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[Patch 6.5] Speed Clearance Guide

Hey guys, this is the guide for the new Wartune Patch 6.5 update feature called Speed Clearance.

Prologue: New multi-player feature. Party mode requires good cooperation between players.

Feature Fact Sheet

  • Characters should be level 36 and above to participate.
  • Requires at least 3 players to join.
  • A full party of 4 will receive extra rewards.
  • Each player has 1 reward attempt every day.
  • Weekly Rankings reset at 00:00 every Monday.

Speed Clearance NPC in Cloud City Wartune Patch 6.5

Wartune Patch 6.5 Speed Clearance Beling NPC chat

Guide / Gameplay

5 items of different color will appear on the map (Chest, Easter Egg or Aperture; depending on stage). The color of the items varies on each stage.

Patch 6.5 Speed Clearance Guide - Chest, Easter Egg, Aperture

At the same time the 5 items appear, a “signal” (Key, Hammer or Aperture) will appear above each player’s head.

Patch 6.5 Speed Clearance Guide - Hammer

Players need to unlock a Chest, Easter Egg or Aperture of their own color. Players will not be able to see the “signal” above their head but their teammates can. Thus, they need their teammates’ help to find out their corresponding color and unlock their item as quickly as possible.

Patch 6.5 Speed Clearance Guide - info

There are 9 stages in total.

  • Chests will appear on the first 3 stages
  • Easter Eggs on 4th – 6th stages
  • Aperture on 7th – 9th stages

Once all teammates have unlocked their own items, the team passes the stage.

Patch 6.5 Teaser Speed Clearance 3

There is no time restriction for clearance. Rankings will be based on the total amount of time a team use to pass all 9 stages. Players will only be ranked when all team members finish all stages using reward attempts.

Speed Clearance Rewards

Every time players get through a stage, they will receive a random chest:

  • Ragged Chest
  • Plain Chest
  • Exquisite Chest

Ragged Chests and Plain Chests may contain Blood of Zeus and Talent Stones.
Exquisite Chests may contain Star Dust, Orbs and various gems.

Top 50 / Weekly Rewards

Ranking rewards are issued once every week. The Top 50 players in the ranking list will receive rewards. Ranking rewards are as follow:

Wartune Patch 6.5 Speed Clearance rewards

Issues FAQ

What if I disconnect?
If player(s) disconnect from server during clearance, they can re-log in and return to the stage before disconnection.

What if there are less than 3 players?
When the number of participants is less than 3 due to someone disconnecting, all teammates will have to wait 2 minutes before they can move to the next stage. The clearance is still valid as long as all teammates use their reward attempt (but naturally this will yield a horrible time ranking).

Can I enter Speed Clearance multiple times?
Players may participate in the event without reward attempts but they will not be ranked or receive rewards. This is useful for testing / trying out or helping friends / guild mates.


Proficient City Thanks

Thanks to Proficient City for their support. Please enjoy Wartune on And please also follow the Wartune Community Facebook page at

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    • relax, take a breath, bugs happen, no need for Caps – can write in a normal way
      they will fix it

  2. So why did they make this where only party leader has control over attempt? I see this as a very bad idea.

    • on Test each person could define attempt type, so maybe they are still figuring things out

  3. 8h stuck in the loading screen

    • others reported also, that’s the risk of being on Launch servers, but i am sure they will fix it fast and probably will give you a compensation; best of luck

  4. Im colorblind,you have any tips for me?

    • it seems they did not consider about this when creating this features
      i suggest write them a ticket as we have

  5. I took over top 20 in my server lmfao . The casher can’t beat me. Too bad they can’t buy time lol

  6. my fastest time today 2:16min

    • oh, is a very fast dungeon then.

      • yes, if you have a good team you can do it in 2 minutes and a little bit

        • actually that all me i use 4 toon lol

          • m no teak speak or call program use just typing

  7. I think one thing that needs to be changed with this is the placement of the items. Sometimes they will be behind the chat box and have a hard time finding it even with chat box minimized

  8. a clear explanation on how to play the game, i learned 2 things i was doing wrong

  9. We posted a 1:48 time today!

    • nice, congrats 🙂

  10. We have found that once the party is in, no one can join. Have had parties of 3 and someone says they’d like to come and we can’t get them in. Any way around this (other than all going at once)?

    • Yes players found a workaround fortunately; i forgot the exact steps but i remember that the player that get stuck outside (in town) can invite himself in via the Party menu.
      – COSMOS

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