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[Patch 6.5] Holy Sword Guide

Hey guys, this is the guide for the new Wartune Patch 6.5 update feature called Holy Sword.

Gaia’s prosperity has finally been restored thanks to the incredible effort of the land’s Sylphs. The citizens have been in search of a way to give thanks to the Sylphs and have decided to grant them their collection of Holy Swords. These stunningly powerful swords will give the Sylphs even greater potential.

The Holy Sword is sacred, only Sylphs such as Odin, Loki, Thor, Tyre, Frigga, Freya can bear its weight. Now, let’s get to know more about this divine weapon!

Feature Fact Sheet

  • The Holy Sword icon is located above the Sylph icon.
  • Unlock Requirement: Holy Sword unlocks after being knighted. When players have not been knighted, the icon is grey and there’s a tip saying “Unlocks after class is knighted.”
  • You will need to use Sylph Soul Orbs to Perfect your Sylphs to activate the Holy Sword skill.
  • All attribute bonuses from perfection work on the character.
  • The highest Holy Sword level is 99
  • Holy Sword system will greatly strengthen upgraded (Perfected, Polished) Sylphs.

Holy Sword Guide – Perfection:

After the Holy Sword system is unlocked, players need to use Sylph Soul Orbs to activate the Holy Sword. “Inscription” tab shown will not be in Patch 6.5.

Perfection Rules

  • Before perfecting Sylphs, you need to have a corresponding Sylph or a higher quality Sylph of the same attribute type.
  • You can continue to perfect the next Sylph when you have finished perfecting the previous Sylph.
  • If you want to perfect advanced double element Sylphs, you need to perfect corresponding “sophisticated” single element sylphs first. For instance, if you want to perfect Freya (Advanced Wind & Water Sylph), you need to finish perfecting Goddess of Prosperity (Sophisticated Wind Sylph) and Poseidon (Sophisticated Water Sylph) first.
  • Perfecting Sylphs requires certain amounts of Sylph Soul Orbs.
  • You need to activate all 6 points to complete perfection for one Sylph. Each point consumes the same amount of Sylph Soul Orbs. Each of the 6 activated points offers a different varying attribute bonus including MATK, PATK, HP, PDEF, and MDEF to the character.

ATK bonuses varies based on class:

  • Knight and Hunter will receive PATK bonuses.
  • Mage will get MATK bonuses.

All attribute bonuses from perfection work on the character.

The number of perfected Sylphs determines perfection progress. Perfection progress has nothing to do with Sylph type or attributes.

You must complete the perfection of 8 Sylphs in order to activate a Holy Sword. Check the following image to see perfection progress:

Let’s take Light & Dark Shadow as an example, the Perfection Progress represents the corresponding degree of completion when a certain number of Sylphs have been perfected.

Sylph Name Total Sylph Soul Orbs Needed Perfection Progress
Hades 90 12%
Apollo 90 25%
Gaia 180 37%
Athena 180 50%
Hecate 360 62%
Venus 360 75%
Loki 900 87%
Odin 1,350 100%

Holy Sword Guide – Polishing

First, you must equip the Holy Sword (skill) after having completed the full Perfection. Advanced or sophisticated Sylphs may equip a Holy Sword of their attribute type. Once this is done you can begin Holy Sword Polishing.

  • Polishing Orbs are needed to upgrade Holy Sword level.
  • You need to activate all 6 points in order to upgrade a Holy Sword.
  • The basic four attributes of every Holy Sword are the same: ATK, PDEF, MDEF and HP.
  • The last two attributes are resistances depending on the Holy Sword.
  • Higher level Holy Swords consume more Polishing Orbs which will also increase attributes by a greater degree.
  • The highest Holy Sword level is 99.

Holy Sword Guide – Breakthrough

Holy Sword breakthrough requires Breakthrough Orbs which are used to break through to a higher Holy Sword level during upgrade.

When the last number of the Holy Sword level is 9, you need to use Breakthrough Orbs in order to advance to the next level. Example: When the Holy Sword level is 39, you will have to use a certain amount of Breakthrough Orbs (instead of Polishing Orbs) to upgrade it to level 40.

Higher Holy Sword levels require more Breakthrough Orbs for breakthrough.

Holy Sword Skill & Level

Holy Sword Skill Level is related to Holy Sword Level. Holy Sword Skill Level will advance 1 level when Holy Sword increases 10 levels.

Holy Sword Skill Info

[Light & Dark Shadow]

Level 1: After awakening, instantly restores 30% HP and removes 1 positive buff from all enemies.

[Fire & Electro Lightning]

Level 1: After awakening, increases damage by 40% for 2 turns (self only); causes the entire enemy group to lose HP equal to 30% skill damage, lasts 3 turns.

[Wind & Water Pour]

Level 1: After awakening, removes 1 negative buff from all teammates and generates a shield that can absorb damage up to 30% of max character HP, lasts 2 turns.

How to use Holy Sword

Holy Sword skills will be used automatically during a Sylph’s awakening. Holy Sword can be used in all events/dungeons where Sylphs can awaken. On Holy Sword Temple Level 1, you receive a corresponding Holy Sword for defeating a double element monster. You will be able to use 3 Holy Swords at will in the dungeon (they cannot be used outside the dungeon) once you kill all 3 monsters.

Note: Holy Sword is disabled in Time Portal.

Holy Sword Material Sources

Sylph Soul Orb: Obtained from Point Chests earned in Time Portal, dropped by Bosses in the Holy Sword Temple.

Polishing Orb: Obtained from Point Chests earned in Time Portal, chance to drop from Exquisite Chests from Speed Clearance.

Breakthrough Orb: Rewards for killing Death Zone BOSS in Time Portal.

Tip: to view your friend’s Holy Sword info, you can open your friend’s info panel and click [Details]. Your friend’s Holy Sword info can be found here.


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  1. do you need to keep the sylphs you perfected in order to keep the circles active or can you evolve them to be able to use the next ones to perfect them?

    • it’s like a 1 time thing, once you Perfect it is done, like Soul Engraving, once done is done

      • oh nice thanks for the info.

  2. Ty COSMOS and Panda!

    • Thanks for the thanks Mookie 🙂

  3. any idea what I have to do to perfect thor, which other two corresponding slyphs do I have to perfect first?

    • for Thor you follow the circle of Fire & Lightning – you do not have a choice in that
      the game will force you to Perfect all relevant sylphs on the path to Thor

      • excellent…thank you for that and keep up the great work…also..should I exchange my summoner shards in card hunt before the patch or will they otherwise disappear??

      • if you have not upgraded your cards you might as well do it to have the benefit from today, but otherwise the cards themselves remain, only the system of getting them changes
        good luck

  4. hi , can u guys please add more info about how many polishng orbs n breakthru orbs u need to max one of these pets ?

    • we were not permitted to post that info, so we will try to do that as soon as we can

  5. ah oki thank you 🙂

  6. Took about 3300 sylph souls to get odin’s first sword and about as many polishing stones to raise it to level 10

  7. Wondering when you on test server Elia


  8. Need table use orb

    1-4 lvl 20 yellow orb x 6
    5-9 lvl 40 yellow orb x 6
    10 lvl 200 red orb
    11-14 lvl 60 yellow orb x 6
    15-19 lvvl 80 yellow orb x 6
    20 lvl 500 red orb
    21- 24 120
    25-29 150

    • thank you very much 🙂

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