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[Patch 6.5] Guild Treasure Guide

Hey guys, this is the guide for the new Wartune Patch 6.5 update feature called Guild Treasure.

Large quantities of guild treasure have been discovered recently. Dig them up with the help of your guild mates for useful resources and a chance to get Yellow Crystals that can be exchanged for rare items!

Feature Fact Sheet

  • Guild Treasure can be found on the right side of the Guild panel.
  • Unlock Requirement: Level 13+ players who have joined a Guild for over 24 hours may join.
  • Note that you might only see simple chests in the beginning but over time and via refreshing you will also find more rare chests with bigger rewards.

Guide / Gameplay

Digging out the Treasure

Chests of varying qualities (from low to high: green, blue, purple, orange, golden) will randomly appear on the panel. Higher quality chests offer more rewards. Based on content, chests can be divided into:

  • Gold Chests,
  • Daru Chests,
  • Kyanite Chests
  • and Gem Chests.

You may select a chest and dig for rewards, or spend a few Balens (only unbound balens) to dig up several chests at the same time. You can dig up treasure 8 times a day.

Refreshing Treasure List

The system will automatically refresh chests on the panel every 2 hours. You may also click the [Free Refresh] icon at the bottom left of the panel to refresh 2 times for free. After the free attempts are used, refreshing will cost Balens. The cost will increase the more you refresh. Starting cost is 10 balens and it goes up to 50 balens, but does not increase more than this no matter how much you refresh.

Guild Mate Help and Activation

After you start digging up a treasure, you need to open [My Treasure] and [Ask for Help] so that you can unlock the treasure. The system will send a help message as well as a chest link in the guild chat. After you get help from your guild mates, you need to wait until countdown is over before receiving the treasure rewards. For each chest, you can only ask for help 1 time. If no guild mate helps you unlock the chest, it will disappear when the countdown finishes.

As the image shows, you can help guild mates unlock chests. After offering your help and waiting (1 – 24 hours), you will receive rewards. Higher quality chests offer nicer rewards but require more time to unlock. The helper may spend Balens to remove the countdown and immediately receive the rewards. This will not affect the waiting time for the player who dug up the treasure. Each player can help unlock 8 chests daily.

Rare Guild Treasure Rewards

As one may expect most of the time common chests will appear in the panel, however, there is also the possibility to find more rare, higher reward, chests as shown below:

Example Rewards

Here are a range of various rarity / quality rewards:

Speeding up

If you do not want to wait for the unlocking of the Treasure you can speed it up using balens. This will cost 600 balens.

Yellow Crystal Shop

In addition to Gold, Daru, Kyanite and Gems, you will also receive certain amount of Yellow Crystals based on the chest’s quality. Yellow Crystals can be exchanged for items in the Guild Shop.

Item Descriptions

  • There are 30 Whips in the Adv. Mount Training Whip Pack.
  • There are 2000 Kyanite in the Sack of Kyanite.
  • Yellow Crystal is a special currency for its own dedicated shop (shown above).

Other Notes / Considerations

  • Guild Treasure in your list or in other guild mates’ Help Lists will vanish if no guild mate helps you unlock them before the countdown ends.
  • If a player leaves the guild, he will not receive chest rewards or help rewards from his former guild because the chests in his list will disappear. However, this will not affect rewards for the player who has helped the deserting player unlock the treasures.
  • If two players click the help link at the same time, the first player to click the [Help] icon will offer the help. The second player to click the [Help] icon will receive a message saying that the other player helped unlock the treasure.
  • Players who haven’t been in their guild for 24 hours will not see Guild Treasure on their guild panel.


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  1. What a shitty rewards. A simple chest takes 1 hr to open and you need 5 of them to get 1 sack of gold. 1000 stones for 30 whips? Were the developers drunk again?

    This is another part of the game i will not play because the rewards are crap.

    • before you jump to such conclusions pay better attention to the full information, especially the rare chests and then you will be able to see some very nice rewards
      also it is all additional rewards, so why complain?

      • I got a yellow daru chest…takes 24 hours to claim…150 whips…30 lv 9 luck stones…300 yellow stones…300 lv 3 exp books and 6.0 million daru

    • It’s actually free stuff, you just have to press some buttons and let it do it’s own thing. You don’t even have to “play” it

    • If the rewards are so shitty why you bother doing it ? Don’t do it, while other people will do it and then complain how they get more whips than you, every bit matters if you are not spending.
      I personally got a bunch of will crystals already which is great reward and the whips alone is a reward that should make you do it, unless you already maxed out magic mount, gentle mount and the other one.
      But with that kind of attitude i doubt you have even 8m br, complaining about bad rewards refusing to do it and not progressing is what you do.

  2. What is the deal with all the cd’s in here. Have to wait 4+ hours to get rewards even if we get help or help someone else.

    • wait = free, immediate = balens
      not really a huge surprise

  3. I hink of it as you click a button and get rewards some may be small but still all u have o do is click then u get rewards no running or anything so why complain and having the ability to get level 6 gems out of it is awesome to

  4. game got stupied over 2 years ago
    its deader then dead

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