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[Patch 5.8] Adventurous Voyage Guide

Hey guys, in this article we share with you a full guide on Adventurous Voyage – a new feature of Wartune Patch 5.8.

Players can access Adventurous Voyage by clicking the Dock icon in the Farm:

Once you click on the Dock you arrive to the main window:

Adventurous Voyage Dock Guide

Here players can upgrade their ships (max level: 9) and increase ship quantity (up to 5 ships). Every player will get a ship at the beginning. They will then need Balens or Bound Balens to unlock the other 4 ships. Each player can obtain up to 5 ships.

Selecting a ship to sail:

Select a ship you want to send and click [Confirm], the required materials will be deducted. If you have more than one ship, you can send up to 3 of them on a voyage at one time. Each Haven only allows one ship to set sail for it.

Note: After completing a voyage, a ship will have to rest for 10 minutes before you can use the ship again.

Adding extra ships costs 2000 balens (bound balens = OK) for each additional ship:

Upgrading ships consumes 40 Nautical Coins (the currency of this feature). Upgrading a ship can reduce the amount of time a voyage takes (full table below). Every ship can be upgraded up to level 9.


Every player will get 100 free Energy every day. Energy resets daily at 00:00. Each voyage will consume 20 Energy. Players can use Balens or Bound Balens to purchase Energy. Each player can buy 100 Energy twice a day. Energy can be accumulated up to 300. It costs 200 balens to buy 100 energy, which can be done 2 times.

Blue Haven, Dawn Haven, Sky Haven: Different Havens have different requirements for voyages. Players should select the proper Haven to set sail.

Voyage Shop

Exchange Nautical Coins for items here. Nautical Coins can be obtained by completing a voyage. Players can use Nautical Coins to buy items in the Voyage Shop, 3 times a day. They can also refresh Voyage Shop items for free. After each free refresh, players will have to wait 4 hours until they can refresh again or they can spend a few Balens or Bound Balens to instantly refresh all items.

Setting Sail / Voyage / Harbor “quest” / costs and Nautical Coins

Starting a Voyage is not free. Once you click on one of the Harbors you will get a little window (examples shown below) where you can accept a certain “mission” or “offer” or “quest” to pay some resources in order to obtain Nautical Coins.

Icon Payment Nautical Coin gain
  500 Crypt Tokens 100
  400 Crypt Tokens 80
  300 Crypt Tokens 60
  200 Crypt Tokens 40
  100 Crypt Tokens 20
  1 million Kyanite 100
  800k Kyanite 80
  600k Kyanite 60
  400k Kyanite 40
  200k Kyanite 20
  30 x Level 9 Luck Stone 100
  25 x Level 9 Luck Stone 80
  20 x Level 9 Luck Stone 60
  15 x Level 9 Luck Stone 40
  10 x Level 9 Luck Stone 20
  10 x Level 5 HP Gem 100
  8 x Level 5 HP Gem 80
  6 x Level 5 HP Gem 60
  4 x Level 5 HP Gem 40
  2 x Level 5 HP Gem 20
  100x Dragon Essences 100
80x Dragon Essences 80
60x Dragon Essences 60
40x Dragon Essences 40
20x Dragon Essences 20
  10 x Level 3 Dark Resist Crystal 100
  8 x Level 3 Dark Resist Crystal 80
  6 x Level 3 Dark Resist Crystal 60
  4 x Level 3 Dark Resist Crystal 40
  2 x Level 3 Dark Resist Crystal 20
  500x Rose Hazel 100
  400x Rose Hazel 80
  300x Rose Hazel 60
  200x Rose Hazel 40
  100x Rose Hazel 20
  25x Eternal Heart 100
  20x Eternal Heart 80
  15x Eternal Heart 60
  10x Eternal Heart 40
  5x Eternal Heart 20
100x Golden Holy Water 100
80x Golden Holy Water 80
60x Golden Holy Water 60
40x Golden Holy Water 40
20x Golden Holy Water 20
  25 Magical Moonlight 100
  20 Magical Moonlight 80
  15 Magical Moonlight 60
  10 Magical Moonlight 40
  5 Magical Moonlight 20
  10 million gold 100
  8 million gold 80
  6 million gold 60
  4 million gold 40
  2 million gold 20
25x Beast Soul 100
20x Beast Soul 80
15x Beast Soul 60
10x Beast Soul 40
5x Beast Soul 20
35x Fate Stone 100
30x Fate Stone 80
25x Fate Stone 60
20x Fate Stone 40
15x Fate Stone 20
35x Bead of Influence 100
30x Bead of Influence 80
25x Bead of Influence 60
20x Bead of Influence 40
15x Bead of Influence 20
100x Shadow Crystal 100
80x Shadow Crystal 80
60x Shadow Crystal 60
40x Shadow Crystal 40
20x Shadow Crystal 20

If you’re not satisfied with current quest type, you may reject the deal. However, if you reject the deal, you must wait 20 minutes before the system randomly refreshes the quests.

Note: After rejecting a deal, you will not be able to use the refresh button to refresh the current quest. Balens or Bound Balens are needed to refresh a voyage quest. There are five types of quest qualities: white, green, blue, purple and orange (from low to high). Quests of better quality require more resources and offer more Nautical Coins after completion of the voyage. Refreshing quest qualities won’t change the required resource type.

Adventurous Voyage Dock costs

Note: the base sailing time is 1 hour without any upgrades.

  • Level 2: Sailing time reduced by 2 minutes
  • Level 3: Sailing time reduced by 6 minutes
  • Level 4: Sailing time reduced by 10 minutes
  • Level 5: Sailing time reduced by 14 minutes
  • Level 6: Sailing time reduced by 18 minutes
  • Level 7: Sailing time reduced by 22 minutes
  • Level 8: Sailing time reduced by 26 minutes
  • Level 9: Sailing time reduced by 30 minutes

Tiny Video of the Dock costs:

Proper Video by Elia on the Adventurous Voyage:

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  1. Of all materials that we have and do not need they really pick on resistance crystals, moonlights, Daru, kyanite, gems and others… The only viable options are dragon souls and crypt tokens.
    The shop does have a few items that might be worth getting like Compliment of God and Wraithstones, those aside is all just crap.

    I was honestly hoping just some simple shop to exchange items. I.e 100 soul crystals for 1 wraithstone, 100 dragon souls for 5 bead of influence/tenacity marks/fate stones.

    Yet again Wartune fails to deliver a good feature… Thumbs down on this feature already.

    Great job on delivering this info to us Mr. Cosmos, much appreciated.

    • Thanks OneAngryMofo 🙂
      Just small note, I did my best to collect as much info as possible and will add more, so the table is not 100% complete yet, so stay tuned for the updates also.
      – Cosmos

      • thx this seem cool can’t wait when sever comes back up again thx for the info for everyone 😉

      • i see wraithstones but no talentstones… is that correct ?

    • Just keep rejecting and coming back in 20 minutes until you get a favorable deal. Kyanite is also a viable payment since most of us have maxed out the useful things. It seems a bit tedious but the rewards are alright. Gift of God is hard to get with chest drop rates and event exchanges, so 600 coins for 20 is pretty good. Some of the other items are horrible deals, but if you haven’t upgrade all your sylph equipment, then it’s a pretty good deal to get gift of god, etc.

  2. Once again spenders are winners……

  3. most things to exchange are these the “normal” player still needs, noone with a little berain wil change 10lvl3 res crystals for coins if not all resis maxed out and have all crystals to change to every possible res that might be needed. a mor esimple way to “trade” things would have been ok:

    ie: old mount shards not useable right now into beast souls, soul crystals into useful stuff.

    sry like expected its just another fail on the way down to become useless game

  4. does anyone know the price of each item of sylphs fusion?(Nucleus of the sun and Flame of the Sun)

    • 30k balens

  5. Its pretty good deal to get rid few of stuffs that we dont need. E.g. daru,kynites, crypt tokens, dragon essence ,magical moonlight are in plenty after atoll event modification.
    But no need to buy other ships, as i can understand we get 100 energy thats 5 sails per day free. We give around 6 to 8 hrs to wartune each day. So can be easily done. Since we have 3 harbours we can definitely get quest we want to use stuffs that we dont need.☺

    By the way @cosmos u haven’t given us knight class overview, that u have promised.

  6. So much for a free to play game. Getting closer and closer to quitting. Keep adding more and cutting back on event rewards. This is suppose to be a game not a career. Wonder what they will take away this time that helps the average gamer to accommodate this addition?

  7. Playing a game 6-8 hours a day? Is that the average? Either you don’t sleep, work or have access to the Internet at work and don’t produce anything all day long….which can go on for awhile but sooner or later it’ll come back to bite you in the ass…. Lol

  8. so what we must do? we must never reject an offer? refresh increase the quality of quest?

  9. They have regular henna, we need a way to get the adv henna easier, should replace the regular with the advanced

  10. woohoo dragon essence….thk god i saved a few months ago…

    used to sell them by 9999

    but the reward looks sucky 🙁

  11. Hmm i accumulate cata tokens so dang fast got something worth while to burn on now and lvl 9 luck stones i get 5 per day every day during guild beast and have been just selling them. Seeing lots of edu stuff in there thats pretty sweet and the of god items are defo handy for me.

  12. Y there is no free drops of adv mahras in this patch or in game yet..

  13. Why would you buy 5 ships if there are only 3 havens?

  14. whats going on with the hp saids you cant buy hp in guildshop or next to your name in red circle with gold ..please do we need to buy lots and lots of hp from guild shop now ?

  15. On some entries with Gold icon, why some say daru and one them says gold? which is it gold or daru?

    • Gold, fixed, sorry, don’t know what went wrong there.

  16. 1 or 2 useful rewards to “buy” after doin a useless shiprun ? would be easier to give opportunity to xchange stuff once every 4 hours without doin ship runs. cause after this is nothing different: exchange things (after doin this shit)

    wonder what time they think ppl spend in wartune ? 12 hours ? 24 hours ?

    wake up r2 some of us have a life besides of wartune, and we have to work to earn money and sleep to even go to work, and now it comes to the point where even u will under stand:

    no work = no money to spend in timesink wartune.

    how about a revolutionairy patch ? fix bugs known for months, delete some useless tuff, improve all kinds of matching and most important: dont blow up the game to a 24/7 game and bring back a bit of fun.

    after spending about 300$ im out now cause life outside of wartune is more important to me than the game.

    to all the other lemmings here: have fun in the treatmill

  17. fook u r2 with this patch!!!!
    you never do something useful, only ruin and fail is your objective? GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!

  18. The list of items you can trade isn’t complete yet. You can add sc and ss and I’m many other things. I’d REALLY like to see a complete list of everything, so I could start selling useless stuff again.

    • We added all we could find. If you have a confirmation of another item send us a screenshot and we will add it.

  19. can get adv henna in the shop? I never saw one…

  20. thank you for all the great work ,,i have question did thy took wraithstone from the shop? it seems so easy to appear in the vidoe but i never saw it in the shop

    • they have done it already several times where they change something from the test server to the real servers after they see our articles / comments
      let’s just hope that they add them later on as the current options are not too interesting

      • i do agree ,,thank you again and i hope thy do add them back or add more intresting items in the shop

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