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[Patch 6.3] Rider’s Box Guide

Wartune Patch 6.3 is coming out on Dec. 8th, 2016 and we’ll see a new mini-game called Rider’s Box! Similar in nature to Clothing Box, which we’ve seen since Patch 6.1, but for mount-related items.

Rider’s Chest

  • Drawing a Rider’s Chest 1 time for 400 Balens or Bound Balens or 10 times for 4000 Balens or Bound Balens.
  • Guaranteed Drop: Mount Training Whip x10. Plus one of the following:┬áMount Training Whip x10~50, Mount Hoof x10~50, Beast Soul x10~50, Mount Card x1 (randomized).
  • Players can buy Rider’s Chest up to 20 times a day. Players can buy 10 at a time to guarantee a random mount (among the 10 drops, not in addition to). Purchase attempts reset at midnight daily.
    • Elia note: though you’re guaranteed a random mount card, temporary mounts that last only 7 days are possible and probably very likely.

Example Drops

The x10 guaranteed mount whips for each draw aren’t displayed, but you do receive them.

Rider’s Chest II

  • Drawing Rider’s Chest II 1 time requires 2000 Balens (cannot use Bound Balens).
  • Randomly receive 6 items. Possible drops: Mount Training Whip x10~50, Mount Hoof x10~50, Beast Soul x10~50, Mount Card x1 from the 3 mounts listed in Hot Items Today.
  • Players can buy Rider’s Chest II up to 3 times a day. Purchase attempts and Hot Items Today reset at midnight daily.

Example Drops


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  1. how to play wartune doly games

    • gave me link plss

      • Wartune (dot) com or any other server host like R2 or kabam… I play r2.

  2. Looks like a waste of balens like Clothing Box. If you are like me and have all the Mount Shop Mounts this is a waste as most of what is get is garbage compared to the cost in balens.

  3. u sure its bound balens for riders as clothing u cant use bb for 10x 4k

  4. wartune is anything to make a PROFIT FOR THEM they dont care about those who really like to play the game now they have taken the mounts and such away from the free players lol but then they want us to vote for them for game of the year the only vote i would give them is for JOKE OF THE YEAR

    • hi there, on their defense they do need to make a profit in order to continue operating and paying all their costs so it is their responsibility to do that
      and they did offer the Mount Shop and a free way to earn Beast Souls so that also free players can get mounts (of course a lot less and a lot weaker than cashers but that is normal)
      – Cosmos

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