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[Patch 6.3] Road to Glory Guide

We’re seeing several changes to PvP events in Wartune Patch 6.3, including Road to Glory taking the place of Solo Arena, which has been due for an update maybe since its inception.


  • Requirement: must be Lvl. 16+ to participate.
  • Talk to Elise in Cloud City and select Road to Glory to enter the event panel.
  • Or enter through the left-side menu
  • Available all day and resets at 0:00 server time.
  • Players may complete up to 15 stages each day. They will fight one opponent each stage. Stages become harder as players advance.
  • Players will have to defeat their opponents to receive rewards and advance to the next level. Completed stages cannot be challenged again until they are reset the next day.
  • Once the challenge starts, players will not be able to change the Eudaemon they’ve decided on.
  • Character and Eudaemon HP won’t recover during the event. When the Eudaemon is dead, players may use Bound Balens to revive it. When the character is dead, players can only use unbound Balens to revive themselves.
  • There are 3 difficulties for each stage. Players may choose Normal, Nightmare and Hell modes. Higher difficulties offer better rewards.


  • Players will be instantly awarded Clearance Points, Glory Points and Buff Stars for every stage completed.
  • Odd number stages (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15) offer an extra clearance chest which can be opened for Gold, Daru and Glory Points. Up to 10 purchase attempts per stage, 75 unbound Balens per chest. Once the window is closed it cannot be reopened.
  • Even number stages (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14) offer a chance to exchange Buff Stars earned through clearance rewards for buffs active through the next fight. Can buy zero or all four buffs, if sufficient stars are collected, but each buff can only be purchased once per stage. Once the window is closed, it cannot be reopened.

Clearance Points and Point Reward

Clearance Points are one of the rewards for completing a stage. Stage difficulty and level decide the number of Clearance Points players receive. Clearance Points can be accumulated over time (will not reset) and used to exchange for Mount Training Whips and Glory Points in the “Point Reward” panel. Each reward level can only be collected once.

Glory Points and Glory Shop

Obtained from completing stages and opening chests, Glory Points can be accumulated over time and will not reset. The amount of Glory Points players receive is related to the difficulty of the stages. Glory Points can be exchanged for items in the Glory Shop.

Skipping Stages

  • Once the sixth stage has been completed, players may skip the previous stages after the next reset. The number of stages players can skip is based on the last time’s best recorded stage. Rewards for skipped stages are based on the highest difficulty.
  • If players meet the conditions to skip stages when they click the first stage, there will be a pop-up to remind them. If players click “Yes”, they will skip the previous stages and receive corresponding rewards. If players choose “No”, they will enter battle on the first stage.


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  1. “Rewards for skipped stages are based on the highest difficulty”

    So, if I clear 20 floors with easiest mode and then skip I get nightmare rewards ? Or should it say “highest completed difficulty ” ?

    • I’m wondering this as well, although, I’ll just find out later today.

  2. and which difficulty we should choose? i’m still confused…

    • The highest one you can clear. You can mouse over the stage to see your next opponents stats. Multiply those stats times 2. If you think you can beat those multiplied stats, go for Nightmare.

      If you think you can beat those stats x 1.5, then try hard.

      If you think the stats shown will be difficult as is, try normal.

      • i’m still confused. i’m an archer 8,4m kh .

      • Your class and BR is irrelevant. Your opponents are random and based solely on you.

        My main is 17m Knight, my alt is 7m mage. Their opponents were different. What difficulty you do is up to you to decide based on who your next opponent is. No one can tell you. So, either try it on nightmare and if you fail, try it on a lower difficulty, or do a little bit of math before hand and adjust accordingly.

        You aren’t even guaranteed that your third opponent will be harder than your second opponent.

  3. well only useful item to get is star dust…meh…skippable event

    • Go ahead and skip it. I’ll be working towards getting 1000% more from my astrals.

      • Yeah, can finally get rid of weaker orange ones too. Pls update here when you test the skipping thing 😛 So i get right from day one once it arrives for us 😀

  4. Don’t quite get the skipping part. For 2 days in a row, I won all 15 challenges, some on nightmare and some on normal. On the 3rd day, it asked me if I wanted to skip and said yes and it went to chapter 3. What does it mean when you say number of skipped stages is based on last time’s best recorded stage? Why am I only able to skip to chapter 3? Are we only able to kill up to chapter 15 each day?

    • I believe that you can only skip:


      A) You have cleared at least stage 6


      B) You can only skip stages that you have beaten on NM.

      So, if you cleared stage 1 on NM, but not stage 2, but you’ve cleared all 15, then you can skip stage 1.

      • Ok, will find out tomorrow how far I can skip. Today, I did nightmare up to level 7 or 8 and won them all

  5. nice: if euda is dead its bound ballens to revive if player is dead its normal ballens to revive, so we get another pay-to-win option , what a surprise. waiting for the “pay tp enter an event” option, sure to come soon

  6. what happens to the league insigs and the stuff the league insig shop or is that ANOTHER thing wartune has taken away from players?

    • The Arena Shop with all the stuff is still there, they only replaced Solo Arena. Don’t worry.

  7. who have problem with accumulated points^ i lose 1k points

  8. Are we able to save stars or do they reset daily?

    • i think it’s daily reset but i have not tested
      maybe someone else knows for 100%

    • they stay perm

      • OP here. It resets daily.

  9. If clearance points do not reset, why is there 200 less than the day before??? Yesterday I had 650 and when I logged on today I had 450.

  10. sometimes i cannot skip and had to start over from 1 why?

    • In order to be eligible for blitz you need to have played the day before and killed at least 1 enemy to move forward.
      If you blitz and then fight and lose then the game considers this a loss or something so next day you start from zero.
      So make sure you win 1 at least.
      – COSMOS

  11. I just got dragonchant but now my opponents in road to glory stage 1 are impossible for me to beat so now i always lose my first battle and get no rewards.

    Is there anyway to make sure my opponents are easier? 3 days in a row now i get nothing from road to glory

    • No they are randomly generated every day. If Nightmare mode is too hard you can switch to Hard or Normal.

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