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[Patch 5.8] Farm Yields and Changes

Hey guys, in this article we go over the changes in the Farm implemented in Wartune Patch 5.8.

New Farm Shop items and interface

New Items to buy and bigger returns:

Item Cost (gold) Time /hr Yield*
Level 1 EXP seed 500 1 84,000
Level 1 Kyanite seed 500 1 12,000
Level 1 Gold seed 500 1 60,000
Level 1 Daru seed 500 1 36,000
Level 1 Insignia seed 500 12 50
Level 2 EXP seed 2,000 4 280,000
Level 2 Kyanite seed 2,000 4 40,000
Level 2 Gold seed 2,000 4 200,000
Level 2 Daru seed 2,000 4 120,000
Level 2 Insignia seed 2,000 12 75
Level 3 EXP seed 10,000 12 700,000
Level 3 Kyanite seed 10,000 12 100,000
Level 3 Gold seed 10,000 12 500,000
Level 3 Daru seed 10,000 12 300,000
Level 3 Insignia seed 10,000 12 100
Blue Magic Grass 20,000 4 10
Green Magic Grass 20,000 4 10
Red Magic Grass 20,000 4 10
Fresh Grass 20,000 4 20 Fresh Forage
Dairy Cow 200,000 8 150 Milk
Silka Deer 200,000 8 30 Milk
Goat 200,000 8 30 Milk
White Horse 200,000 8 30 Milk

*without theft

New Interface:

Multiple Kyanite Seeds

In the new Farm of Patch 5.8 you can plant a whole farm of Kyanite seeds:

Tree of Ancients Harvesting

I did on 2 accounts, I received:

  • 2x Level 5 Gold seed (12 hours / 1 million gold yield)
  • 2x Level 5 Insignia seed (12 hours / 200 insignia yield)

Collect All

Collect All button in the Farm, a benefit of Spirit Covenant, now immediately harvests all crops instead of doing them slowly 1 by 1. This is a really good improvement.

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[Patch 5.8] OVERVIEW of ALL Wartune Changes

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  1. Do the animals still sell for their original purchase price? i.e. 200,000 gold

    I buy deer with all my spare gold and sell them as when forge event comes around. Would hate to see a stack of deer become worthless if the sell price changes.

    • Yes they still sell for 200,000 gold

  2. Finally!!! A good change from Wartune. The ability to use gold instead of balens, and the increased yield, is really good. I’ll start planting again.

  3. Curious; do the other animals still give out hooves, horns, etc.? It just says milk as rewards.

  4. I did not really get this….

    What about the Workshop stuff?

    As far as it seems by screenshot there only was an increase on rewards/gain….but did anything else (except 1collect) got changed??? sorry my stupid question 🙁

    • As far as we can tell there is no change in the animal part so why we did not mention about it.

  5. So spirit of convent not needed for one click collect after patch?

    • Where did you get that?

  6. oi doly no lol/br tem a muito tempo gold/12hrs estranho so agora por aqui mas e bem vindo isso.uma duvida como conseguir gemas eudaemons pois este foi tirada so conseguir de maneira cash?

  7. just one question plz
    can we plant a whole farm of lvl 3 plant ? plz let me know

  8. Hi Doly, i’ve puched my farm to level 70 and looking to hit level 75 soon, just wondering is there any lvl 4 crops that get added once my farm gets to a higher level?

    • hi, no, usually what most of us plant is the level 3 Insignia seed so that’s what i suggest to you also
      and if you are active then during active hours you can plant the 3 hour grass and stuff to keep the animals / workshop going, but certainly before logging out the level 3 Insignia seed is good to do
      cheers, Cosmos

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