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Wartune Patch 7.8 Articles & Videos Links

Hey everyone! This is an overview post just to share in one comfortable place all the Wartune Patch 7.8 guides and videos which I had published. If you think something is missing please give that information in the comments below.

Wartune Patch 7.8 bullet points of changes:

    • The main new feature is Castle Wars. This is a mini-game feature similar to Hero Trial but done with guild members fighting others and monsters.
  • Eudaemon Patrol Base Camp and Watchtowers max level increased from 9 to level 10. This allows Willpowers to be used in Patrols.
  • Eudaemon Patrol Explore allows “exploring” for some extra rewards.
  • World Boss 5 minutes invincibility and locked 10 million maximum Gold and Daru reward per battle.
  • Re-design of the Devotion system and adding new Weekly rewards.
  • Technical optimizations.

Links to Guides

Wartune Patch 7.8 Timing & Teasers

Wartune Patch 7.8 Teasers #2

Wartune Patch 7.8 CASTLE WARS Guide

and VIDEO: Gameplay and Guide

Wartune Patch 7.8 Eudaemon Patrol BOUNTY & EXPLORE Guide

How to do Eudaemon EXPLORE in Patrol

VIDEO: Wartune Patch 7.8 – Eudaemon Patrol BOUNTY & EXPLORE Guide

VIDEO: VIDEO: Wartune Eudaemon Patrol Exploration Rewards of Willpowers & Eudaemons per Level

VIDEO: Wartune Guide – How to use Willpowers with Level 10 Watchtowers in Patch 7.8

Wartune Patch 7.8 Optimizations Guide

VIDEO: Wartune Patch 7.8 – New DEVOTION System Guide

Discussing World Boss changes in Wartune Patch 7.8

VIDEO: Wartune Patch 7.8 – New WORLD BOSS Configuration Gameplay Guide

Wartune Patch 7.8 GACHA / GACHAPON Guide

There was also a mistake of publishers like R2 announcing Dragonchant Potency, but that was not part of Wartune Patch 7.8 so later they removed that. But logically this will probably come in a future Wartune Patch.

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