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[Patch 6.5] All Other Changes

Hey guys, this is the guide for the new Wartune Patch 6.5 update “ALL OTHER” changes, big and small, without a dedicated article.

Fusion Spirit

Added Fusion Spirit which can be used to offset Balens used for Sylph Merge. Fusion Spirit will be used before Balens. (Similar to Talent Stones)

Archaeology Mobs

Wartune Patch 6.5 Secret Chamber

Wartune Patch 6.5 Secret Chamber lvl 35 Monster

Added new mobs to the Archaeology maps. Three of these monsters appear randomly after monster refresh, on each map. You must party up with friends to kill them. Every day you can receive rewards the first 10 times you defeat these monsters.

Secret Chamber monster reward examples Wartune Patch 6.5

Gem Sorting

Optimized the sorting of gems in the Blacksmith.

Eudaemon Optimization

Filtered the same type of Eudaemons during Eudaemon conversion. Now players can only convert Eudaemons into a different type.

Gold Optimization

Added a message to warn players that they will exceed their gold storage limit and prevents them from selling excessive quantities of animals.

Homestead Optimization

1) Reorganized the Homestead panel, arranging Farm, Pasture Area, Residence, Kitten Club and Dock so that they all display on the same panel. See image below:

2) Added a new Bonfire item: EXP Orb. Players below Lvl. 50 can use it to instantly upgrade to the next level.

Patch 6.5 item EXP Orb

3) The Kitten Club will display on the main Homestead panel. When players close the Kitten Club, they will only close the Kitten Club panel instead of the whole Homestead panel.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue in which the reward icon did not disappear after rewards had been collected from the Dark Dragon Lair.
  • Fixed the issue in which players could sell farm seeds when their gold storage exceeded the limit but did not receive the Gold. Normally, players will not be able to sell an item if the quantity of Gold will exceed the storage limit after the item is sold.


Proficient City Thanks

Thanks to Proficient City for their support. Please enjoy Wartune on And please also follow the Wartune Community Facebook page at

[Patch 6.5] OVERVIEW of ALL Wartune Changes

We have an overview article where links to all Patch 6.5 work is placed for your comfort. Check it out HERE.

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  1. How to obtain Fusion spirit? Thanks

    • not known at this moment

      • not 1 single person knows yet some players ave searched every where nothing

        why add fusion spirits to make a merged slyph when they not been added to game yet

        i want to make a merged slyph day 1 of patch 6.5 release but cant do this why u may ask cuz i needc fusion spirits to offset a ratio of balens which know 1 knows about yet

      • realy thought this was the 1 info that players who havnt got merged slyphs would want to hear alot from not r2 and cosmo realy knows where these are comming from yet

        i heard rumours it be like talent stones recharge event? why? buy fusion spirits when u can just use the balens anyway defeating the objective spending thousdands of dollars to buy fusion spirits lol

  2. I hear the amethyst mine is gone. True?

    • yes, as we reported several times, it is gone

      • yes the amythest is gone but the shop and amythest in your profile will remain because you can collect amythest from Archaeology digging in wilds still

  3. I think they should have left the farm alone. There was nothing wrong with it the way it was.

  4. Was hoping they’d address concerns most players have with Titan Temple. At the very least, fix the titan reset skill not working about 25% of the time. And the reflect skill is utterly useless. Either make it 100% reflect, or replace with a useful skill. A shield (that can’t be purged) or healing… something. Oh well. The only thing they listened to was making OC season a month, which costs us rewards… and my guild ended up paired with the same guilds, so… what was the point?

  5. They finally removed the Guild mount from the blacksmith ítems? lol

  6. spirit fusion sounds like just more trash to lag the game down too many layers to be honest sounds like another grab for balens

    • true but if they are like talent stones they take about 40 balens off per 1 which means already for free thats about 5500 i will haved saved

  7. Well to be honest, I came here to get more info on the fusion spirit/balen exchange rates. Everything else is secondary to that as I am one of the many without a merged sylph. My toon is a knight at around 15 mill+- br with a red maxed out zeus and ares as well. The cost to merge these 2 is (in my opinion) far too expensive. At $600.00 usd that comes to roughly $750.00 cnd!!! So there’s my reason for visiting today… I do like the work you’ve done here Cosmo! Please try and pressure R2 into releasing more info on the fusion spirit exchange.

    • Hi i have, i have asked several times but i did not get a reply, they did not communicate or reply about the exact effects of the Fusion Spirit

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