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[Patch 5.8] Bloody Inferno – Very Different

Hey guys, in this article we present to you the hugely different Bloody Inferno implemented in Wartune Patch 5.8.

Quick infos:

  • Bloody Inferno is now a weekly dungeon (like all other Event / Weekly), but this does not mean less rewards.
  • It has a totally different map (see below)
  • There is no dice but there are eggs and “chicken” (see below)
  • There is no walking and no 4 mobs; instead there is 1 mob per player and immediately enter to boss fight after you kill it.
  • There are many waves! We did not reach the end 🙂
  • Etc. (see below)

Wartune Patch 5.8 Bloody Inferno Map


As we informed you in the Patch 5.8 VIP Benefits article there is a hugely increased experience gain for VIPs and this includes Bloody Inferno. I was earning 2.2 million EXP per battle.

Egg Selection

You get to the egg selection after you kill the boss of each wave. You get 12 Eggs to pick from. Each player can guess only 1 time or as they call it “smash only 1 egg”. There are:

  • Gold Eggs (x4)
  • Silver Eggs (x3)
  • Bronze Eggs (x2)
  • Chick Eggs (x1)
  • Not smashed egg

Our Rewards per Wave

Wave Egg Gotten Gold /m Inferno Shard Forbidden Treasure Chest Shard Runestone
1 Gold Egg x4 reward 4 40 20 16
2 Silver Egg x3 reward 3 30 15 12
3 Gold Egg x4 reward 4 40 20 16
4 Silver Egg x3 reward 3 30 15 12
5 Gold Egg x4 reward 4 40 20 16
6 Silver Egg x3 reward 3 30 15 12
7 Gold Egg x4 reward 4 40 20 16
8 Silver Egg x3 reward 3 30 15 12
9 Gold Egg x4 reward 4 40 20 16
10 Gold Egg x4 reward 4 40 20 16
11 Bronze Egg x2 reward 2 20 10 8
12 Silver Egg x3 reward 3 30 15 12
13 Silver Egg x3 reward 3 30 15 12
14 Silver Egg x3 reward 3 30 15 12
15 Gold Egg x4 reward 4 40 20 16
16 Gold Egg x4 reward 4 40 20 16
17 Bronze Egg x2 reward 2 20 10 8
died 🙂
TOTAL 57 570 285 228


Commentary Video by Elia of our run

Dual Account No Sound video by Cosmos

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[Patch 5.8] OVERVIEW of ALL Wartune Changes

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  1. is this a prank?

  2. which was the strenght of your party? i’ll do party with 18-19m br for 4 players.

    • Well you can see in the videos we are around 5m BR each but the Test toons are not proper toons, they are weird and messed up, so a normal 5 mil – 6 mil with 4 people should be able to achieve what we did and probably pass it, but how far i cannot say.
      – Cosmos

      • ok ty. btw i’ve problems to see the videos in fullscreen, so i could not check well.

      • Normally everyone has the ability to click Watch on Youtube and maximize to full screen.
        – Cosmos

  3. nice job, cant wait to see what changed in DI

  4. erm so no more gold? we get shards for?

    • Erm, gold is the first column in the table – read properly 😛

      • erm…thx…:D

        hidden at first glance

  5. nice, if this is once per week, its arround 2x more gold in total, how much time it took? 20 mins?

    • our run was 36 minutes

      • So no time limit?

      • Maybe it kicks you out at some point, but as you see we did not have issues with that.

      • My guess 20 levels just like DI, so should be fun, 75m or so gold per week

  6. and of course DI tactics

  7. oi vcs deveriam ter mostrado o gold antes e depois do blood pra termos a noçao do ganho ne!!!

  8. Can you guys experiment if EXP scrolls work for this dungeon prior to the patch release? Thanks

    • As far as I remember, this MP Dungeon does not have Exp gain same with Dragon Invasion. They are MPs for reward gains and not Exp gains.

  9. all its 18 Round after 18 the bloody is kick us out

    • Thanks for confirming SJJB

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