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[Patch 6.3] VIP Wheel and Gifts Update

Hey guys, in Wartune Patch 6.3 there was also a change in the VIP system, specifically the VIP Wheel and the VIP Weekly Gift packs. In the post below I show you the details of these including a video from the VIP Wheel:

In the official announcement…

In the patch notes there was one general line about this with no specific details:

Adjusted content for the Weekly VIP Packs and rewards for the VIP Wheel.

So what exactly was changed?

First the gift packs:

Wartune Patch 6.3 New VIP Gift Packs

On the account I have I can only see the Level 8 and Level 9 packs, which I show below.

The big thing here is the addition of the Star Dust which is the currency of the new Astral Elevation system.

This will give additional help to VIP members to boost Astrals faster.

VIP Wheel Status in 6.3

For the VIP Wheel I have prepared the below 4 minute video for you to see what the Patch 6.3 Wheel looks like. I have done multiple refreshes of the wheel so in just a couple of minutes you will get the idea.

I must say, however, that I am not impressed at all with the Wheel in Patch 6.3. Very old items remain outdated. Also, I imagine the majority of VIP members couldn’t care less about 1 single level 1 Eudaemon gem or 1 single piece of Blood of Zeus. Not even talking about 1 Shadow Crystal or 1 Luck Stone of various levels. For my character that would be almost same as zero… but the general argument is that it is all extra rewards and every little bit counts.

Edit: highlighting a comment from Anonymous: “From what I have seen, I have noticed 5 new things so far, kid skill scrolls, crypt key, purgatory key, 5 mystery stones and lvl 4 exp scroll. And those things are pretty rare to show up.”

Edit 2: I did a whole bunch more refreshes to try to find rare showing items and I found these bunch confirming the comment above:

[Patch 6.3] Survey

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[Patch 6.3] OVERVIEW of ALL Wartune Changes

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  1. From what I have seen, I have noticed 5 new things so far, kid skill scrolls, crypt key, purgatory key, 5 mystery stones and lvl 4 exp scroll. And those things are pretty rare to show up. Blood of zeus was already added before this patch.

    • Since I can’t edit a post, I think they need to do away with the high level gems. I mean how many can say they actually got one? In all my years of playing, I have only seen or heard about one person getting a level 6 gem. And for the most part, I would say most players, at least high level players don’t really need those gems anymore

      • We are pretty certain that the high level gems was a marketing trick to show them as flashy items. Perhaps they had a 0.00000001 drop rate and someone got 1, but basically you never get those.
        They were extremely powerful 4 years ago, but in today’s game they are no big deal, yet they did not update that for years.
        That also goes for those others items mentioned like luck stones.

      • Cosmos, 7lvl gems are definitely a possible drop, but you need a very special “deck” for them to drop. As for a total impression – same as before. You will need a botting software to obtain something you desire, otherwise time consumption is too much.

      • I have got lvl 7 few times, there was a trick to get it, you needed to find 2 identical gems in the same wheel, because 2 same items means that one of them will drop 100% chance.

  2. well i would of removed the luck stones and soul crystals first cuz u can get them basicaly from shops with insig and guild contribution

    should of kept imperial seals at least those was usefull

  3. I’ve also seen Empire Crusade tokens show up – again after a ton of refreshes, but they land in the 3-4 spots on the bottom so they are guaranteed. The crypt and purgatory keys and the 4x scrolls also land in the 3-4 spots.

    • thanks for sharing

  4. theres nothing new on the vip wheel unless they have alrdy updated it then theres nothing new all the things u pointed out is alrdy on the wheel

    • did 2 edits, please refresh and see again

  5. The stuff in the wheel ave always been garbage. The few useful items never drop, so I assume that anything worthwhile will never drop with 6.3. For me I just roll for the 500K gold when I need some and store up the tokens.

    • (plz refresh, did 2 edits)

  6. You can find lvl 1 PATK diamond for your eudeamon in that wheel too now

    • ya i show the new items and do a status update commenting on stuff that is outdated that they did not update

  7. how will we get stuff to isntantly finish circuits quest now!?

    • i guess paying balens is instant finish 🙂

    • A few come from digs in the swamp. I’m not sure if they are enough to do 5 CQ daily if you use them for both mob killing and troop recruiting quests though.

  8. everything new is only 1 item. so its not that great. yeah we can get blood of zeus or divinity stone pack. but its only one unless it shows otherwise, like with whips and crypt tokens

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