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Wartune Patch 7.0 Blacksmith Changes

Hey everyone! In this post I share with you various changes I observed in Wartune’s Patch 7.0’s Blacksmith item synthesis related to various items and mounts.

Reminder: I have already published about the change of the Tanks Mount Shards synthesis mount – the new Demonic Civet versus the current Stormwind Mutant. If you have not seen that please refer to this article:

Wartune Patch 7.0 Modification of Mount of Tanks Mount Shards

Sylph Resource Pack removed

This item seems no longer will be available. This is not really a problem because this item was already very outdated.

Energy Crystal and Shard removed

Another one of those items will be removed:

Patch 7.0 Blacksmith changes – MOUNTS

Like I wrote above the Tanks mount has changed and so have some of the others:

Blacksmith mount Evil Unicorn Card

Looks like the Evil Unicorn is going to have an item change regarding the requirements for synthesis from Mount Spirits to Inferno Shards. Put down in the comments if you like this or not.

Blacksmith removed mounts: Netherwing Dragon

It looks like we will say goodbye to the +30 stat Netherwing Dragon. It was synthesizable for 800 Shadow Souls.

Blacksmith removed mounts: Mechanical Steed

It looks like we will say goodbye to the Mechanical Steed +50 Wartune mount. It was a temporary 7 days duration mount, synthesizable for 125 Shadow Souls.

Blacksmith removed mounts: Incubus Dragon

It looks like we will say goodbye to the Incubus Dragon +30 Wartune mount. It was a temporary 7 days duration mount, synthesizable for 500 Inferno Shards.

Blacksmith removed mounts: Majestic Stingray

It looks like we will say goodbye to the Majestic Stingray +30 Wartune mount (Wilds). It was synthesizable for 1200 Mystery Stone.

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  1. Why the unicorn? Man I fear one day they Will remove Ice Fang..

  2. Switching the inferno mount to a permanent one is a definite improvement, it means we can now get beast souls from it. We can still recycle ice fang to get beast souls from insignia so it isn’t like we are losing anything

  3. any changes on mounts darknight , royal steed , nightshade?

    seems strange that we have unicorn with another items and not the nightshade. and is strange too not have anymore the machanical and not a mount for use the our shadow souls?

    • I posted all the changes. Have nothing additional to add.

  4. it looks like they conform it a bit with the german wartune (demonslayer) blacksmith. we ´re not able to synth those cards from the beginning. but still there are so many differences like duration, some cards like incubus dragon card are permanent there. and so many cards in wartune have so much higher stats…

  5. Wonder what happens to the mystery stones then. I guess they just accumulate dust in inventory for the people who still bother to do the wilds kills 🙂

  6. so evil unicorn will be able to recycle for how much beast souls ?

    thx vm for the info ♥

    • oh sorry i got it wrong ,
      so evil unicorn will be temporary,30 days or 7 days ?

      • On which server are you?

  7. r2 fkers didnt remove incubus dragon, mechanical steed and majestic stingray mounts

  8. Incubus mount is still existing in blacksmith.

  9. Greedy Bastard R2!! They remove Evil unicorn and Demonic civet mount from the patch!!
    I will pray for you R2! I will pray so all of you (R2) will get burned for all eternity in hell

  10. And i exchanged all my shards to get incubus dragons and mechanical steed … And also removed evil unicorn forever .. well

  11. they have removed the changes we did get the changes in pre patch but now with full roll out it back to normal mostly they have removed evil unicorn hurricane steed and netherwing dragon

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