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[Patch 5.8] All Other Changes

Hey guys, in this article we share with you all other changes of Wartune Patch 5.8 for which we don’t create a dedicated article. For dedicated 5.8 articles please see links below.

Wartune Patch 5.8 Major Changes


Hugely increased drops from certain chests but attempts reduced from daily to weekly:

[Patch 5.8] Diamond King Chest TOK NM

UPDATE: It seems they have changed the Patch 5.8 design to multiple chests vs. increased rewards inside 1 chest. “for TOK you get 35 chests for completing all 5 rounds, for Spire you get 168 chests for completing it. Amount inside chests have stayed the same in both instances.” (Thanks Rebecca)

[Patch 5.8] Spire Normal Chest

You can see the Spire Nightmare rewards / drop rates in our dedicated analysis article.

All event dungeons and weekly dungeons = weekly attempt.

Power of Healing removed

Another important thing is that all healing has been removed, so Power of Healing does not exist in Spirit Covenant anymore and there are no healing potions in the Guild Shop anymore! (Thanks Annabeth for the observation)


Increased EXP cap.
EXP cap has been raised from 800 million (800,000,000) to 2.4 billion (2,400,000,000).

Astral Refining

Astral attributes will be greatly improved after refining. Added a “One-click Refine” feature for players to refine Astral 10 times with a single click (it is now easier to increase in stats due to refine giving extra blessings).

Solo campaign

Solo campaign can be done in Hero mode up to 10 times compared to 3 times before. This is a significant increase in experience and items earned from that feature.

Special mounts

Added Special Mounts: Players can stand when riding them. (don’t have any additional info on this)

Sylph EXP Scroll obsolete

Locking tattoo attributes for balens

Patch 5.8 Anti lag changes

Damage numbers will appear with K (for thousand) hopefully reducing lag and helping readability:

Patch 5.8 Smaller changes

New “comfy” icons in town view:

Revamped Devotion (and added Archaeology and other items to it):

Devotion Rewards
100 500,000 gold and daru
150 Level 5 HP Gem and 10 Whips
200 20 Mahra and Sepulcrum
250 Active Eudaemon Skill Scroll x20 and Blood of Zeus x20
300 3 Fashion Cores and 100 Bound Balens


1 click finish Bounty Quests using best rewards for 165 balens (or bb):

Added more options for renewing inventory.

Before players could only renew their inventory for 30 days. Now they can renew their inventory for:

  • 30 days (1 month),
  • 90 days (3 months) or
  • 180 days (6 months).

Chests in dungeons auto-loot

In Patch 5.8 after you kill mini-bosses in dungeons you no longer get chests, but the rewards go directly to your inventory, so the manual clicking on chest is removed – auto collection basically.

Equipment rules related to Holy Forge

Now holy forging a piece of equipment is no longer subject to its enchantment level, and advancing Level 80 legendary equipment to mythic is no longer subject to the holy forge level.

VIP Tank Rewards

3 times more rewards from Tanks for VIP9 players:

VIP Players can get Imperial Seal weekly:

EXP boost for login:

Players will get 10% bonus EXP every day for logging in. This bonus EXP is not influenced by the EXP bonus from World Prosperity.

Little icons in battle:

Alchemy button removed from Town Hall:

Wilds Plunder

Players can no longer increase plunder attempts in the Wilds. See picture below:

AFK Mode Notification

For players of Level 20 and below, the AFK button will be grey, there will be a message to let players know when it will be available.


[Patch 5.8] OVERVIEW of ALL Wartune Changes

Please see our OVERVIEW article for the complete list of all Patch 5.8 articles we have published.

[Patch 5.8] OVERVIEW of ALL Wartune Changes

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  1. they increased spire chests rewards but now spire is weekly…

    • same with tok

    • all weelky runs now wtf

    • But they increase rewards x7 (for most), so this actualy reduce time needed for dailys in general

      • You’re right croxes and is better rewards now

      • But big loss of EXP earned with them, especially TOK NM with scrolls.

    • Mp run drop has decrease by a lot if u guys haven’t notice
      B4 I run nirvana nm u get 40 stones lv80 now u get 10

  2. that new buff and debuff icon will be annoying. same with those new “comfy” icons. that is going to drive people nuts

  3. they incrase the items in the tok and spire rwards time seven but its a weekly dungeon. in others words you dont loose andything.

    good changes

    • Yeah, the EXP you earn – unless they’re also increasing that by 7. We’ll see I guess.

  4. I think most will be happy about making event dungeons weekly. Will save alot of time in the game and that is a good thing.

  5. not much for good change everybody need Spire & Tok for daily best cuz after you get Knighthood class you need Exp and only place give more EXP is Tok NM (Using Exp Scroll added extra exp) & spire nm give more EXP than the normal spire. there reduce the EXP for not doing daily but in weekly same as Narrandera Remain, Tara Temple & Abandoned Altar all those dungeon give great amount EXP but only doing weekly isnt enough EXP.

    If those TOK & SPIRE remove from daily into weekly. What are we suppose to do in those daily day’s (MPD, Bloody Inferno & Dragon Invasion) all those only can do everyday but having 1 attempts but doesn’t give much EXP.

    • But also think that they increase the exp it gives so you even save time cause you only have to do once a week instead of wasting a good amount of time daily

  6. people were complaining of having to do spire daily and now they’re complaining that spire is weekly. No wonder r2 does not listen to us

  7. BI and DI are still daily?

    • All event dungeons and weekly dungeons = weekly attempt

      • have you tested BI and DI for the rewards? if they are also weekly i hope for mor erewards

      • even DI? hope the gold is x7 times too… and what about the EXP in TOK and spire? also 7x??

      • From what I heard EXP will be 7 times more also

      • and the gold and sylph shards?

  8. really nice changes this will help a lot on saving time cause spire nm can really take a long so doing it just once a week wont be that bad and also still same rewards so no bad side for that, also in devotion is it weekly or daily? cause i dont think is even possible to get that much devotion a day with those things and also in te video you forgot to scroll down on the first section, it only shows 7 of the 9 in that section

  9. Congrats to wartune team.

    Finally they are thinking in our time. It is hard to work everyday, attend family and keep wartune account on shape.

    Now giving 1 day to wartune to do the weekyly stuff and the daily are very quick mostly because of blitzing.

    This way at least 2 free hours every day except the day you do weeklys. The rewards increase is very nice, remember it is per chest. And its 7x more, so basically the same.

    Congrats again, hope all the next changes also think on saving time without nerfing rewards.

  10. Sadly I can’t do Tanks anymore since they dropped the early one for the useless Cross-server matching. Not waiting till 1am for frigg’in tanks!

  11. This daily EXP thing, does it automatically give EXP, meaning people camping can no longer do so? Or is it just 10% more to what you normally get like from MPD and such.

    • This may mean the end of camping indeed if it’s mandatory. And since I’m not into playing a weak, laggy 80er… bye bye Wartune. 🙂

  12. What about spire nm chest?

  13. doubt by shortening the dmg numbers with K will fix the issue of lag

    might as well have option to hide it since who keep track of the numbers except those who want to brag their damage 😀

    • It is not supposed to solve the entire problem but to help reduce the problem.

  14. hope tara temple and narendra become daily hahaha :p

    • All Event and Weekly are weekly attempt.

  15. Could you give us some info about spire nm chests drops?

  16. are the TOK shadows throwing knighthood skills or not?

    • can’t know that, TOK does not work the same way on Test

  17. does the empre crusade still works to add more ttemps for MPD?

  18. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    (extra wows removed)

    • don’t spam

  19. did you allready testet the rewards in DI or BI?

  20. you cant buy hp in guild shop no more ? or in the red circle next to your name with gold so whats going to happen when we need hp ?

    • we don’t need HP packs anymore.
      HP will be automatically restored to full (like power of healing) for everyone(even without spirit covenant)

  21. heard a rumour the dimension war is going away in this patch to .. can you confirm?

    • completely false rumour

      • but maybe we can blizt dimensions

  22. 100 bb every day? wow 😀

    • Nope…. it is next to impossible to get it more than 3x a week and that is with VIP9!

  23. i heard a rumor they are going to add new free mounts,is that true?

  24. а почему на картинке в королях падает 200-500кнутов а видео смотрел от космоса падают просто 35сундуков как и раньше до 80кнутов. сундуки можно не копить чтоли? я просто играю не на вартюне)

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