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[Patch 6.3] Astral Elevation Guide

Hey guys, Astral Elevation is introduced in Wartune Patch 6.3 and here we give you a detailed guide about it.

System Basics

  • Stat Astrals can become significantly more powerful via Astral Elevation by raising their level.
  • Not all Astrals are eligible for Elevation – only the level 10 red stat based Astrals.
  • Class Advancement is required to use this system.
  • To elevate Astrals you will need a lot of Star Dust:

Astral Elevation “Currency”: Star Dust

The elevation system uses it’s own dedicated currency – the Star Dust. This can be gotten from Road to Glory (also introduced in Patch 6.3) and via hot events / casher events.

Star Dust icon:

Star Dust item window:

Access / Interface

As I showed in the Teaser article, Astral Elevation is accessed via a new button added under the character in the Astral interface:

Once you click the button you get this window:

Placing an inactivated Astral in the slot shows the current stats:

Once you activate an Astral you see it will change the color and name to orange/yellow and in this example the name went from Sacred Gemini to Holy Gemini:

Once you level it up further it becomes more and more powerful; here is level 2:

Elevation Table per Level

Here I will use the example of Holy Vigor which changes name to Holy Cancer once activated:

Holy Vigor Critical and Penetration Points to next level Star Dust Cost
Unactivated +2160
Level 1 name = Holy Cancer 5000 500
Level 2 +4320 10000 1000
Level 3 +6480 15000 1500
Level 4 +8640 20000 2000
Level 5 +10800 27800 2780
Level 6 +12960 36900 3690
Level 7 +15120 47300 4730
Level 8 +17280 59000 5900
Level 9 +19440 72000 7200
Level 10 +21600 maxed out maxed out

Here is the picture of the maxed out or fully Elevated Holy Cancer Astral:

Significant Stat Increase

So as you can see from this table / guide there is a significant increase in stats (and therefore BR) which players can obtain as we all work to gather Star Dust and level up the Astrals. And there is also a bigger effect since the Astral Effect or Astral Slot Upgrade percentage will yield even more stats as they are now applied on a much bigger base stat amount.

Possibly problem

One major issue that I see is that with 2 Astrals which contain Penetration they add up to 21600 x 2 = 43200 Penetration just from these, so this seems to completely obliterate Blocking or Block build or any Block related strategy. We will see how this works out but this is the only major problem I see with this new system.

Astral Elevation video

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  1. And I’m doing my best to make defence knight (with high block)…
    Side note : -Why “holy cancer”?

    • Because every “new” astrals have name “Holy + <name of zodiac sign) and "Cancer" is one of zodiac signs 😀

  2. So… we have to spend 500 Star Dust just to get a name change on the Astral?

    • Activating it changes it from Red to Orange, and changes the name, with no change in stats.

      • Which essentially means you spend 500 Star Dust for nothing.

      • No, I have published a clear table which shows that 500 is required to go from level 1 to level 2

      • I understand that. I am saying they are screwing us out of the 500 because it has zero effect on our character going from a Red 10 or an Orange 1. We are basically paying for a name change on the item.

      • activation costs nothing… where did you get the 500 for activation from?
        see the video from around minute 2:20

  3. Cancer and Gemini are astrological symbols.

  4. Hi, can you pls fix the bug that we can`t rightclick on astral elevation preview to open it in another tab when i want to open the other site too?

    • Hi that’s not a bug, that’s a protection system to prevent thieves from copy pasting our work and publishing it as their own
      – Cosmos

      • that we can`t rightclick on the link before to get to this page counts as protection system?

  5. I just want to be able to rightklick on the Read more button

    • Hi Meradi, i don’t have unlimited resources. I have installed a theft protection which, among other things, blocks right click because right click allows access to a number of things. I do not have any way to say work on this button and don’t work on another button. If you need to copy the URL you can always easily copy it from the URL box above the page.
      – Cosmos

      • A guildie has elevated
        astrals that were only at level 7 and 8 I didnt realize this could be done any rate these lvl 7 and 8s are elevated to 10s but remain lvl 7 astrals? and cant be uiilt or replaced
        any ideas????

    • use middle click (scroll whell).

      • +11

  6. not sure, you see block will be maybe useless, but if you up that block astral also, woudnt that make it the same as it is now? Normaly not realy busy with stats.. but im block build, and i like it now, i block around 80 to 90 % of the time, so that is a lot. that on defending skill bar, im pretty strong for me br (12.5).

    • thumbs up – it’s good to think twice before writing about “major issues” 🙂

  7. you can drag and drag the articles into a new tab from the home page

  8. drop*

  9. Pff, another lvl 80 exclusive feature? Because those lvl 50-60 campers are so much of a threat to 80ers, it would unbalance the game if they had any more ways to get BR.

    • oh noooooo!! beware of the dangerous level 62 Sharmat :)))
      most dangerous beast!!! :)))))))
      (ya ’cause it’s not profitable for them)

  10. How can you have that much stardust already??

    • i don’t have anything, that’s not a real server

  11. So for those of us without 1-click astrals, how do we get lv10 red astrals? The lag on manual astrals is insane. It’s just doesn’t work anymore.

  12. u could just get vip it allows auto capture u can spend 10 million gold per attempt

    • 1. I dont have money
      2. Need credit card

      • u can use a walmart visa or any other prepaid card endorsed by visa or master card…not really a big deal

      • you could have saved 1-hour vip card and a lot of horses.

    • To use that vip auto capture, you need to be vip level 4 or higher. So for some even if they used a trial card, they still would not be able to use that auto capture.

      • true

  13. Will we be better off refining red astrals now? I have, as I am sure many others have as well, been working on refining the yellow astrals.

    • refining? you mean the % boost to astrals? you are not refining the astrals but the astral slot – you can place any astral there

  14. What about refined atrals to max 10%…I only see red astrals leveled to 10?

    • as explained this new system is not for all astrals

  15. Biggest logjam is how many Star Dust you can buy in a day. I raised two to level 2 today and have enough Star Dust to make one a level 3 or make another lvl 2

  16. You can counter the penetration using block gems.

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