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[Patch 5.8] The New Academy

Hey guys, in this article we show you the improvements in the Academy implemented in Wartune Patch 5.8.

Blessing Wheel removed / Stats Increased

At the bottom you will see the picture I prepared showing the removed Blessing Wheel. Some people may immediately say “but what about my 200% stats” – don’t worry, the Academy stats have been significantly increased.

Table of Academy Stats – Before and After

Shown below are stats per Academy (Basic and Advanced give same result, but Advanced Academy costs more), so for the total result you have to use these 2 times.

Note: the stats are for the max: level 80.

Before Before +200% Blessing After Difference vs. 200%
Gold Production +4800 +14400 +19200 +4800
Hero PATK +960 +2880 +3840 +960
Hero MATK +960 +2880 +3840 +960
Hero PDEF +640 +1920 +2560 +640
Hero MDEF +640 +1920 +2560 +640
Hero HP +1600 +4800 +6400 +1600
Troop Count +320 +960 +1280 +320
Troop HP +400 +1200 +1600 +400
Troop PATK +480 +1440 +1920 +480
Trrop MATK +480 +1440 +1920 +480
Troop PDEF +320 +960 +1280 +320
Trrop MDEF +320 +960 +1280 +320

Academy Changes Chart

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  1. The +200% bonus adds 200% stats to what is already there, so the second column of your chart should be x3 the first column, not x2.

    • I was looking at the Technology boost on the top of my account and these were the stats shown, so I took those, but I will try to check again tomorrow how much exactly it is adding, 100% or 200%.

  2. What is showing at the top is the base tech bonus of the regular tech added to the advanced tech, which gives the +1920 patk, etc. there is a separate icon that shows the +200% bonus, which gives +5760 patk, etc. I’m guessing that the new tech gives +3840 patk, etc. for both the regular and advanced tech, for a total of +7680 patk, etc.

    • Thanks Fea,
      I double checked on another account and I updated the table and chart.
      – Cosmos

  3. Advanced academy cost more ? What that means Cosmos please tell

    • As you should know from the game it costs more kyanite to upgrade Advanced Academy compared to Basic Academy.

      • I think he means does the upgrade kyanite costs for each level change in regular academy and advanced after the patch for say Hero PATK or Gold Production?

      • To my knowledge there is no difference related to kyanite cost, which is why i did not post anything about it.
        – Cosmos

  4. certo mas so plantar 1 semente por vez leva vc a ficar d++ logado so para nao perder ganhos devido a corvos/amigos isso nao mudaram trist.

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