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[Patch 6.5] Holy Sword Temple Guide

Hey guys, this is the guide for the new Wartune Patch 6.5 update feature called Holy Sword Temple.

Curious just how powerful Holy Sword skills are? Test them out in the Holy Sword Temple! In this dungeon, you can test out your Holy Sword, earn useful Sylph items and get Sylph Soul Orbs to polish your Holy Sword! Time to invite your friends to experience this awesome new dungeon with you!

Feature Fact Sheet

  • Dungeon Entry: Holy Sword Temple is located in the Hall of Heroes.
  • It is a Weekly Dungeon.
  • Sylph only.
  • Entrance Requirement = Knighted / Knighthood achieved.
  • Entering the weekly dungeon requires at least 2 players.
  • You can enter the dungeon as many times as you want, but you will only receive rewards once a week.

Guide / Gameplay

This dungeon is for Sylphs only. Therefore Awakening is irrelevant for this dungeon. Your selected main Sylph will be the one participating in battles. Your character will not join the battle and the Sylph will not have any of your character’s attributes – only the Sylph’s attributes will take effect during battle.

The Sylph will have its normal 5 skill slots, however, since Awakening points do not exist you might consider adapting skills for this dungeon (can easily cast 500 cost skills), but note that the skill cooldown is still functioning as normal.

Holy Sword Skill

Bosses will drop Holy Swords (the skills) after being killed. Once players pick up a Holy Sword, corresponding skills will be automatically placed in the Holy Sword skill slot on the right side of the Sylph skill slots. You can use the skill once skill energy is full. One use will use up all skill energy.

Note: You may receive (get from dead bosses) unlimited Holy Sword skills, but you can only use 1 Holy Sword skill in any battle. A Holy Sword skill that is received earlier will be replaced by a newly received one.

Dungeon Info:

Level 1

3 mini bosses stand in a triangle formation. Players may select one to fight.

  • Wind & Water BOSS – (Wind & Water Resistance). BOSS Buff: Generates a shield that absorbs damage equal to 30% of Max HP, lasts 10 turns.
  • Fire & Electro BOSS – (Fire & Electro Resistance). BOSS Buff: Damage +25%.
  • Light & Dark BOSS – (Light & Dark Resistance). BOSS Buff: Restores 3% HP each turn.

Note: Every boss killed will irritate the remaining bosses, giving them a stackable buff that increases their damage output by 100%. The remaining living bosses will inherit the dead BOSS’ buff.

Level 2

Players will head to Level 2 to meet the final BOSS after defeating the 3 mini bosses on Level 1.

Note: there are 3 monsters (including the BOSS) on Level 2. While the other two mini monsters are alive, the final BOSS is invincible!

Holy Sword Skill Info

Once you defeat a boss, you can pick up its Holy Sword Skill. We recommend starting with Fire and Electro Lightning.

[Light & Dark Shadow]

Deals 120% damage to all enemies, instantly restores 30% HP and removes 1 positive buff from the entire enemy group.

[Fire & Electro Lightning]

Deals 120% damage to all enemies and causes the entire enemy group to lose HP equal to 10% skill damage; increases damage dealt by 50%, lasts 3 turns.

[Wind & Water Pour]

Deals 120% to all enemies; removes 1 negative buff from all teammates and generates a shield that can absorb damage up to 40% of max character HP, lasts 2 turns.

Dungeon Rewards

  • Each first floor boss gives 60 Sylph Soul Orbs, 100 Advanced Sepulcrum, and 100 Advanced Mahra
  • The final boss on the second floor gives 150 Sylph Soul Orbs, 200 Advanced Sepulcrum, and 200 Advanced Mahra


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  1. Any idea how hard it is? Is it harder than the KH dailies? The rewards are nice but if it requires a super group, that would suck.

    • Elia talks about difficulty and shows various things in the video, so check that out, but yes it will not be easy

  2. Can the buffs the bosses get be debuffed?

    • some are timed but not the ones like anger, you cannot remove that

  3. does it make sense to do this dungeon with a Poseidon 3 moons? and with a party members who have similar not evolved sylphs?

    • most likely no, but you can try without attempt to test out if you can kill something, maybe 1-2 mini bosses

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