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[Patch 6.3] Magic Square Guide

Hey guys, in this article we share the new Magic Square of Wartune Patch 6.3 which replaces the existing Tower of Kings weekly dungeon.

Dungeon Info

  • This is a weekly dungeon replacing TOK = 1 run per week
  • You have 15 minutes to complete Magic Square.
  • In TOK strong people could solo or 2-team but Magic Square is both an issue of strength and the need to fight multiple enemies in different squares, so simply because of window loading 1 player cannot perform as well as a full team of 4, but if needed 1 player can also go a decent length.
  • As on the picture the levels are from level 38 to level 80
  • There are no opening/closing hours. This dungeon can be done anytime.
  • Important: You will not receive any reward if you quit midway. If you’re disconnected and do not re-login within a fair amount of time you will not receive any reward.

Main Interface

The Main 25 Squares

On each there is a Monster. If you kill it the square will become blue lit. Clearing 4 or more squares in any straight direction clears them and earns you points – this is the key and very important to understand for max points. Once cleared new monsters will appear on those squares with 1 level higher strength (each level higher is a lot more difficult, it is not like a normal mob level that we are used to).

Monsters are always just 2 “guys” in just 1 battle/wave. Their look changes but it is always the 2 of them:

Power ups and Chests on Squares

As you play power ups or extra chests can appear on the main game screen. In order to “pick them up” you need to wipe clear the area that the item is on using a minimum of 4 squares line. So just killing the mob on that square will not win you the item – it has to be a wipe / reset of squares.

When do they appear?

After the event is initiated 1 power up or chest will randomly appear on a square every 60 seconds. There is 60% chance for a power up to appear and 40% for a chest to appear. Each square can only hold one item. Lit squares and squares that have a triggered ongoing battle will not have items on them.

Right side record

The power ups will go to the right part of the Magic Square interface and the chest will just be awarded to you and the number of extra chests will also be visible on the right side.

The power ups are:

  • Fire Power: Increases damage dealt by all party members by 100%. Lasts 1 minute.
  • Water Power: Points earned increase by 50%. Lasts 1 minute.
  • Wind Power: +400 points

Points & the Left Side

All the points you earn are recorded in the vertical blue bar on the left side. You have 5 milestones there at points 5000, 8000, 12000, 18000 and 24000; reaching any milestone awards you 7 chests (so total is 7 x 5 = 35 from the left side; remember you can also earn additional chests from the main interface pickup)

  • 1 square = 100 base points
  • so the minimum required 4 squares = 400 base points
  • any additional square above 4 earns you 25 extra points, so 5 in a line = 425 points
  • you also get additional 15 points for every level up monster, so zero for the level 1s but then 15 more points for killing a level 2, then 15 more for level 3, etc.

Examples of points earned:


At the end of the dungeon I received 30 mil EXP (without scrolls i believe).

Magic Chest

The chest reward in this dungeon is the Magic Chest:

Icon =

Contents =

We will prepare in a separate article an analysis on this chest, but my initial impression is negative compared to TOK rewards.

Video: (Elia with Commentary) Magic Square (Patch 6.3)

Being prepared

Video (COSMOS x 2): Wartune Gameplay Magic Square Dual Screen (Patch 6.3)

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  1. Someone must be fighting in the 5th square before the 4th square is lit up, correct?

    My thought: Kill 3 squares on each edge, and then when each edge has 3 squares lit, all 4 start fights on the 4 corners. That equals 16 squares per clear. Would that work?

    • if i understood you correctly – no, because the moment 1 of the 4 finish the battle then “his” 4 will clear straight away

      • But then how does a cross not clear when the 4th square is lit?

      • Oh, I see the flaw… bummer. No matter what, 9 squares is the most.

      • if vertical lines count then I don’t see why we can’t do 16 squares, biggest line before clearing center would only be 3

      • hehehe nice try 😛 can’t do that because the moment you start any of the middle squares 5 line clearing would reset 5 boxes

      • here is the max points you can get
        each clear.17 squares for 3,975 points. I’ve jgs showing what it looks like if you wont them.
        you start with the center of each side and pick 2 squares into to the center. than from each corner 2 more squares into the center. you should have the center of the 5 by 5 square open still and pick it now to get max clear points.

  2. Let me break it down to pros & Cons.
    Pros: 1. I like the strategy and innovation of magic square
    Cons:1.Rewards worse than the original TOK (nm)
    2.Time limited (and more time consuming than TOK)
    3.They could have just added this instead of removing old tok
    4.Outdated rewards like Soul crystal instead of guaranteed Whips

  3. at the minmium we gotta teach cosmo the art of alt tabbing so he faster in fights, then again using linux and binding keys to workspace swapping made double toon running a lot easier for me

    • hehehe
      there is a reason i don’t use Alt Tab when recording – 1 wrong move and a personal window could pop up on the screen 🙂 that’s a big no-no 😛

  4. Is it possible to clear squares starting from the N, S, W, and E corners of the playing field, leaving the center square for the end? The Magic Square description says “Light up 4 squares in a line (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) and the monsters will refresh.” If so, you might be able clear 17 squares at a time.

    Thanks for the video Dolygames Team! Looking forward to future content.

    • image visual: //

    • Yes I tried this and it’s the best way to go. I’m going to record something on the point values and the best practices for magic square

      • Hi Elia, i gave an email to you guys but i haven’t gotten an answer yet

      • Did you send it to Cosmos or me? Cosmos is very busy right now, so I imagine he can’t answer right now.

      • hey buddy i don’t think i have your email, so please let us know where did you send it or send it again (my email is cosmos at dolygames dot com)

  5. really nice cosmos and ellia u have starting posting videos they are really helpfull than reading posts plz crank up all the videos before 3 days of the patch release so we can be prepared ty guys for all ur hard work.

    • Working on them 🙂

  6. and guys plz do a commentary video to explain to us.

  7. nice video :)))) thanks alot

  8. I also wanted to add that I am grateful that you chose to release the write up for Magic Square first. It is the biggest change in the new patch, and probably the least straightforward, in terms of gameplay.

  9. Sooo, in order for a line to “clear”, there must 4 in a row TOUCHING each other.

    So, make 2 X’s on the board, and then clear the center for 17 squares total.

  10. Based on what I’ve read, clearing 17 squares 8 times plus a 4 square clear with some L9 mobs gets you to 24K points. That’s 35 fights per person in 15 minutes. Hope you AND your team don’t d/c or ever need to refresh.

  11. After getting to play Magic Squares yesterday, I found out that the strategy is much easier than anticipated. There are 4 lines that cross the center square. Divvied up, in any way, I would suggest give each person a line (pics at link below). When the board is filled as shown in the other picture below, then someone can kill the center square. If someone kills the center square while anyone else is fighting, then the board is screwed (not completely). Just go back and light up the missing squares to make it look right. –> (Cosmos Edit:) ERROR: VinniBoD’s images are not publicly available.

    • It did this yesterday evening for some reason too. Even though all of them are set to public.

      Try again.

  12. You can easily clear 17 squares with 4 people with the right pattern of an + and x .. My team cleared it with just over 30k in points and earned 38 chests.

  13. What about EXP?! For those of us not yet maxed out, TOK NM is a massive source for EXP. What kind of EXP does this event give, if any?

    • you can see the exact EXP end of the video, i got 30 mil there

      • Thanks. Could you include that in the description? I rarely watch the videos, just scan the info you put up here. I do appreciate the hard work and effort.

      • Thanks, added 1 line in the article

  14. Stupid waste of time event.

  15. only 30mil exp….

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