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[Patch 6.5] Magic Inn Guide

Hey guys, this is the guide for the new Wartune Patch 6.5 update feature called Magic Inn.

Come chat with NPCs in the Magic Inn every day to increase friendliness. On top of earning Magic Dust and Magic Cards you may get other useful items!

Magic Inn building Wartune

New Magic Inn Interface

Feature Fact Sheet

  • Players must enter the City to click on the Magic Inn, then click the button in the bottom right of the Magic Inn panel to find the NPCs (the previous Treasure Hunt feature has been removed).
  • Unlock Requirement: Level 32 characters will receive the “Card Collection” quest. Players need to chat with a Magic Inn NPC to finish the quest and unlock the system.
  • Maximum 10 Gifts per NPC per day are allowed.
  • Card rarity directly depends on Friendliness.

Guide / Gameplay

NPC Friendliness

Players may chat with each of the 5 NPCs every day to increase Friendliness. Each NPC has their own Friendliness. Friendliness can increase up to level 4. The first time players chat with a NPC, they receive a white card, and a green, blue, purple card respectively when Friendliness increases to Level 2, 3 and 4.

Dialogue with the NPCs

Click an NPC’s image to enter the dialogue panel. Click the bubble frame on the right to complete the dialogue. Chatting with NPCs will increase Friendliness and earn Magic Dust as well as a chance to obtain a gift. Players will only receive rewards and the chance to get double Friendliness the first time they chat with a NPC each day, but they can enter the dialogue panel multiple times.

Double Friendliness

Every day 2 random NPCs may trigger double Friendliness for you. (The 2 NPCs will have a musical icon above their image). Having a dialogue with or sending a gift to NPCs may trigger the double Friendliness event, once per day. Players will receive double Magic Dust as well if they trigger a double Friendliness event.

Gifts for NPCs to increase Friendliness

2 random NPCs may drop gifts every day. Gifts can be sent to any NPC. Players can select a gift and then click “Send” to send the gift to the NPC they’re chatting with. In return, the NPC will give you rewards and Friendliness will increase. Players can send gifts to each NPC 10 times daily, 1 gift at a time. Gifts are divided into 5 levels. Higher level gifts increase Friendliness more. The quality of the gift players receive is dependent on the NPC’s total Friendliness.

Gift Item Descriptions

Items that can be earned in the Magic Inn


  • Magic Dust,
  • Magic Cards,
  • Gifts (that can only be sent to NPCs)


(Obtained by giving gifts to NPCs.)

Many other materials (Moon Rock, Moon Dust, Sylph Sepulcrum, Mahra, Mount Training Whip, Blast of Sun, Sun Core, Adv. Mahra, Adv. Sepulcrum, Henna)

At least for level 1 friendliness:

  • Gifting to Blacksmith Demit gets you Moon Rock in return.
  • Gifting to Beling gets you Sepulcrum in return.
  • Gifting to Fina gets you Moon Dust in return.
  • Gifting to Cindy gets you Mahra in return.
  • Gifting to Brad gets you Mount Training Whips in return.

Magic Inn NPC Card Helper Wartune Patch 6.5

Magic Inn NPC Card Helper Wartune Patch 6.5


Proficient City Thanks

Thanks to Proficient City for their support. Please enjoy Wartune on And please also follow the Wartune Community Facebook page at

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  1. Bet Brad gets the most gifts

  2. do we finally get the 5th card

    • i didn’t see anything about a 5th card

      • yeah wondering the same thing we have the card system for a while now but the 5the slot (in the middle) it always say locked hoped they atleast added that one to with this update

  3. If you don’t have all the cards will you get the rest of them or how will you get them?

    • yes you do get cards so you can continue to upgrade as you did before

  4. Um. Just a quick heads up, the Blacksmith doesn’t give your moon dust, he gives moon rocks*. though both are important for the second refinement of sylphs.

    • Thanks, changed to Moon Rock

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