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[Patch 6.3] More Knighthood Titans Added

Hey guys, in Wartune Patch 6.3 more KH Titans are added bringing the total to 12 Titans. The new Titans are:

  • Just Titan – Party HP and Max HP by 50% for 3 turns (see formula below)
  • Ocean Titan – Party Resistance +200%
  • Revenge Titan – Decreases damage received by entire party by 50% for 1 turn
  • Dark Titan – Amnesia on enemy party to forget 3 skills for 2 turns
  • Time Titan – Removes any debuffs from party and also removes all buffs from enemy party
Just Titan Ocean Titan Revenge Titan Dark Titan Time Titan
Max HP up 50% RES +200% * DMG reduce 50% Amnesia 3 skills Purify + Scatter
PATK +100
MATK +100
PDEF +500
MDEF +500
HP +500
Training Level Cap +10
PATK +100
MATK +100
PDEF +100
MDEF +100
HP +2500
Training Level Cap +10
PATK +100
MATK +100
PDEF +500
MDEF +500
HP +500
Training Level Cap +15
PATK +500
MATK +500
PDEF +100
MDEF +100
HP +500
Training Level Cap +15
PATK +100
MATK +100
PDEF +500
MDEF +500
HP +500
Training Level Cap +15
Skill Name: Just Road Skill Name: Ocean Blessing Skill Name: Vengeful Power Skill Name: Dark Heart Skill Name: Reverse Time

Additional Notes

Ocean Titan Stack Ability

The effects of Ocean Blessing can stack up to 800%, i.e. 4 player team each with same setup casting at same time 4 x Titan Skill = 4 x 200% = 800%.

Just Titan Health Calculation

The system works similar to other temp-HP-increasing skills. After the 3 turns your HP drops and the formula for calculating it is:

Character’s Resulting HP = [ HP before the effect ends / ( HP before casting the skill x 150% ) ] × HP before casting the skill

Formula Calculation Example:

  • 4 million HP casts Just Road adding 50% or 2 million more = new HP 6 million
  • in next turns he gets damaged by 1 million and the Titan expires when he had 5 million HP
  • then the final HP is: [ 5 mil / ( 4 mil x 150% ) ] x 4 mil = 3.33 mil HP
  • so basically instead of losing 1 million damage you lose 670k

Reference Pics

Just Titan

Ocean Titan

Revenge Titan

Dark Titan

Time Titan


Obtaining Titans

It’s likely we’ll see Titan Seal Cards for these new additions in spender events, but there is also a way for free players to obtain them through the Titan Animation system.

[post about Titan Animation on the way]


The first portion of this video looks at these Titans and uses them in a new solo arena event, Road to Glory. I (Elia) am incorrect when I say the Titans can only be obtained through spender events. Free players can work toward them through the new Titan Animation system.

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  1. Does this mean you’re going to start posting other patch 6.3 information now? I have so many questions about Magic Square.

    • Yes since they cheated us then I think we are free to post; we are working as fast as we can
      – Cosmos

      • Cool, thanks.

      • Still wondering how they cheated you, though? Who cheated you? Are you a publisher of the game? Do you have special arrangements from Proficient City that allows you to post patch information when it’s coming to your servers? R2Games is a publisher, you’re a blogger with a Test account, that sometimes gets to post earlier than the publishers of the game. Don’t think that constitutes you being cheated?

      • It means that the two had an agreement and r2games broke the agreement. It might not be written in stone, but would you like it if someone broke your agreements?

      • r2games is a publisher, proficient city runs the test server and licenses the western wartune version. As the publisher, they post when given permission as well. Seems the blogger with the Test account isn’t on the same level as a publisher of the game.

      • Yes, I did not dream and enforce on myself the rule of 1st December. This was the enforced embargo date which I had respected.
        – Cosmos

      • So butthurt over the publishers of the game posting the guide. Really, who cares?

      • Yes because I could have posted everything 1 month ago like I did in the past and because we did a lot better job than them they became jealous and played political games to harass and pressure us and then they manipulated the situation to force us not to publish and wait for 1 month so they publish first.
        As a player you could have had all information 1 month ago if we were not harassed and cheated.
        But like you say, maybe you don’t care.
        – Cosmos

      • He may not care but that is no reason to be so hostile towards a group providing free service. I, for one, appreciate the info and guides this site provides. The guides here are loads clearer than the confusing mess the official guides.

      • thanks for your appreciation and support

      • this guy must be R2 staff. lol.

      • what you mean with “they cheated us”

  2. how much to cash its all money now i think its time to quit

  3. we read only the write “charatter’s resulting hp” . light brown triangle and light brown writes are a bit unreadibles. please, do them at least brown

    • Hi, this is how it looks for me:
      Does it look different on your computer?

    • I have no issues reading that part.

  4. I actually like the write up these guys do here. I loved getting the info 1 month before the release so I could prep or save things that would help me in the new patch. I also would sit back and watch all videos posted and learn how things worked so I could explain it to my guild who would be totally lost. So yes they were cheated in a way. R2 knew in the beginning that they were going to release info a day before Dolygames was. But no worries guys I will still watch your videos as they come on since you guys are still the best source out there and do the best job breaking things down. If you don’t like what dolygames do then do come here.

    • Thanks Roadie for the appreciation and support

  5. Wow. Cashers will have an even more massive advantage over the rest of us… Ouch. If the lag isn’t improved I’m quitting and I’d encourage others to follow suit. Yes, cashers should have “some” advantage, but these casher titans are severely tilting the scales. And I’m sure they won’t add a ton of lag…

    • actually you can now get these titans from collecting items if I am correct

    • Cashers will still, as always, have an advantage. Now, non-cashers will also be able to access all of the Titans.


  6. to many titans cant even use them all ,, what is the best combo setup or is that a secret lol ,,i go into arena and just get killed with one hit now ,, and im over 17 mill ,,unless someone using hack programs the stronger we get the weaker we are

  7. for any non-cash player, becareful using Animated Stone in Titan Seal Icon. If you want to Unlocked the Titan Seal, cause what bad news is once it hit the Current Success Rate: -65% to -55% it can be Failure, no matter what you have collect 100+ Animated Stone. Try that when I have 250 Animated Stone reaching to Stage 9, and failure 2 times & lost 200 Animated Stone trying to unlocked each step of the stats from 1 to 10. (Once reach to 10) You got the Titan Seal Unlocked ☻. This better system better than spending like $800 for Titan Seal >.>

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