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[Patch 6.5] Soul Collection Guide

Hey guys, this is the guide for the new Wartune Patch 6.5 update feature called Soul Collection. This is a new Guild Chamber activity.

Warriors, a new Guild Chamber feature is available! Now, not only can you energize the Guild Tree of Ancients but you can also collect souls for materials!

Feature Fact Sheet

  • Location: Guild Chamber in the Guild panel
  • Unlock Requirement: Unlocked by the Guild Master

Guide / Gameplay

Soul Collecting and Rewards

After the Guild Master has summoned the Guild Tree of Ancients players can begin to collect souls. There are souls of 4 different colors: red, blue, yellow and green. Click the souls to collect them and obtain random items such as Gold, Daru, Level 1 EXP Seed, Kyanite, Mount Training Whip and Bound Balens.

Note: Previous fruit collecting feature in Guild Chamber has been removed.

Soul Collection Ranking and Rewards

During the event, players can check Soul Collection Rankings in the real-time panel on the right. After Soul Collection ends, the first 10 players who collect the most souls will receive ranking rewards: Guild Chamber Chest x5.

There is also the possibility to earn double points following system announcements of a specific color.

Soul Collection Chest

Each chest will give 5k Gold, 10k Daru and Kyanite and will also have a chance to give 1 Mount Training Whip, 1 Level 4 Luck Stone or 5 Bound Balens.

EXP Bonus

After Soul Collection ends, the Top 10 players who collect the most souls will enjoy an EXP Bonus during the EXP Bonus time after Soul Collection.

Soul Collection Time

Soul Collection lasts 5 minutes after the Guild Tree of Ancients has been summoned.


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We have an overview article where links to all Patch 6.5 work is placed for your comfort. Check it out HERE.

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  3. well much better than collecting the dam toa plants lol

    • clearly better than that, that’s for sure

  4. I’m for anything that improves the amount of Daru in the game, since WB is practically useless on any server except MAYBE the newer ones.

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