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Wartune Patch 7.5 Master OVERVIEW

Hi everyone! This is an overview for Wartune Patch 7.5 linking all the videos and articles showing and explaining all parts of it.

So here are the 2 lists, 1 for articles and 1 for videos:

Wartune Patch 7.5 Articles

Wartune Patch 7.5 Videos

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  1. too much video not enough words for us auditory/reader/writer learners

    • well maybe you can consider to support my work so that i can work more hours for you than i already do?

      • ppl will always want more than they get, sadly many take this for granted and don’t see the time and effort behind all of it. you guys are doing a great job and helping a lot of players, experienced or fairly new to the game, there are many of us out here that really appreicate the work, keep it up *cheers*

      • thank you for your kind words of appreciation of the work done
        i hope more players can consider to support so i can work more, but at present i am in trouble as it is
        thanks again for taking the time to comment
        – COSMOS

  2. Hi Cosmos, with the videos i miss your fear of losing and panic of forgetting things like the shied back then in the catacombs final eye boss. I guess when you have a high BR then the fear goes away i guess. Showcase more emotion in the videos like vulnerability in losing to bosses or in general. The master overview maybe to @anon likes reading i guess and yeah not all of us have internet to go to youtube so true so full in depth writers article would be nice with images of course

    • hi, yes you are right, i am an honest person so i do not wish to fake something, so that fear is not there because there is no place that can kill me, but i still value your feedback and try to put myself in dangerous situations if i can find them 🙂
      as for doing more work, as i mentioned, maybe people can consider supporting the work so that i can work more hours on top of the hours i already work

      • also i think at one point in catacombs you only could revive once without balens or something like that, so dying meant something. Now it just means you get to try again.

  3. ♥ thank you very much cosmos and elli , i don’t remember her name but she is lovely ♥
    ღ ღ ღ

    • hehe, thanks

  4. what lv on willpower vill i get if i join lv
    10 and 10 = lv 1
    11 and 10 = ?
    12 and 10 = lv 6
    12 and 11 = ?
    12 and 12 = ?

    • See the video I just posted to help answer:
      #Wartune Patch 7.5 – SEA WITCH Willpower Deeper Look, Combat & Tips: //
      12 and 11 gave 9

    • From what I can tell, if you match 2 level 10 eudas you would get a level 1 willpower. Each level of willpower take ~3k (gets higher the higher your level gets) BoZ for next level. So mixing a level 11 and a level 10 (what I did) gives you a level 3 willpower since it takes 8k BoZ to go from 10 to 11. My wife mixed a 12 and 10 and started with a level 7 I think it was.

  5. Hi there, thanks for all the vídeos already watched them all, but i have a question and didnt see nothing about it, since blood inferno is going to be takes out of the game what will happen with Incubus mount? Thanks for all your info

  6. funny cosmos this used to be a free webpage now there is less to post as everyone is already maxed out but now all you talk about is people paying you really? what for? all the useless posts not related to anything? or maybe all the posts with useless old info? or is it because now you are not a free player like you used to be you need to fund that? and your not even the one doing all the posts heres a thought stop all the rubbish and have more time there you go problem sorted oh and if you want paying for something maybe make it worth paying for and not just pretent you are doing everyone a favour.

    • Dear misinformed person,
      1) If you do not value or appreciate all the work that I do why are you here and why are you commenting?
      2) A ton of information both as articles and videos related to a brand new Wartune Patch 7.5 is “useless posts”? Any normal person knows that this is good work and valuable for players so then why would someone like you try to trash this work and the appreciation of other players? Sounds like you have a different agenda, perhaps a hate spreading agenda or being employed by certain people to post trash on honest people. Whichever the case it is, I know that you know that what you are doing is wrong, so you are taking actions against your own heart and soul, which is only damaging yourself.
      3) Nobody at all is forcing you to support me. If you don’t care that I am a human being who has to live and pay all the costs of running this project and spend many hours in creating all the content for everyone, then this negativity is all on you.
      4) “you are not even the one doing all the posts” – then who is doing all the posts, a magic fairy? or the goblins living in your bathroom?
      The extent to which you are misinformed and uneducated is astounding. Insulting honest people when you have no idea what you are talking about or are filled with hatred is very lame. There is literally not 1 correct sentence in your posts.
      God help you…
      Try to find back the path to your heart
      – COSMOS

  7. Those videos are total waste of time and not helping so you should just focus other things. Otherwise nice work, keep it going.

    • Thousands of people very much appreciate the videos, but you are welcome to have your own opinion.

  8. With patch 7.5 coming out, the game doesn’t run at all on my mac anymore. Can anyone help? It used to run perfectly fine, no lag or anything, but it hasn’t worked since this morning. Please try to help me.


  9. Dear COSMOS and the hard-working Doly Games Team,

    First, and foremost, you guys are awesome and quite famous over at my server conglomerate. Thanks for everything you do and know that you are greatly appreciated.
    I started playing Wartune 5 years ago, about 3 months after its launch and have played diligently ever since. My first two years I played for free, but realized that I could get more from the experience by paying for VIP and recharging modest amounts week-to-week. It has paid off on some levels, but in other ways it has led to serious frustration, which is why I am messaging you in this latest patch overview.
    With the new release of the two initial Willpowers, I rode the fence as to whether I should wait it out and be patient and unlock a Willpower when I accumulated the needed Demonic Blood and Memory Crystals, or if I should instead spend a little to unlock a Willpower sooner rather than later. I chose to bite the bullet and pay up to get the new Angel of Light.
    I won’t go into specifics about how much I ended up spending. I do know that with the special Summer Rave event, there was a specific recharge and purchase package that made the process much easier and quicker than if I waited. That all said, it was a good chunk of cash that quite clearly could have gone to other leisure expenses rather than Wartune. But, I made the decision to invest in Wartune and now I’m quite disappointed.
    Here is the thing, after unlocking the Angel of Light, I quickly raised it to level 6. Man, does this thing look cool, and there’s nothing better than having this giant, badass angel follow you around the game, however, this is where the excitement ends! How sad! In every dungeon, arena, and battle sequence, the Willpower DOES NOT appear!!! I’m so disappointed with Wartune and Proficient City. I filed several tickets and went through two recent maintenance down-times, one of which to address the very issue I’m expressing here, and still no Willpower! I get a shadow for about 10-15 seconds that goes away and all that remains is its green health bar. What a joke. I invested in the product which is in large part a visual experience, not a blank spot behind my toon that does a couple of attacks sans animation throughout a combat.
    The BUG department replied a couple of times ultimately telling me that the issue was fixed. I was incensed by their erroneous assertion and replied promptly with additional images proving to the contrary.
    After submitting yet another ticket but to a different department, I am hopefully getting another person to work on this.
    All this said, I am curious if you have had similar reports on the test server for this particular Willpower? Again, the skin for the Angel of Light is the one for the level 6 upgrade.
    Last–yes, this story has more issues–the Willpower’s rage does not charge after the recent 7.5 patch. I noticed that after several battles I was unable to use it’s delphic skill so I started to watch the rage for the Willpower carefully. What I have found is the rage meter simply does not charge. Again, incensed, especially due to the other problem I stated, I switched to a different eudaemon to see if its rage filled. Indeed it did, without a problem. From there, when I went back to the Willpower, it was loading fine and I was relieved. However, my relief ended promptly when I found that if I did not use the Willpower’s delphic skill, the rage meter would drop back to zero and never refill again!
    Boy, what a mess these last two patches have been.
    I am very disappointed with Wartune and what Proficient City has provided for my hard earned money. I can’t believe that they would offer something sub-par and then fail to address the issue with heartfelt desire to repair their errors. Instead, what I repeatedly find with them is they apologize, tell me thanks, and then essentially drop the matter without any support or follow-up. Additionally, they have a tendency to blame the players and their devices, computers, and internet connections rather than take VERY seriously the submitted complaints and throw their greatest resource at improving their service. The game’s longevity hinges on that sort of commitment and the onus is upon them, not the players, or individuals like yourself, to build their product. The product should speak for itself, not come out as a shoddy, half-baked, bug-ridden mess that will take months, if ever, to fix. I want my money’s worth, not lemons, but my confidence has taken a massive hit with this latest series of gaffs on their part and I’m starting to look elsewhere in the video gaming world for my leisure pursuits.
    What are your thoughts on this? Do you have any advice on how best to get the service I have paid for, or do you think that I am damned to victim status without recompense on the part of Proficient City?
    Thanks, COSMOS! You’re the best sneak-peak and game-play provider for Wartune, and it’s greatly appreciated.
    All the best!

    • Hi Sigil,
      That was a long comment to read 🙂
      Thanks for your kind words.
      I’ll try to answer your various points / questions in no particular order:
      – Firstly to be clear i have no affiliation with these companies. On the contrary they often attack me instead of supporting and thanking me for all the marketing/promotion work that i have done which they profit from.
      – Wartune’s customer support is famous for being shiit unfortunately. Many players including ourselves have had lots of problems with them.
      – Since you are a casher it should be relatively easy for you to upgrade him from level 6 higher. Maybe there is some problem at level 6.
      – It is true actually that a lot of problems are also coming from players. So you can try to eliminate these: clear cache, try a different computer, try a different CLEAN browser (try Nitro or Opera).
      – Regarding all the bugs that they have due to crappy job that they perform and when they hurry install patches without testing – this is unfortunately very common behavior of theirs and there is no evidence that it will change. We can only hope that they address bugs sometime. Sometimes they do, but not always. For example today’s Emergency Maintenance that was supposed to fix various issues did not fix it fully even though they announced that it did.
      – I think you made a mistake with the Angel, but, on the other hand, if it gives you pleasure to rock on with his nice looks, then why not 🙂
      – No, i did not hear about this problem and did not have this myself.
      – What you can do is follow your tickets, demand compensation for the time you wasted on tickets and all the frustration they created for you, then at least hopefully you get some more items. Upgrade your Angel as i said, possibly at max level there is no issue.
      If i missed something let me know,
      – COSMOS
      Finally, if you like my work then become a Patron to support, I need all the help i can get.

      • Hey!
        Sorry for the long post, yes, I realize I went into great detail, but I’m quite focused on this at the moment so I tend to pour my heart into it.
        Anyway, it seems that you agree with all of my points.
        I will look into being a patron for your channel. I would like to help you. Maybe instead of giving Wartune my allotted cash for this month’s leisure activities, I’ll give it to you instead.
        So the Angel is no good? Oh, no!!!
        My reasoning was to put more pressure on Mages, my nemesis class in this game, by throwing all the PATK I could at them.
        Which Willpower do you recommend for knights?
        I was going to wait before upgrading to level 7 and beyond with the Angel of Light as a form of protest until they actually fixed the bug, but alas, that may be a fruitless endeavor.
        Anyway, thanks for all the hard work you do. It is indeed greatly appreciated.
        All the best to you, COSMOS!

      • Hi Sigil,
        Thanks in advance if you decide to support.
        Regarding your question on Angel: I personally prefer to make calculated decision, however, I do recognize that there is pleasure in looking at stuff too, so if the Angel really pleases you, well, this is a game, so enjoy it with the Angel 🙂 otherwise, nobody is afraid of “kids”, as you may know they often die fast. Sure, Willpower die a bit less fast, but they still die. Thus the question is what exactly one wants the Eud/Will to do for one before it dies? Once the purpose is understood then the correct selection is easy. For example some players prefer Oracles’s heal or dmg buff while others prefer intercept and increased damage absorption from Knight. Similar logics apply for Willpower. Each has specific support abilities or no support abilities at all. For example Angel is just an attacker, although I doubt anyone is afraid of him 🙂
        Right now it seems that the Witch may be overpowered with 5 heals. Thus I expect many player complaints and a nerf action as a consequence. So sometimes it pays to wait also. But until then I do foresee a lot of top players taking the Witch and Temple becoming a nightmare for many players.
        – COSMOS


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