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[Patch 6.3] Titan Temple Guide

Hey guys, there are parts of the Wartune Patch 6.3, like Titan Temple, that we cannot access, so for these cases we refer to the guides which were published at R2, in this case by MemoryLane2. Here it is:

Titan Temple

Entry Requirement
Only players who have been knighted may enter.

Titan Temple Entry

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The new continent can be found at the bottom of the Outlands map. Click to enter Titan City and select a Titan Temple to join.

Titan Temple Gameplay

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1. Gameplay Info

Titan Temple uses a 1v4 battle mode (1 character vs 4 mirror images). Opponents are mirror images randomly picked from the Top 100 on the Cross-Server BR Rankings. There will be 5 groups of opponents, each a group of 4 people. Players need to defeat their opponents one by one. Players can pass a certain level when they defeat all opponents for the level. If a player is defeated, the opponent’s HP will not recover and the player can continue to challenge. When the player defeats 5 levels of opponents, s/he will be sent back to the first floor and every opponent level will refresh.

2. Challenge Attempt

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Each time Titan Temple is challenged an attempt will be deducted. Players may challenge the Titan Temple 8 times for free every day and may spend 200 Balens (Bound Balens excluded) to buy an extra attempt, up to 10 purchases every day.

3. Titan Blessing

Name: TT5.png Views: 7255 Size: 67.7 KB

Players will receive a blessing buff that only works in Titan Temple. The power of the buff is dependent on the number of Titans players own. Players need to fulfill certain requirements to activate various buffs that can be used in the challenge.

4. Titan Field

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In addition to Titan Blessings, players can also improve their power with the help of the skills in the Titan Field.

  • Pristine Force: Resets own Titan’s skills. CD: 180 seconds
  • Titan Wrath: Instantly kill an enemy. CD: 180 seconds
  • Titan Heart: Reflect 25% damage for 3 turns, up to 10 times. CD: 180 seconds

Name: TT7.png Views: 7243 Size: 73.5 KB

Players may use each of the 3 skills 3 times a day. When free attempts are used up, Bound Balens can be used to buy extra attempts. There’s no purchase limit for the skills, but each skill can only store up to 5.

5. Challenge Rewards

Each time players pass a level, they will receive corresponding rewards.

  • Level 1: Animation Stone x5, Charge Fragment x15
  • Level 2: Animation Stone x5, Charge Fragment x15
  • Level 3: Animation Stone x10, Charge Fragment x30
  • Level 4: Animation Stone x10, Charge Fragment x30
  • Level 5: Animation Stone x15, Charge Fragment x60

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  1. can you tell us what the animation stone and charge fragment are for?

    • Animation Stones are for Animating new Titans. You build up through 10 levels till you finally gain the Titan skill.

      Charge Fragments buildup Resistance and Res Reduction.

      Both things are found by clicking on the Titan button, and are only available after knighthood.

    • Elia has an article and video coming for that i think today or tomorrow

  2. So, you have to face top 100 cross-server opponents?! That means most of us can’t do it. Even with a buff, I won’t be able to do it. I’m a decent br player, but the cross-server guys are way out of my weight class. This is just for cashers, right? And if you’re opponent is a Class Wars top 3 player, almost no one can beat them… If it were server top 100, then it would be doable so long as you don’t get a bad draw.

    • Yes, it is cross server top 100.

      It definitely isn’t easy.

  3. lol another bs

  4. is there rewards for loseing ?lol

  5. the stupid problem of that is they are got heal and keep theyr hp up …. after u die ….. so u can fight them 10 times and always cant kill them

  6. Another utterly stupid introduction to the game with little thought to the vast majority of the player base, there are few who can beat the lowest tier of players. They most be smoking some funky stuff if they thought this was a good idea.

    • Its called crack cause they definitly on it

  7. This is a bs…its impossible win…only players with 14kk BR can win at least 1 fight…its like a ToK alone…

    • as a 12m br knight cleared 6 stages so it’s not impossible

      • hi, would you mind to share how you did 6 stages with 12m? on my server my stage 1 enemies are already at 17 mil and i can barely make stage 1
        thanks, Cosmos

      • may he said because is a archer… archer have a great bonus chance damage from skill passive and have so high damage on skills.. me archer 9mill BR can do 6 stage something when no all had frigga… but me Mage 11mill BR lucky is can do stage 2… so s hit this titan temple

  8. Today I had to fight 2 knights with defensive shield skill, 1 mage and 1 archer. All had Frigga. It’s impossible. I have 11 mill BR, and they squashed me like a bug.

    I hope they change this, because it’s impossible as it is. I can’t even begin to imagine weaker knights attempting this.

    • ya i am having big problems with this new game feature as well with my main char
      i am just over 10 mil BR and i can’t even hurt the enemy even on stage 1
      – Cosmos

      • im a mage and yeah this dungeon is nearly impossible unless you get lucky and the instant kills land on players. please if you get a time can you make a (f2p) mage guide on this one?
        ty 😀

    • and we have no fu.cking AOE attacks to cast even if we DO manage to kill someone. Say we kill 2 players. We start a new round and it takes at least 2 rounds to even cast your AOE to kill the dead players AGAIN. By then, the players oracles have already healed the pieces of sht and your back to square fkn one. Temple is the manifestation of all i fkn hate about wartune packed into 1 stupid ass worthless cash revolving dungeon. All the big cashers get their kills and get stronger while we sit here and get weaker.

      • LOL Rob! I so understand your frustration! 🙂

  9. 5th titan buff should be 100% attack, that would make it much easier but it will never happen

  10. I can sit here and list a gigantic page full of 20 things you failed at in titan temple. From impossible odds, to eudaemons comiIng back each round to heal players, to genuinely screwing over Knight class for temple, to titan wrath not killing enemy (yes, thats right, i used titan wrath to instantly kill enemy, and it only took 3/4 hp down and player ended up healing the next turn to full hp). This has happened dozens of times. If even ONE of the enemies have a wind/water sylph, dont even try your wastin ur effing time. Period. You crush and crush and grind and grind out on these enemies, to get 15 fkn shards in the end. BAAAAAAHAHAHA. you gms are like monkeys slamming their hands down on the keyboards hoping you make something cool. 99.99% of everything patch 6.3 is a PURE failure. INCLUDING how ive already opened 854 magic square chests and have only gotten whip prize 5 times….854 chests, and only 6 whip prizes? Where the fk are we supposed to get out whips now idiots. i can literally sit here for 15 hours to write a book getting extremely deep into statistics, tested hypothesis, ending results, about EVERYTHING patch 6.3, ON VIDEO and screenshots, and straight up embarass every single one of you G.M.s on what a miserable job you ONCE again have done to ruin your game and CATER to the cash chuckers, while the rest of the people that cant afford to spend money on a game SUFFER and NO LONGER have any fun or satisfaction in a game that revolves around money. You have literally blatantly told us to our faces that, if by now your not spending money on you, to basically get the EF out of your game or fun will not be provided anymore. That we will stay inferior and weak to the cash chuckers forever and have no purpose to even play.

  11. I would have to agree with the guy above as an 11 mil br mage I can barely make level 2 of titan temple. And have done Magic Squares twice with no whip drops. I really hope you look at titan temple and fix something cause there is no way in hell anyone can pass it with 4 players having Frigga’s.

  12. Comment Stupido Titan!!!

  13. I’m an archer (10.5M br)and I can do 1 and sometimes 2 chests, but only if there aren’t healers.With healers its impossible. Only problem is the kids, after killing next round they are alive and fully. Thats wrong. They should change that.

    • ya i also hate when the special skill kills a kid instead of a hero 🙁 cause they come back like you said
      – Cosmos

  14. you people who created temple know its nothing but a cheat—you kill they heal–2-4 friggas–impossible—they dont let you sylph–they come back from the dead—they amnesia you stealing your skills–come on–what kind of dope are you on–FIX THE CHEATS

  15. make it fairer –you know its not right—stop stealing from us cause thats exactly what your doing–real sad for supposedly intelligent people who create these thinmgs

  16. not a good add to the game 1 against 4 top brs is not fair and cant beat any of them not able to sylph and if by chance you do the steal your skills so you cant do anything till energy is bout gone and by then you need to heal. need to fix this because lots of peeps are complaining and talking about leaving the game. not to mention the other stuff like getting knighted stuff is a joke since you cant really find it unless you buy it of hope its comes up in an event. if you haven’t noticed but the cost of living is outrageous and lots of peeps cant afford the bills they got much less invest in whats suppose to be a free game. I understand the spirit and vip modes but having a purchase price on everything else is just crazy. make the game a little easier to move forward and add some features for vips to gain titan and knighted stuff we do pay for it.

  17. pls make titan temple and time portal much easier!!!!…its not possible to become items we need for upgrade..only cashers maybe win there….i have 17 mio br mage and cant win there:-(((

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