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[Patch 5.8] New Eudaemon Blood Demon

Hey guys, in this post we share info about Blood Demon, which is a new Eudaemon added in Wartune Patch 5.8.

We will update this post later with more details, but here we share the basic info communicated by Proficient City (unlike the horrible R2Games who harasses and attacks our blog and game accounts and does everything to hide information from players)

Wartune Patch 5.8 has been released with the brand new Eudaemon: Blood Demon. Blood Demon is a magical Eudaemon that is not afraid to destroy its enemies. It has a high MATK but low PDEF and MDEF. One of its main skills can drain from its enemies! If you want to know more, stay tuned for the new version 5.8 on June 30th! <3 <3

[Skill Info]

Passive Skills

Bloodthirsty Nature: Chance to recover HP based on a certain percent of damage when launching a normal attack.

Bloody Tenacity: Boosts damage by a certain percent. (nice!)

Active Skills

Bloody Claw: Attacks a random enemy.

Splintering: Attacks an enemy in the back row.

Revenge: Attacks two random enemies.

Terracide: Attacks all enemies in the back row.

Blood Sacrifice: Increases own party’s attack by a certain percent for specific number of turns. (nice!)

Captive Dance: Attacks the whole enemy group and leeches according to a certain percentage.

Delphic Skills

Delphic Bloodbath: Attacks a random enemy, dealing huge damage. Meanwhile, recovers a large amount of HP. (nice!)

Delphic Nightmare: Attacks the whole enemy group and boosts damage targets receive by a certain percent for specific number of turns. (nice!)

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  1. Let’s hope it’ll be possible to get for eudaemon shards. Last three eudaemons are impossible to get by that method.

    • Most likely it will be casher only at first, for example via Recharging and later added to Exchanges.

  2. Why are we not able to summon the frost dwarf, panther or the flying rabbit with the mark shards? Correct me if I am wrong but wasn’t the panther and rabbit available by trading mark shards not too long ago? I can understand the dwarf not being available with mark shards since it is still fairly new.

    • I suppose it’s cause their strategy is that the bottom bunch of Eudaemons are for free players and the higher ups are for cashers. But to be fair one must also recognize that they added the higher ups into the 50 chest exchanges although hundreds of players via our Poll said that they do not waste chests on this.
      We don’t really see a major problem in this just because of that 50 chest exchange existing – if someone really really wants they can waste those chests, but remember that just getting a kid is not the end, he or she will require a huge investment to get them strong.
      – Cosmos

    • i got all of the eudamons currently available blood warrior,panther.and the flying rabbit through exchange …. most of them more than 4 times through exchange ..

  3. Personally I find most of these Eudaemons to be not worth it. I have at least one of each. I only really use my Oracle Mage as a primary and Wind Ranger for BI/DI. Otherwise there is no need to have these new ones. I say just invest everything into the one you will use the most and slowly increase any other as you need to. You should most likely get 9 each of the three types used for Patrols to lvl 4, War Emblem to lvl 4, one skill to lvl 3 and one equipment to Green. Sell all others for the War Emblems.

  4. Cosmos or ELI, one big question, will Empire Crusade work for extra atempt in mpd? or will not any more. or they will ask 7 for an extra attemp? since it will be a once a week mpd dungeon?

    • Hi, Empire Crusade has never had anything to do with Event or Weekly dungeons.

    • I think I get what you mean. You might be confused, MPDs are not going to be weekly. Things like Nirvana, Lych’s lair and those will still be daily dungeons.

      • ty OneAngryMofo

  5. You guys are awesome

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