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[Patch 6.3] Magic Square Strategy and Tips

In Wartune Patch 6.3, Magic Square will be replacing Tower of Kings. This guide will explain an efficient way to full rewards!

Gameplay Information

This guide assumes you at least have a basic understanding of the Magic Square gameplay. Here’s a link to our other post about Magic Square:

[Patch 6.3] Magic Square Guide

Most Points Per Clear

Removing more than 4 squares per clear gives bonus points, and so does clearing higher level mobs. The important bonus is clearing more than 4 squares, since higher level mobs are actually a bad thing, particularly for lower power groups.

The most lines that can be cleared at once is 4, and in doing that 17 squares are removed.

If all mobs are at level 1, your team will receive 3950 points for one of these! With bonuses added for higher level mobs, teams can reach a total of 24,000 points (for maximum rewards) in just 6 clears.

Divvying Up the Work

One downside to this strategy is that it requires some degree of coordination, and not everyone takes direction well. To make sure your team executes efficiently, there are an assortment of ways to divvy up the work between players, to make things go faster. Below is one suggestion for a four player team. Everybody clears 4 squares in an assigned corner, and then once those 16 squares are removed, someone kills the center mob.

A benefit of this strategy that should not be overlooked is that it will keep the mob levels very low compared to other methods. Since it only takes 6 clears to reach the full 24,000 points, the highest level mob that anybody on the team needs to be able to kill is level 6! It’s not that hard to imagine situations where a more powerful player does the brunt of the work and clears a majority or plurality of the mobs, but lower BR companions still contribute kills, albeit more slowly.

After Full Point Rewards

Many teams are going to be able to obtain full points (24,000) before the 15 minute time limit is over. At this point everyone should try to go after the extra chests on the board. The number of bonus chests that appear seems to vary a bit from run to run, but for sure it’s pretty easy to get at least 2-3 extra, and I’ve seen as many as 5 extra.


Discuss With Us!

Thanks to folks who commented in our previous post about Magic Square, and mentioned the method shown here. What do you guys think of this strategy? I recommend showing it to your group before anybody starts clicking on squares! We always appreciate our readers suggesting ideas for how to better play the game, so chime in if you think of something!

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  1. does this magic square give xp? or they removed another way to get xp.

    • If not your looking at a easy way to get br and camp low levels again..

      My server doesnt have the patch yet but i am guessing that it should have xp either per kill or per clear..

    • you can see the exact EXP in the article and end of the video in the guide, i got 30 mil there

  2. omg ty vm for the tip
    very good strategy , ty for sharing :))
    btw what’s test server and how to creat account there ?

    • thank you
      all companies generally have a testing server to test things
      i do not think it is open for public

  3. How do I put this, I am a GM of a top 15 csgb guild. The guild was made up of non cashiers and small cashiers. With 30 to 40 very active players, however, the patches and changes have decimated my guild, making it much harder for the non-cashier or small cashier to survive. My guild has been reduced to a dedicated 10/12 active members the others gave up the game in discuss. Its all I can do to keep what few still in the game.

  4. could i receive this info in french or refer me where i could find it ty

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