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[Patch 6.5] Time Portal Guide

Hey guys, this is the guide for the new Wartune Patch 6.5 update feature called Time Portal.

In Gaia a mysterious power has unlocked the door to time and space. The twisted power that envelops this door can only be pushed aside by the Sylphs. This unusual dimension is sure to be haunted by powerful mobs and legendary evil…

Feature Fact Sheet

  • Requirements: Players must be knighted before entering. Players’ guild must sign up for the Outlands.
  • Time Portal Entry is via Titan City in the Outlands. You will see the Time Portal in Titan City.
  • Battles are Sylph only so will need strong sylph(s).
  • As an exception, Holy Sword skills will not work in the Time Portal.

Patch 6.5 Teaser Time Portal 1

Guide / Gameplay

New Main Quest

There is a new quest added to get players going on the Time Portal and earning their first 50 Sylph Soul Orbs. It is very easy to complete it as its main purpose is just to bring players to the Time Portal for the first time.

Time Portal Interface

Time Portal has a large interface window taking up the entire screen.

There are several parts to it:

  • Difficulty selection on top left.
  • Sylph Team and Active Sylph selection on top right.
  • The various dungeons / battles in the center.
  • Death Zone entry to fight the BOSS on right bottom.
  • Chest rewards and various reset/refresh at the bottom.

Wartune Patch 6.5 Time Portal window 1


Patch 6.5 Time Portal Guide - difficulties

Time Portal has 4 difficulties: Normal, Hard, Nightmare, Hell (a.k.a. Purgatory). Each difficulty unlocks when certain conditions are met.

  • Normal: Available to players who have been knighted.
  • Hard: Available to players who have activated 1 Holy Sword.
  • Nightmare: Available to players who have activated 2 Holy Swords.
  • Hell: Available to players who have activated 3 Holy Swords

Time Portal Dungeon

There are 7 dungeons under each difficulty: SSS, S, A, B, C, D, E.

There are fixed attempts and corresponding reward points for each dungeon. Players will receive points after a successful challenge.

Active Sylph Setting

You can set 3 active Sylphs in the preset panel. You will not be able to change active Sylphs once battle starts.

Patch 6.5 Time Portal Guide - Active Sylph Setting 1

You can select one Sylph out of the 3 active Sylphs and send it to battle.

Patch 6.5 Time Portal Guide - Active Sylph Setting 2

Patch 6.5 Time Portal Guide - Active Sylph Setting 3

Dungeon Challenge

You can click a dungeon of any difficulty to enter battle. Always remember to set active Sylphs before challenging.

Battle mode in Time Portal is 1V1 (1 Sylph VS 1 Sylph). Due to a dark, twisted power, Holy Sword skills will not work in Time Portal. A successful battle deducts 1 remaining attempt and grants Portal Points. Unsuccessful battles will not use attempts. Win or lose, both parties’ current HP will be kept.

Patch 6.5 Time Portal Guide - 1v1 battle

Dead Sylphs cannot continue to challenge and will be displayed in black and white on the active Sylph panel.

Dungeon Reward

Each successful battle grants Portal Points. Points can accumulate. You can click a corresponding Point Chest to receive rewards when point amounts reach the required number. Points can accumulate up to 400.

Point Chests contain materials used to improve Holy Sword such as Polishing Orbs and Sylph Soul Orbs.

Points contained in the Point Chest will increase as dungeon difficulty increases.

Patch 6.5 Time Portal Guide - chest rewards

SSO = Sylph Soul Orb, PO = Polishing Orb

Points Normal Hard Nightmare
10 SSO x10 + PO x15 SSO x13 + PO x18 SSO x17 + PO x22
20 SSO x10 + PO x15 SSO x13 + PO x18 SSO x17 + PO x22
30 SSO x10 + PO x15 SSO x13 + PO x18 SSO x17 + PO x22
40 SSO x10 + PO x15 SSO x13 + PO x18 SSO x17 + PO x22
50 SSO x10 + PO x15 SSO x13 + PO x18 SSO x17 + PO x22
70 SSO x10 + PO x15 SSO x13 + PO x18 SSO x17 + PO x22
90 SSO x10 + PO x15 SSO x13 + PO x18 SSO x17 + PO x22
110 SSO x10 + PO x15 SSO x13 + PO x18 SSO x17 + PO x22
140 SSO x10 + PO x15 SSO x13 + PO x18 SSO x17 + PO x22
170 SSO x10 + PO x15 SSO x13 + PO x18 SSO x17 + PO x22
210 SSO x10 + PO x15 SSO x13 + PO x18 SSO x17 + PO x22
250 SSO x13 + PO x18 SSO x17 + PO x22 SSO x20 + PO x26
300 SSO x13 + PO x18 SSO x17 + PO x22 SSO x20 + PO x26
350 SSO x13 + PO x18 SSO x17 + PO x22 SSO x20 + PO x26
400 SSO x13 + PO x18 SSO x17 + PO x22 SSO x20 + PO x26

Rest/Refresh Time Portal

When you run out of challenge attempts, you can use Balens or Bound Balens to refresh challenge attempts. Challenge attempts for all difficulties will be reset. The refresh price will stay the same. You can refresh up to 10 times.

Wartune Patch 6.5 Reset Free AttemptsWartune Patch 6.5 Reset Paid Attempts

  • You may reset Time Portal at any time. After resetting, Sylph HP will be restored to full and you can set active Sylphs again. Points and challenge attempts will also be reset.
  • There are 2 free reset attempts each week. Every time you reset, you get 10 chances to reset remaining challenge attempts.
  • You have 2 weekly chances to pay for reset.
  • Changing difficulties results in resetting. As long as you do not collect a reward, reset attempts won’t be used when changing difficulty or resetting manually.
  • Purchase attempts will reset at 00:00 every Sunday. Yet current challenge progress will not reset.

Time Portal Death Zone

While you’re in Time Portal, whether you win or lose, you will have a chance to see a BOSS in the Death Zone.

Share: When you share the BOSS with your knighted friends, the BOSS will also appear in their Death Zone.

Attack: Attacking the BOSS consumes 1 Death Zone Token. You automatically receive 10 tokens every week. You may buy up to 10 extra tokens.

The BOSS fight in the Death Zone is similar to that in the World BOSS event. You and your friends can attack the BOSS to reduce its HP. If the BOSS is killed before it escapes, you and your friends will be awarded with Breakthrough Orbs. If the BOSS escapes, nobody will receive rewards.

Patch 6.5 Time Portal Guide - Death Zone Boss battle

Reward via Mail

If you and your friends are successful at defeating the Boss then you will receive a mail “Death Zone BOSS Reward” with 10 Breakthrough Orbs as shown below:

Patch 6.5 Time Portal Guide - Death Zone mail reward


Proficient City Thanks

Thanks to Proficient City for their support. Please enjoy Wartune on And please also follow the Wartune Community Facebook page at

[Patch 6.5] OVERVIEW of ALL Wartune Changes

We have an overview article where links to all Patch 6.5 work is placed for your comfort. Check it out HERE.

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  1. Death zone Boss is damaged relative for the 10pts….we have had many shared bosses that points have ranged from 2-10.

  2. My syphl br is only 220k lol Zeus ahaha

    • will need to improve that 🙂

  3. would be nice to know, if it is possible to do with non-merged sylphs

    • everyone will need to make their way towards merged because the whole power from Holy Sword upgrades is only possible for those

      • Okay I have a question about merged sylphs…I currently have a 2 moon Ares and am planning on merging the Ares with a 2 star Zeus for a Thor…Does the new merged sylph inherit the upgrades and enchantment of the lower sylphs or does the new merged sylph require starting over with no upgrades and enchantment, or at this point do they both have to be red to merge them? Thanks for all that you do

      • go to your sylph panel and click Merge and you will see that it will not allow you until you have maxed everything completely

      • Short answer, they keep stats when merging. But you can further enchanting to max out, about 8000 adv sep needed.

        I have light and dark ready to merge my self full stars and enchant, but hoping the new guild tree collects can get there for free to merge so save up.

  4. Okay so from first day, found the following.

    As stated in video, ODIN best damage vrs heal.

    With a Odin 500k + BR. Got to 210 points twice of the thee runs.

    Found Doing C and B first and using E and D to heal from tough battles works.

    Skills used on ODIN – Three Delphics (Third one – Inspiration heals well), Devour Souls and divine prayer.

    Need to look at changing passive to a healing one instead of 15% damage, should get more sustain.

    But got through all of E, D , C , and B x 1 for 210 rewards.

    This got me enough to start sword and perfect both first pets one of each side.

    Also note once boss in dead zone take it to give more chance of getting next one as if friends doing also slots fill up as only 3.

    • thanks for sharing your thoughts

  5. pretty impossible if no merged slyph think normal is set abit high

  6. another cash grab event.
    R2 is juggling between eudaemon and sylphs are their means of making money.

    Maybe the top 30 per server groupings will recharge/refill the attempts multiple times.

    The gap is only getting wider between whales, mid cashers and f2p.

  7. What do we do with the red orbs?

    • red? breakthrough orbs? keep em, you will need them way later

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