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[Patch 6.3] OVERVIEW of ALL Wartune Changes

Hey guys, in this summary / overview article you will find all the information relating to Wartune Patch 6.3. Enjoy, like, share and thanks in advance to all those who support us.

Wartune Patch 6.3 Dedicated Articles, Guides & Analysis

Link [Patch 6.3] More Knighthood Titans Added
Link [Patch 6.3] Magic Square Guide
Link [Patch 6.3] Magic Square Strategy and Tips
Link [Patch 6.3] Rider’s Box Guide
Link [Patch 6.3] Astral Elevation Guide
Link [Patch 6.3] Road to Glory Guide
Link [Patch 6.3] VIP Wheel and Gifts Update
Link [Patch 6.3] Titan Animation and Energize
Link [Patch 6.3] Happy Bingo Guide
Link [Patch 6.3] Ares War Guide
Link [Patch 6.3] Athena’s War Guide
Link [Patch 6.3] Imperial War Guide
Link [Patch 6.3] Titan Temple Guide

[Patch 6.3] All Other Changes

  • [new] Raised the cap of Wedding Ring to 29.
  • [new] Added 2 titles for Marriage Satisfaction.
  • [new] Buildings will now automatically level up with character – gold or manual building is no longer needed.
  • [new] Added more items to the Venus Shop. (we were not able to confirm this so far)
  • [new/Transition] Athena’s War has replaced Titan War and will unlock every Thursday at 20:00
  • [new/Transition] Ares War has replaced the Class Wars and will unlock every Friday at 20:00
  • [new/Transition] Imperial War has replaced Guild Battle and Cross-server Guild Battle and will unlock every Saturday at 20:00. The distribution of Guild Treasure Chests will soon be disabled.
  • [new/Transition] Remaining Guild Treasure Chests will be given to the Guild Leader.
  • [new/Transition] Road to Glory has replaced the old solo arena and is available to Lvl. 16+ players.
  • [new/Transition] Magic Square has replaced the Tower of Kings and is available to Lvl. 38+ players.
  • [new/Transition] Removed Chaos War.
  • [Bug Fixes] Fixed a range of bugs / issues in Fishing, Cross server matching, Title display, BI tick box, Friends’ list to work correct with spouse, Sub-Eudaemon missing data, and other various.

Patch 6.3 Videos (incl. used in articles)

We have lots of videos of the new patch content as well! (links open in a new window)

Link Wartune Patch 6.3 – Titan Animation & Energize
Link Wartune Patch 6.3 – New Titans & Road to Glory
Link Wartune Patch 6.3 – Astral Elevation Guide & Introduction
Link Wartune Patch 6.3 – Rider’s Box
Link Wartune Gameplay Magic Square Dual Screen (Patch 6.3)
Link Wartune VIP Wheel Items Patch 6.3

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In the coming days / weeks we will update any missing info and add any remaining articles on Wartune Patch 6.3 (if you have feedback email us via the contact form).

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  1. The more items to venus shop is an extra tab with furniture

  2. Does any1 know where to use exp scroll now since tok is gone?
    Before u can get lots of Eco from tok n now I don’t know where to get it?
    Meaning like 60 mill exp every stage of tok.
    Not those crap e p in narrA or mod

    Thank you

    • If you have free blitz or wait if you finish the last level in campaign its good exp blitzing could get 500M exp if high enough vip level

  3. I was okay till I got email about glory crystals then discovered there was no shop for ’em and that was a hefty amount. At least I got some Guild Treasure Chests for Guild Leader. Like all changes these will take some serious getting use to.

  4. Does anyone if tatto gifts will return?

    This patch is a total disgrace by the way all overpriced, and waste of time

  5. This game is going downhill fast. I may quit playing altogether and I spend money every month here but this new patch is a joke.
    Just made to spend more money and totally unfair to free players
    It is no longer any fun and I am very angry about it

    • just to share: while it is true that cashers are significantly ahead, free players do get more free rewards over time as well (of course remaining behind cashers which is “fair”)

      • I can understand free players cannot be at the same level than cashers cosmos , but some events like titan city are just ridiculously strong for a lot of players, is almost impossible to win in the first round, in my server, kabam 19 europe the exodus has been incredible just because they just made this game boring and unplayable , there is no fun on trying to do a run over and over again with no reward

    • the rewards are a joke too. get hardly anything from the events. spend an hour doing the new titan war. got 200 points. which gets me ONE lvl 2 will crystal

    • It has become a parody of what it once was i agree with you ksh

  6. Hey Cosmo, I have done some heavy research 9m some of thee things in the game and would like to share it with u so others can benefit from it. What would be the best way to get you the info. Ty for your time.

    • hey buddy, i think email is best (cosmos at dolygames dot com)

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