders although hopefully that will be some of the existing stuff will become a lot easier to get. Hopefully you’ll give details of what we should be spending pre patch and those we should save for after the patch.

    • in japan its allreads 14th of september 🙂 just a lttile joke

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