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[Patch 6.3] Happy Bingo Guide

Hey guys, there are parts of the Wartune Patch 6.3, like Happy Bingo, that we cannot access, so for these cases we refer to the guides which were published at R2, in this case by MemoryLane2. Here it is:

Happy Bingo

Feeling lucky? Buy a lottery and test your luck with Happy Bingo. Purchase the cards using your sixth sense and win big!

The event icon can be found in Hot Events. See event icon below:

Note: Happy Bingo is a cross-server event.

Unlock Requirement
Lvl. 11+ players may join.

Players buy card sets before the prize drawing and receive Red Crystals based on their winning points. Red Crystals can be exchanged for items in the Happy Bingo Shop.

1. Buying Card Sets:

a. Open the Happy Bingo Shop panel and enter the shop to buy card sets. The shop offers 100 card sets with different numbers on each set. Players may buy up to 4 card sets, and up to 100 or each of these sets. Players need to input 2 lucky numbers in the panel. Lucky numbers can be anything from 1 to 75. See image below:

b. A card set has 5×5 squares: 24 numbered squares and a “Free” square. Numbers on the card vary from 1 to 75.
c. The numbers on line B vary from 1 to 15, numbers on line I vary from 16 to 30, line N 31 to 45, line G 46 to 60 and line O 61 to 75.

2. Announcing Winning Numbers:
a. Winning numbers are announced once a day at 20:00. The event resets at 00:00. Players may buy card sets from 00:00 to 19:30. Players cannot buy card sets half an hour before announcing the winning numbers.
b. When announcing winning numbers, the two lucky numbers will be announced first. One correct lucky number doubles the prize, 2 quintuples the prize. The lucky numbers will not count in the card sets.

c. 24 numbers will be announced each round. According to the numbers announced, the player whose numbers first line up into a winning patten will win first prize. The second player whose numbers line up in the winning patten will win second prize; the third player wins third prize.
d. Players win prizes as long as 5 numbers on their card line up into winning patterns (vertical, horizontal or diagonal). See image below:

e. When players need to use the “Free” square to line up into a winning pattern, they will win a prize if the next number announced is from 31 to 45.

f. If the 24 numbers announced do not grant a winner, then more numbers will be announced, until a first prize winner is found. (When the quantity of the numbers announced exceeds 24, only first prize will be announced. There will be no second prize and third prize.) If two or more players’ numbers line up into a winning pattern at the same time, there will be a tie.

Announcing Winning Numbers:

3. Collecting Rewards:
a. The initial Prize Pool has 3,000 Red Crystals. Red Crystals in the Prize Pool will increase as more players buy card sets. When the total spent amount on card sets across servers reaches a certain number, there will be bonus Red Crystals for the Prize Pool.
b. Winners share all Red Crystals in the prize pool according to a ratio. The first prize winner can win Red Crystals up to 20x the spent amount, second prize winner up to 15x, third prize winner up to 10x. Winners will get at least 1.5x the spent amount (in Red Crystals.) If winners get one lucky number right, their prize will double; if they get 2 numbers right, their prize will quintuple. Max prize can be 100x (first prize), 75x (second prize), 50x (third prize) the original prize.
For players that do not win big, their prize = (wagers x the quantity of winning numbers for each card set x10) Red Crystals. One correct lucky number doubles the prize, 2 quintuples the prize.
d. The following image shows the prize mail after prizes are announced:

Item Source
Happy Bingo only awards Red Crystals that can be exchanged for various items in the Happy Bingo Shop!

The remaining part of the Prize Pool does not accumulate and reset each time a round ends.

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  1. So I guess this is a balen only feature. Can you post a pic of the red crystal shop?

    • we simply don’t have access to this feature at all, so no way for us to look at present

  2. stupid gambling

  3. so fcking stupid. this looks like the dumbest shit ever on here

  4. do we need to spend all our rewards before patch?

    • that’s too general a question
      normally unless they expire or obsolete an item there is no danger, but sometimes they don’t tell us about this, so why we do our best to cover everything about patches in as high detail as possible
      wraithstones for example were asked and from what i can tell there is no problem with these, the same Train and Combo windows exist before and after
      TOK chests is another question; normally they should still work, but we never receive any guarantees, but i will not open mine, no inventory space 🙂
      – Cosmos

  5. good.remove the magic square and give back tower of kings.And lots of are expecting mount.And also give back the guild battle Imperial war is boring and wasting time.i love wartune. First is my family after that second is this game,so that don’t make this game boring.This game is like my life.
    Thank You.

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