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[Patch 6.3] Titan Animation and Energize

Two new features to the Titan System are coming up in Wartune Patch 6.3 – Titan Animation and Titan Energize. This will give free players an opportunity to obtain Titan skills that were previously only obtained through spender events!


Unlock Requirement

This feature unlocks at the same time as the Titan System after a player gets knighted.

Titan Animation

Titan Animation is an essential method for obtaining Titan Skills. Players can use Animation Stones to obtain new Titan Skills. Once all Titan Skills have been activated they can then continue animation to increase charge level cap.

  • Inactivated Titan skills will appear gray in the Animate panel. Select one to animate.
  • Each successful animation will give a portion of the Titan skill stats. There are a total of 10 slots to animate per Titan skill.
  • Animation
  • When all 10 slots are activated, players receive the Titan Skill.
  • Titan Animation Stone costs will increase and success rates will decrease with each progressive slot. Full list of costs below.
    Level Animation Stones Required Success Rate
    1  30  100%
    2  40  95%
    3  50  90%
    4  60  85%
    5  70  80%
    6  80  75%
    7  90  70%
    8  100  60%
    9  100  55%
    10  100  50%
    1~10 (Charge Level Cap)  50  80%
  • Once all Titan Skills have been activated, players have 60 “attempts” to further animate 10 slots. Each further animation gives +3 to players’ charge level cap (see Titan Energize / Charge section for more details). After every 10 slots activated, players receive 30 Wraithstones.
  • Animation Stones are obtained through Titan Temple.

Titan Energize / Charge

Players can make gains to their base resistances by consuming Charge Fragments in the Energize tab.

  • 1 Charge Fragment gives 10 EXP.
  • Each Charge level gives +10 points to the chosen resistance.
  • The difference between the highest and the lowest level resistances cannot be more than 20.
  • EXP requirements will raise with every level until it costs 1000 EXP per level. Full table below.
    Level EXP Required Level EXP Required
    1  5 15 175
    2  10 16 200
    3  15 17 225
    4  20 18 250
    5  25 19 300
    6  30 20 350
    7  35 21 400
    8  40 22 450
    9  45 23 500
    10  50 24 600
    11  75 25 700
    12  100 26 800
    13  125 27 900
    14  150 28+ 1000
  • The initial charge level cap is 200. An additional 1800 levels can be added to the charge level cap through Titan Animation.
  • Charge Fragments are obtained through Titan Temple.


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  1. hmm does existing players with the 3 free basic skills will be reset once patch?

    or we get to keep them?

    • we don’t have basic chars for testing but the ones we had did not lose anything
      i think it would not be logical that we lose the 3 basic, but we will have to invest time and/or money to unlock and train the rest
      – Cosmos

  2. oha max charge lvl is 2000? so the max stats are a total of 20000 res red and res stats? thats kind of massive 😀

    and nice they made titan skills free to achieve. great for non cashers!

    • a lot of things are accessible for free, just they take a very long time
      the logic i have no problem with (casher > fast, free > time) but sometimes the balance could be an issue such as too long a time required
      – Cosmos

  3. Awesome.thanks Cosmos for the job well done

    • For this article it is a thanks to Elia 🙂 hehehe
      – Cosmos

  4. What does 60 “attempts” mean?

    Does it mean that if you are really, really unlucky, you could end up with a really low charge level cap increase? Or does it mean that each charge level cap increase gained is 1 “Attempt”, so no matter how lucky or unlucky you are, you get +60 charge levels?

  5. patch release date guys?

    • All servers get the patch on 12/8. Some servers got the pre-patch on 12/1.

  6. Has any testing been done on the success rates for the animation? I tried to get one to level 3 and it failed and lost 50 stones with a 90% success rate. Heard of this happening to others as well. Maybe I was just really unlucky but if I already got one fail at 90%, may never get to level 10. Plus, some people are having trouble killing any levels in titan temple.

    Too many aspects of this game are about luck. This alone will cause people to quit, though I think that is the game’s intention at least for the free players.

    • Yeah, it’s just a luck thing.

      My first Titan didn’t have a single failure. If I don’t have another failure on the last bubble (the 4th or 5th for this Titan), I will have only 1 Titan left to get (from the recharge event).

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